Peacefood Cafe Review (NYC)

I have a few dishes to review from Peacefood Cafe on the upper west side. B and I have been here a few times and we always enjoy it. This time was for a late lunch.

I like to get the roasted vegetable dish. You get to pick 4 veggies, so I got kabocha, cauliflower, summer squash, and Brussels sprouts. I spray it with Bragg’s liquid aminos. Peacefood is generous with their oil for roasting, which makes the dish even better. Topped with sprouts.

B got a kabocha sandwich with jicama sticks on the side.

And we shared this vegan potato salad.

All of it was great. I want to go back again soon to Peacefood. I think baby K will enjoy trying some vegan dishes.

3 Replies to “Peacefood Cafe Review (NYC)”

  1. You and your kabocha…I made kabocha bread a while ago, but it wasn’t as good as pumpkin bread 🙁 That kabocha looks soooo yummy though!

  2. Yep, every time I see kabocha in the store, I think of you Maggie! Thanks for your kind words about Tony – I know it was just as hard when you lost your Mom, and I know she’s looking down on Kurt! 😀 Hugs!

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