Of Boobs and Bosses: Crosspost from YouBeauty

I wrote an article the other day which was published on the site I run, YouBeauty.com. Thought you guys might enjoy. I have so little time to update here, but wanted to share.

My first foray back to the office after giving birth came just nine days after my son was born. I was still on maternity leave, technically. But I needed to be present for something that couldn’t wait. I hadn’t had the time or energy to figure out how to use the complicated breastfeeding pump I’d ordered on Amazon, so I dragged my bleary-eyed husband and newborn son along with me while I met with the executive team to discuss a coming merger. My husband and son hung out in my office while I went off to a conference room 50 feet away.

As I sat in the meeting, I surreptitiously checked my cell phone. Frantic texts started coming: “he’s hungry,” “now he’s crying,” “you have to come now.” My breasts were already starting to leak; after 10 minutes, I muttered a quick excuse and ran down the hall to feed him. But of course by then…

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8 Replies to “Of Boobs and Bosses: Crosspost from YouBeauty”

  1. Yes, me 2. Wouldn’t change it, but what a hassle. I remember leaving my power cord back at the site for 9 hours. What a mess! Pumping in the car. Breastfeeding in the playground. In the middle of a meeting two weeks after giving birth (cos the meeting just couldn’t wait).

  2. The things Mothers have to put up with!

    Breast feeding is one of the most beautiful things on earth but why do people see it as kind of dirty and must be hidden away out of site.

    I bet if men had to breast feed then attitudes would soon change

  3. I love the bond that breast feeding allows me to have with my children

    I wouldn’t change it for anything

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