A New Start

For the last 18.5 months – essentially since Kurt was born – I’ve been going nonstop.

I was emailing my boss while I had an epidural in my back. I was on a conference call the second day back from the hospital after giving birth. I was back in the office for a meeting 9 days after Kurt was born. And I was back full time just 5 weeks after I had a baby. (I did technically have the option to get 6 weeks paid/6 weeks unpaid time off.)

And ever since then I have been go, go, go.

But enough is enough. I need a break and my kid needs a mom who can play on the playground with him without checking her phone every other minute for work emergencies.

I have been lucky enough that my job has paid for a great lifestyle for our family. But that lifestyle was missing something. It was missing, in fact, a lot of things that I had wanted to get out of motherhood. And it was too full of unimportant things causing stress.

Which is why I am taking a big step back at work – I’m leaving with an open-ended agreement if they need me. And we (me, Bobby, Kurt) are moving out to the suburbs in NJ close to where I grew up.

It’s been a crazy, wild, fun time. And now it’s time for the next step… and who knows exactly what that will be!

It will mean more time with my kid, more time with my family, more focus on the hobbies that I’ve given up over the years, less structure, more play, less politics, more growing friendships.

I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years bring.

To happiness, to family, to the future!