This past week I have been very much in my head. I am not sure how to describe the events of last Sunday. Crazy, absurd, senseless. We were actually in Vegas when it happened. On a brief vacation to meet up with friends and have a few days to ourselves (the boys stayed home with one of their favorite people in the world). And believe it or not, B and I were in the ER when victims came in because I’d cut my toe badly and needed stitches. What we saw… I don’t have much to say except that I am still a little bit anxious and have been all week. I am thinking about all the people affected and holding them in the light. And hugging the kids every minute I can.

The rest of our fall has actually been pretty great. We have been apple picking (at Terhune) and we plan on doing some pumpkin picking either there or somewhere else in the area before Halloween.

I found a really wonderful facialist where I got a “five element facial” (methods based on Traditional Chinese Medicine).

I’ve been taking ceramics class at the Arts Council of Princeton. It’s something I did for years back in high school, and have definitely been missing. I’ll share pictures of my pieces as I finish them. So far I have 4 bowls in progress and I have plans for some kind of bowl/plate that will have a leaf imprint in it.

K and C are both enjoying their schools. I am very lucky to have found people that I trust with my kiddos. C started a new school when we moved to Princeton; he’s not old enough for K’s school which doesn’t start until age 2.

B’s band (finally) put out their album and they have their launch concert next weekend (not this coming weekend but the following, so almost 2 weeks from now). I’m hoping to find a sitter so I can go to the show in Brooklyn. On that note, we might spend the weekend in the city and take K to see Cats (again). He saw it once with me, before he knew the music, and we want to take him one more time before its run ends since now he knows all the words. This is a remake of the original and it was pretty good (though I do find the show a bit strange!).

I’ll leave you with this pick of my little climber – K at a birthday party earlier today!


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  1. Maggie! That’s wild – I can’t imagine all the thoughts that have been spinning through your head this week, and I’m so grateful you guys are safe. Much love to you friend. Sending hugs and wishing I could come take a pottery class with you, or meet you in Brooklyn for the show. Go B!

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