Frequently Asked Questions

What are you favorite workouts?

  • Yoga
  • Walking
  • Running (slowly)

Are you vegetarian?

  • I have been a vegetarian before. I have also tried being vegan, macrobiotic, raw, and paleo. I like trying all sorts of food but I pretty much eat everything now.

What are your yoga recommendations?

What is the “safest” sushi to try first if you don’t like or are scared of raw fish?

  • I think salmon is the mildest raw fish. You could also try smoked salmon, since that’s not truly raw but sort of tastes like it. Unagi (eel) is my favorite cooked sushi if you want to get used to the seaweed part of sushi.

What’s your favorite cuisine?

  • Any kind of cuisine where I can get a fresh delicious salad. I like eating food that makes me feel good after I’m done eating. Asian foods are definitely my favorites. I like Japanese (hijiki, fresh cooked fish) and Vietnamese (papaya salad!). I also like macrobiotic places like Souen (very Japanese) and I like wholesome, organic, local restaurants no matter what the “type” of food.

What’s your job? What’s your career aspiration/dream?

  • I run product at a tech company in NYC. I sit between business people and engineers to help figure out how to build out internal tech platforms.

What is was your dream honeymoon?

  • Hawaii 🙂 We spent 2 glorious weeks in Maui.

What is a kabocha? (People have also called it kombucha, kombocha, kumbocha, kabooka, and many many other incorrect mutations)

  • A kobocha is a Japanese squash. It’s one of my favorite foods.

Who is your best friend?

  • B, my husband.

How did you and B meet?

  • In college, sophomore year. We’ve been together since December of 2005 and we got married in July 2010.

West coast v. east coast?

  • I currently live on the east coast, and I absolutely love NYC, but recently I have been having pangs of longing for the west.

What’s your favorite book or what are you reading now?

  • Harry Potter is probably my favorite book. Check out my Goodreads for what I’ve read / what I’m reading now.

9 Replies to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Hi Maggie! I just have to let you know how much I love the Ketchup recipe you posted on April 7th!!!! I have to follow the ACD foods, so I couldn’t use the vinegar. I substituted Kombucha instead and it was great! I REALLY missed ketchup….haven’t been able to eat it for four years! It was soooo good on the Kale chips I made. I have a feeling I’ll be trying it on just about everything for a while, ha! Thank you so much! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hi Maggie,
    I’ve been busy with my upcoming cookbook (A Life In Balance: Recipes From Maine), but I’m officially back to blogging again! Have missed visiting your site. And I guess I’ve missed a lot! You’re getting married to Bobby, congratulations! So wonderful. I’m just back to Maine from NYC this afternoon (I go there a lot lately.) I’m going to check out your reviews, guessing you’ve reviewed NYC restaurants! xox

  3. Just found your blog and I really enjoyed reading your FAQ’s. I am in California but love the East Coast and can’t wait to move back.

    It’s nice to “meet” another tall girl. 🙂

  4. Maggie:

    Do you still blog on matters linguistic? On a Google search, I picked up some comments of yours from 2009 about Pinker/linguistic determinism etc, which I found interesting.

    If you do, could you post details (or email me) of where we can find you on the web? I KNOW there are plenty of pro- and anti-Pinker sites, but they don’t tend to be discussion forums, which yours seemed to be.


    Allen, London.

  5. Maggie,

    I’ve been trying to find an answer to this online, but I can’t find much. I live in the central US, at about 6000 feet elevation, and almost as far from an ocean as you can get in North America. I know sea veggies are supposed to be really high in nutrients, but I also heard the macrobiotic diet encourages eating locally. I think living in the mountains can be very yang because it’s mostly dry and sunny here, it sometimes gets very cold, and we’re surrounded by lots of exposed rock. Do you think it’s balanced to eat a lot of sea veggies in a mountain climate, or would they be more of an occasional food because it would be almost impossible to trade for them if it weren’t for fossil fuels?

    Thanks for any insight.


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