Eats for 9/20/2008

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up until around 7 doing some work. I have an exciting announcement that I’ll probably post about later tonight or tomorrow! Then I was awakened by a phone call from my mom’s dentist (I wanted a 2nd opinion) around 8… So after that I went back to bed again, but had to get up at 10:45 to turn off some cronjobs for a work project (nerd-speak, just ignore it).

So then I just stayed up. I did 25 minutes of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max workout, ran some errands, and finally sat down to eat breakfast/lunch at 2pm.

  • Egg white scramble with zucchini, onions, shredded carrot, and green beans on top of iceberg lettuce mix with Newman’s Own lowfat sesame ginger dressing (2.5 tablespoons)
  • baby carrots (times 3) with roasted red pepper hummus

After reading this post by Kate, I’ve decided to try to increase my protein in an attempt to ward off mindless snacking/binging. I don’t have a huge problem with it, but I do have triggers – hand me a box of cereal and I’ll eat half the box without even realizing it. So that’s why I went with the egg whites and the hummus instead of my usual weekend eats, which mainly consist of fruit.

Not sure what the dinner plans are yet. I think I’m going to go to Kohl’s now because Kath just bought some awesome bowls and I want to get some good deals, too.

Goodeats for 9/19/2008

No workout this morning, but sleeping in was nice!

And I actually got a picture of the breakfast I’ve been having all week.
  • 1 large fuji apple
  • Dannon 0% Plus Peach yogurt (been using greek, but I’m out of it at work and this is free)
  • 1/2 cup cheerios
Unfortunately, breakfast failed me today – I was not full for long. I think it was the fact that I didn’t use greek yogurt. Luckily, I had b-fast around 10 and lunch came at 12 – so no worries! I got in a 15-minute walk before lunch.
Lunch: (free lunch from work on Fridays – today was from a place called Aloha Kitchen)
  • big plate of salad – romaine, chopped eggs (yolks too), tomatoes, cilantro, scallions, and avocado – topped with some really yummy dressing and a piece of chicken
  • a second big plate of salad with more dressing
  • 1 diet pepsi
  • 1 fuji apple
And after lunch I took another 30-minute walk.
  • 2 very ripe nectarines
  • another diet pepsi 🙁
  • another plate of salad (unpictured)
Maybe I should try to cut down to at most 2 diet sodas per day, and go from there… it’s so addicting! At least it keeps me from mindlessly munching on stuff. I need to read Skinny Bitch again and get motivated to quit this habit. But if I read Skinny Bitch again I may decide to go vegetarian again. I read a terrible article the other day and it’s making me reconsider the vegetarian/vegan route.
Dinner: (barbecue at a friend’s house – I brought my own veggie dogs)
  • 2 veggie dogs
  • 2 big plates of salad (feta, romaine, tomatoes, carrots, olives, balsamic vinaigrette)
  • 2.25 ears of corn
  • a few tiny slivers of dark chocolate


  • baby carrots and hummus
  • a few bites of nectarine… then I changed my mind and had…
  • an apple
  • a piece of delicious birthday dark chocolate
  • 2-3 cups honey bunches of oats (strawberry) – I’m not sure how much, I was just eating out of the bag at the end…

More eats for 9/18/2008


  • breakfast burrito-type thing – 1 large WW wrap, 2 microwaved egg whites, cheddar, and organic ketchup
  • big salad of iceberg, peppers, onions, green beans, and shredded carrot – topped with Newman’s Own lowfat Sesame Ginger
  • 1 fuji apple
After the wrap but before the salad and apple I went for my hour-long walk. So relaxing. I tried to get my mind off of the dentist appointment, but I ended up talking to my parents about it and they calmed me down.
Then I had the dentist appointment. I do have to get a root canal. I also have a few smaller cavities. Luckily my insurance is covering most of it and I will only be out a couple hundred bucks. I made the appointment to get it done and I’m hoping all goes well.

After I got home I had…


  • baby carrots (times 3) and hummus

I was going to go to choir tonight (the medieval/early music one), but Bobby’s ping pong got cancelled and we decided to stay in and have dinner together.

  • scramble – egg whites with tons of peppers, zucchini, carrots, romanesco, Brussels sprouts, and onion, topped with lots of organic ketchup and a bit of organic heirloom tomato salsa. I had this over a bed of iceberg lettuce in my huge bowl.


  • 3 fresh nectarines – this is the first one:

Edited to add – a few slivers of homemade banana-peanut bread!

Breakfast for 9/18/2008

No morning workout today – I’ve been a bit sore, and Bobby’s sick with a cold, so I’m going to take it easy for a while in an effort not to get sick.

  • 1 large fuji apple
  • the last of my TJ’s greek yogurt (~1/2 cup)
  • 1/2 cup of cheerios
Ugh… I have a dentist appointment today at 4pm.  Sigh.  I know I have more than a few cavities that need to be filled, and I’m going to have to go back sometime soon to get them done.