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Mexican Yums & Wegmans Love

I have another dinner from our road trip that I want to share.

I usually don’t like Mexican food, but last Thursday (I think?) night it was late when we got into Tulsa (Oklahoma) and I didn’t feel like making an effort to find a good place. We decided to go to Monterey’s Little Mexico restaurant right near the hotel. (Funny how we went to another restaurant called Monterey the night before.)

We started off with free chips and salsa (score!):

 Mexican Yums & Wegmans Love

I can’t find what I ordered on the online menu, but here it is:

 Mexican Yums & Wegmans Love

It was a grilled chicken breast with a side of rice and beans, plus sauteed veggies. I don’t like beans so I asked for extra veggies instead. But I kept the rice – it was delicious (I usually hate rice). I actually finished this whole plate. Bobby got this gigantic margarita:

Favorites on both sides of the US

Bobby’s cousins are so sweet. I’m going to miss them a lot. On our last night in California (Monday, November 9th) we went out together to Blue Mango (our favorite restaurant) in Santa Clara. Blue Mango is a Thai restaurant and they have a separate vegetarian menu (I haven’t used it in a while). We shared a bunch of dishes…

Appetizer: Heavenly Stuffed Wings – de-boned chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, silver noodle, cilantro, water chestnut and black mushroom. They came with this great sweet dipping sauce. This was kind of scary at first (fried! processed! breaded!) but the deliciousness made up for it.

 Favorites on both sides of the US

For dinner we shared 4 dishes. The Blue Mango Fried Rice – a big house special: chicken fried rice topped with sweet garlic pork.

 Favorites on both sides of the US

The Green Curry – eggplant, bamboo, and bell pepper are soaked in coconut milk, with a hint of basil (cannot be mild).

Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

You all know how much I heart Foodbuzz. Now look at all these awesome samples that I heart as well (from the afternoon tasting). I can’t possibly post everything I tried, but here are the pictures that came out well.

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

Brandi‘s Stuffed French Toast:

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

Sabrina‘s Egg White Veggie Frittata Muffins:

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

Frog Hollow Farm‘s dried fruits (and Warren pears! So amazing).

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

Frog Hollow Farm also had a variety of chutneys and conserves, which were incredible. This was my favorite booth of the afternoon.

Some kind of shrimp and scallop ceviche from Fuego (can’t find a link):

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

A cool table with non-traditional shortbread made by Botanical Bakery:

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

Handmade marshmallows (pumpkin was one of the flavors) by Gateau et Ganache:

 Foodbuzz Festival: So many yums (tasting)

Foodbuzz Festival Day 1

Now Coco and Sophia are both here!

Tonight we drove up to San Francisco for the first Foodbuzz Festival event. The welcome reception was from 5-7pm at the Hotel Vitale. This wasn’t the main food event of the day, but they did have two cool appetizers: gruyere gougeres with bacon and mascarpone and pork rillettes. They were provided by midi.

 Foodbuzz Festival Day 1

I tried the rilletes. Pretty good, but kind of salty. I didn’t try the puff things, but they looked cool.

 Foodbuzz Festival Day 1

 Foodbuzz Festival Day 1

After the reception we headed over to the Ferry Building for an amazing dinner event. Foodbuzz rented out a portion of the building and had restaurants serving food all the way down the alley.

As soon as we entered I saw mini cupcakes, and I couldn’t resist. Dessert first! I tried the pumpkin cupcake, but they also had red velvet, chocolate cinnamon, and an almond flavored one. I had an almond one on my way out for my real dessert. These were provided by Mission Minis.

Whole Foods Budget Dinners – Nom.

Yesterday Jill and I went to a Whole Foods cooking class – 365 Budget Friendly Dinners. It was kind of like a Rachel Ray show – we got to watch Allison (I think that was her name?) make three yummy dishes in less than an hour, and then we got to eat them.

 Whole Foods Budget Dinners   Nom.

Allison made…

  • One Pot Chili Casserole
  • Goat Cheese and Zucchini Frittata
  • Fusilli Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and "Hidden" Zucchini

 Whole Foods Budget Dinners   Nom.

Jill and I both agree that the frittata was the best (probably because of the goat cheese). The pasta was pretty good (for being pasta), and neither of us cared for the chili that much. The roasted tomato on the pasta was especially delicious. I’ll post the recipes later, or you can look for them on the Whole Foods website. I bought the ingredients for the frittata and I’m going to make it either tonight or tomorrow – or maybe when my dad comes on Thursday.

Review: YummyEarth! & Discount

YummyEarth was kind enough to send me samples of their organic gummy bears and their organic vitamin C lollipops just in time for Halloween. (They’re also hosting a giveaway over at HealthyYum!) All of their candies are Gluten Free, Egg-free, Dairy-free, Peanut-free, Tree Nut free, high fructose corn syrup-free, Wheat-free, Soy-free, NO MSG, 100% Natural Colors, No chemical dyes, Real Fruit Extracts, 100% Natural Flavors, Certified Organic, and Kosher Parve.

The gummy bears are fat-free and they are made with real fruit juice. They have 100% of your vitamin C. The flavors are pomegranate pucker, strawberry smash, and sour apple tart. The vitamin C pops come in strawberry smash, tooberry blueberry, and razzmatazz berry. Bobby and I tried both products, and here is what we thought. Bobby’s reviews are amusing.

Pops review:

06 lollipops1 Review: YummyEarth! & Discount

Bay Area Resources for Organic Produce, Local Produce, and CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture)

I’ve gotten several requests lately for some Bay Area info regarding farmers’ markets, organic produce, and meetupsThe Bay Area has a lot of great farmers’ markets. Unfortunately, a lot of them are expensive – it’s cheaper to go to Whole Foods to buy your produce, and it really shouldn’t be. These are just the places that I’ve been; there are more.

Some Bay Area Resources for Organic Produce, Local Produce, and CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture)

Farmers’ Markets

  • MAGGIE’S PICK: Santa Clara Farmers’ Market (Saturday mornings; off of El Camino on Jackson Street). I went here for the first time on Saturday. It was great – romaine heads for $.50 each, heirloom tomatoes for $1.50/pound, 13 pounds of oranges for $8, etc… And these were the early deals – I was there around 9:15am. I bet they’d have killer sales towards the end. A lot of the stands here aren’t certified organic (yet), but they don’t use spray.

Raw-kin’ Exercise

Instead of chatting about more raw-kin’ salads (I’ll get back to them tomorrow), I want to talk about fun exercise that I’ve been doing lately.

I’ve been doing yoga – mostly on my own, but yesterday I did Podcast #23 (30 minutes) from Hillary Rubin. You can search for her name in the iTunes store or go to her site; she has free podcasts. This routine was okay. It was a level 2/3 and some of the parts were hard to follow… I tend to start doing my own thing if I don’t like what the podcast is doing, and I only followed with her for maybe 10-15 minutes and then finished up on my own. I’m looking forward to trying some of her other podcasts though.

I’ve also been using OnDemand’s Exercise TV (Comcast) – did you know they have free videos to watch online? Here are two that I’ve done recently:

A day in the life

Disclaimer (got this from Ellie) – everything pictured was eaten; not everything eaten was pictured.

Yesterday I started off the morning starving, so I chopped a cantaloupe in half and ate the entire thing with a spoon.  This was between 9:30-10:30am. I think there was more fruit as well. I’ve been working on a watermelon and some bananas.

36 cantaloupe 300x225 A day in the life

When I got a package from Amazing Grass I jumped right in.  I had this Very cool Organic GREENSuperFood Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar (raw, cold processed, alkaline, gluten free, fair trade, dairy free, vegan). The bar was so delicious – chocolate coating, and the inside was perfectly sweet, raw, and delicious.  I’d highly recommend it.  (Nutritionals – 230 calories, 9 grams fat, 37 carbs, 4 fiber, 5 protein, lots of vitamins.) I had this around 11:15am. I was still feeling peckish so I had a bunch of baby carrots as well (unpictured).

Diner Food

We decided to go NJ-diner-style for dinner last night. I looked up “breakfast food” on and stumbled across American Diner in Sunnyvale.  This is what I got:

25 breakfast 300x225 Diner Food

That is 1/2 a Belgian waffle, 2 halves of French toast, and a fruit cup.  I also poured some HFCS-free (!) maple syrup on top.  It was a very large portion and I did actually finish the whole plate (well, I didn’t finish that huge pat of butter – but probably half of it).  I also had some of Bobby’s muffin and a bite of his ham (eh – I’m not really feeling meat so much ever since Food, Inc.). American Diner was actually pretty cute, but… not really a place that we’ll be going back to very often.  It was very – well, diner-ey.

24 american diner 300x225 Diner Food

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