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Sesame Seed Lovin’

Finally, my ode to sesame seeds! But first – Tanya (, and I launched a new blog site!  It’s called Healthy Yum. It’s similar to some communities that are already out there, but ours is dedicated to health. You can submit photos from blogs, comment on them, vote on them, subscribe to a newsletter (with healthy ideas and recipes), and gaze at lovely healthy food photos all day long.

healthyyum 300x93 Sesame Seed Lovin

Okay, back to mr. sesame… I my quest to get more healthy fats, I’ve fallen in love with sesame seeds.  I’ve been putting them on everything – breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert.  I wake up to sesame seeds in my PBU (peanut butter + chocolate milk blend) oat bran.

12 sesame oat bran 300x225 Sesame Seed Lovin

I make salads of shredded chayote, dressing, and sesame seeds.

15 sesame chayote 300x225 Sesame Seed Lovin

I make salads of broccoli slaw (finally found it! It’s delicious), dressing, and sesame seeds.

Celebration Dinner & A cute lunch

Thank you so so much for the amazing response to yesterday’s announcement.  I am overwhelmed. Details – not sure when or where.  Depends on where we’re living in a few months!  Honeymoon – Hawaii, Caribbean cruise, the Bahamas… somewhere warm.  The food – lots of awesome Japanese and Asian stuff, macrobiotic dishes, and crazy cool Maggie food.  I don’t think I could have a wedding without kabocha.  I will definitely be updating as I figure out more.

Last night we decided to go out to celebrate.  Of course we went to our favorite Thai restaurant, Blue Mango.  This is the only restaurant I ever go to anymore – I know that their food is awesome and they have tons of options.  We went all out and got three dishes to share.  First up, the Combo Fried Rice – with prawn, chicken, pork, tomato, onion and egg.  I had a little bit of this; Bobby had most of it.

Mom’s first day :)

My mom has only been to California (I live in Sunnyvale) once before – when we drove across the country last February (which was my first time here too).  We’re trying to enjoy our limited time (she leaves on Tuesday) so we’re doing lots of mother-daughter things… like shopping.

After our delicious bowls of green oat bran, we hit the stores.  We went to Santana Row and the mall.  We hit up Lupicia (a tea shop) where Mom got a bunch of delicious tea (one was rum raisin flavored!).  We also went to Bath & Body Works for a big sale.  We both got candles and other goodies for 75% off.  We wandered a bit more, then went to The Container Store (love!  her first time), Lucy, Lululemon, Anthropologie, and Vera Bradley.  Didn’t get much… but towards the end we were getting hungry and just wanted to go home.

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