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Would You Rather…

Stole this from Janetha (from a few months ago).

When I started this survey I was killing time (B had a procedure done at the hospital, nothing serious, it went well but he’s still dealing with recovery – he got surgery to fix his hearing). I love surveys – for those of you who don’t know, I actually run a business that does consumer survey panels. We also just acquired a company whose site has some awesome quizzes and I am running that too. So lots of quizzes/surveys in my life icon wink Would You Rather... so this little questionnaire is right up my alley.

Would you rather…

Speak another language or get a higher degree?

I already have a bachelor’s, and I sort of speak a few languages (French, Italian, minimal German, and I took an intro course in Japanese which I have forgotten completely). I would want to speak another language fluently. It’s hard to do. I want my kid to learn another language (Spanish most likely) as early as possible.

Summer Morning Yoga

Good morning!

Just a heads up – I made some of my posts password protected. Mainly just ones that have pictures of my son/family. No real reason except that I’d rather not put them out on the internet for anyone to see. If you want access to any of the posts just comment here and I’ll email you the password, I do not mind giving it out.

This doesn’t mean I am not going to be posting! I will definitely still post about yoga, recipes, food, and other random healthy stuff. And maybe even some lifestyle things too like my baby registry post. My blog is here to stay. In other news…

Life is good this summer.

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