March 2013 is the Month of Macrobiotics here at Say Yes to Salad.

Check out these great bloggers who are joining me!

Heather @ Heather Eats Almond Butter

Jess @ The Dainty Pig

Elise @ Hungry Hungry Hippie

And you! (If you want) I would be happy to add you to the list; just let me know in a comment.

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5 Replies to “Macrobiotics”

  1. Hello! I am currently creating a website which will be a gift to those who are interested in the macrobiotic diet. It will offer opportunities for people to sign up and attend webinars with a macrobiotic master offering lectures on the philosophy of the macrobiotic diet as well as cooking courses. He has studied with George Ohsawa and Aveline Kushi and was one of their first students at the kushi institute.

    I plan to have as much fun with this as possible, so stay tuned!

  2. “Since portion of our household is often a victim in this undesirable diseases, every person wanted to exhibit help, alone Kopitar explained. “We virtually all appreciate Jen. Of course you like Steve. Crucial all of us listed here. inches

  3. Any British macrobiotic blogs/ communities? I live in MK. Would love to connect with others who are interested in macrobiotic lifestyle.

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