Bumpdate: Week 31

31 weeks tomorrow (Tuesday)!

31 weeks jan 27 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

For a refresher, here was 30 weeks:

30 weeks jan 20 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

And 27 (same shirt as today):

maggie 27 weeks 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

And almost 23 (in Miami!):

23 weeks dec 1 400x400 Bumpdate: Week 31

And I thought I was big then (23 weeks). Holy moly. I can’t believe there are 9 weeks to go. Countdown is 64 days to April 1st. I am up about 21 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I think the baby is a little on the big side – I’m guessing he’s close to 4 pounds now. He does have tall parents (I’m 5’10″ and Bobby is 6’1″) so that is not unexpected. I have an appointment next week to find out his position. As of now he is moving allll over the place. I feel movement on the bottom, on the sides, up top – everywhere pretty much. He is very active in the mornings around 6am and likes to wake his momma up. Guess I should get used to it icon wink Bumpdate: Week 31

I have been up and down in terms of how I’m feeling. I was good for a while, but I’m starting to feel incredible exhaustion at different points of the day. I can’t nap; I work full time in an office. There’s also been a recurrence of morning sickness, especially on public transportation (subway is worse than bus; neither are great). Also, rather than sleeping earlier, I have been tending to stay up until around midnight every night. I have no idea why. I’m not really a night owl (though Bobby is).

This weekend I made it to a wonderful birth prep class with Lara Kohn Thompson – it was a birth workshop for couples for labor & delivery, so Bobby was there as well. We went over breath, posture, and hands on tools for the partners (massage!) to help the mommies-to-be have as easeful a labor as possible. The workshop was 3 hours and was held at Bend & Bloom Yoga in Park Slope. I highly recommend it for anyone who is pregnant and interested at all in Active Birth. Lara was so kind and warm; I hope to take her class on postpartum as well.

The very next day I went to my first official prenatal yoga class up at Harlem Yoga Studio on 125th between 5th and Lenox. It was great! We even got to do a little bit of “birth art” (draw what you think the doorway to birth looks like) inspired by a book called Birthing From Within. I had been doing yoga (at the 92Y) up until about 2-3 weeks ago, but it’s been harder and harder to modify for pregnancy so I’ve just been doing little yoga quickies at home. Taking a real prenatal class was amazing. I bought a 3-pack so I’ll be back at least 2 more times.

I have 2 more posts lined up for this week – one is to post my resolutions (before the end of January) and the other is to post about a new meal planning site I am testing out.

Thanks for reading and hope you are having a lovely Monday!

Sunday Brain Dump

I was reminded today when looking at old comments that I used to love Sadie Nardini’s yoga routines. I just went through this one. I had to modify a decent amount due to being 7+ months pregnant (30 weeks on Tuesday) but it was great. I haven’t been making it to the gym for yoga (or anything really – I am quitting the gym but that is another story) so it was great to be back on the mat.

Little guy, which is what I call him in lieu of his proper name, which is in fact decided, but not publicly announced, goes quiet when I exercise but then wakes up and gets excited afterwards. He’s punching around right now. Probably telling me I should be putting that T-bone steak on the stove instead of blogging.

I’ve spent the last few weekends doing housework – final touches on the downstairs renovations and fixing up things I have meant to fix for months but never got around to it. I think this is what they call “nesting”.

Work has been good. I revisited this post from nearly 4 years ago where I talked about my thoughts on ranking the following: family, friendship, love, health, and career. Back then I ranked them: love, family, health, friends, and then career.

Today I think I rank this differently. I’m torn. All of them are important but my priorities have certainly shifted. I would do: family, health, career, love, and friends. My career has become so much more important to me over the last year or so. Love is obviously important, but how can you differentiate between love and family? My love is my family. And we are expanding it. Health may not seem so important now, because I am young and healthy, but I don’t want to think I took this time for granted. How do you rank them?

I should leave you with a bump picture but I don’t have one since last time. Instead I will leave you with this photo of dinner the other night. Souen will be hard to get to with a newborn in tow so we are trying to get in all our favorites before April 1.

souen dinner 400x400 Sunday Brain Dump

And this is avocado toast, a new obsession for both me and Bobby. We have it for breakfast constantly. Simply mash avocado with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Spread it on freshly toasted bread and top with an egg (fried or scrambled – scrambled is actually our fave!). If you’re extra hungry or pregnant, multiply by 2. Devour.

avocado toast 400x400 Sunday Brain Dump

What have you been thinking lately? Or eating lately?

Weekend Link Love [January 5, 2014]

I’ve decided to break up these weekend link posts into a couple different sections. I will try to have posts in the following topics each time I do a WLL: Recipes, Yoga, Pregnancy/Parenting, and Health (general).


Bacon & Green Onion Zucchini Pancakes - I made these yesterday for breakfast. My changes were: 1) halved the recipe; 2) instead of bacon in the pancake, we had pork roll on the side (pork roll is a Jersey thing); 3) I used gluten free flour in place of coconut flour, which I don’t have; 4) skipped the green onions (didn’t have); 5) added ground black pepper. They were great.

Super Easy Crockpot Chili. I am 7 months pregnant and it is cold outside. “Super easy” + chili + everything that goes with it (cheese, sour cream, simple and flavorful brown rice) make me a happy camper. This version also happens to have butternut squash – how could you go wrong? It’s on my menu plan this week. Might have to sub out that butternut for kabocha though.

Macrobiotic Ratatouille. Need I say more… icon smile Weekend Link Love [January 5, 2014]

Carrot Scramble. Everything I’ve ever made from The Vegan Stoner has been pretty awesome and I would expect this to be the same.


A short history of yoga. If you have ten minutes and you want to know more about where the practice originated, this is a nice simple intro to yoga history. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Yoga originated ~5000 years ago, in India.
  • Five sections of yoga history:
    1. Vedic Yoga - the earliest yoga, a way of life, similar to a religion;
    2. Preclassical Yoga  – a continuation of Vedic, but this is when yoga really started to come into its own, with its own texts;
    3. Classical Yoga - aka lowercase a ashtanga yoga (8 limbed yoga), based on Patanjali’s yoga sutras (a book of 196 short statements yogis should live by);
    4. Postclassical Yoga  – everything else that came after Patanjali! much more focused on the body; and
    5. Modern Yoga  – 1893-; lots of “gurus” and the spread of yoga worldwide.

3 short yoga videos. Recommended by /r/yoga. I have not tried these yet but will do so this week in the morning.

Pregnancy & Parenting

10 books for the first year (boy, but likely gender-neutral). Great ideas.

Growing Up Unvaccinated. Great read (it’s pro vaccines).

Celebrating the Real Bodies of Mothers.

Men at Work for Women in Labor. An article about male doulas in the NYTimes.


GOOP’s Warming Winter Detox issue. From tips for staying warm (search for “Tips from Dr. Junger”) to Quinoa Stuffed Kabocha (this should probably go in recipes…), this whole issue is worth savoring! Can’t wait to add some of these tips to my winter way of life. First up? Taking a bath. Wearing warm socks sounds good too.

Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was full of organizing/cleaning (yesterday) and relaxing/yoga (today). I had to start a root canal on Friday (my first) so I was trying to stay low key to rest up afterwards.

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