Friday Five – Random Thoughts and Wants

5 things I’ve come across lately…

1) If you’re in a giving or charitable mood, this site could use your help: Watsi. Your donations fund low-cost, high-impact medical care for people in need.

2) Aren’t these diamond drop earrings beautiful?

earrings Friday Five   Random Thoughts and Wants

3) And this champagne sapphire ring?

ring 400x229 Friday Five   Random Thoughts and Wants

4) Loving this Belize bikini from Athleta (top, bottom).

belize bikini black Friday Five   Random Thoughts and Wants belize dolphin short black Friday Five   Random Thoughts and Wants

I actually ended up getting a different bathing suit from Athleta (that was on sale) which is not on their website. The one above fit great as well. And now it’s on sale too. TOP and BOTTOM.

5) My friend wrote a beautiful memorial piece about my mom a couple months ago.

Bonus: I’ve been thinking about a blog redesign (I’ve never had a professional one) and I found this option: 17th Avenue Designs. I like the look of their themes and they are reasonably priced. I will probably keep procrastinating about that for a while though.

About Ayurveda

I have been meaning to write this post for ages, but wasn’t spurred to write it until I got a pretty cool infographic about the “Yogic Diet” that I thought would be good to share – it’s at the bottom of the post.

It’s probably obvious that I like to learn about alternative forms of medicine – macrobiotics, ayurveda, massage, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, etc… I certainly don’t have anything against Western medicine – if that’s the right way to go and will be most effective – but I think it’s always worth exploring less invasive options. Sometimes a bad health symptom you might be experiencing can be mitigated or even cured by a simple lifestyle change. And isn’t a simple change better than taking a drug or undergoing a procedure? I think so.

MilkIN Cookies! {Recipe} (AKA Lactation Cookies – with Vegan Option)

I made these lactation cookies to promote milk production for breastfeeding. They’re yummy! My supply is actually an oversupply. I ate these in the days leading up to giving birth as well as after Kurt was born. Perhaps they had something to do with the abundance of milk I came into.

milkin lacation cookies vegan 400x400 MilkIN Cookies! {Recipe} (AKA Lactation Cookies   with Vegan Option)

I came up with the recipe based on a few that I looked at online. It seems like the key ingredients for milk production are probably:

  • Brewer’s yeast (can not use any other kind of yeast – not nutritional yeast or other)
  • Ground flaxseed (also helpful for treating PCOS)
  • Oats and wheat germ (fiber is supposed to be good for milk supply)
  • Organic Butter (healthy animal fat)

It’s very easy to veganize this recipe; instructions for both regular and vegan are below.

Ingredients (with vegan option)

  • 3 tablespoons ground flaxseed

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