If you are interested in sponsoring Say Yes to Salad, please email me at maggie@thesaladgirl.com.

Please include in your email subject line, “SYTS Sponsorship”.

Sponsorship may include (but is not limited to – I’m open to new ideas!):

  • Banner advertising ($15/month for a ~250×250 image OR ~250×250 widget with text and/or images) + a monthly roundup post that highlights current sponsors
  • Banner advertising ($10-20/month for other sizes – contact me and we’ll work it out!)
  • Text links ($8/month for the duration of the link)
  • Giveaways
  • Product reviews

I would be happy to give more details regarding readership, traffic, subscribers, etc…

Current monthly stats:

Visitors: ~12-14k/month

Uniques: ~11-12k/month

Pageviews: ~20-25k/month

If you need any other metrics please do not hesitate to email me!

3 Replies to “Sponsors”

  1. ​​Hello,

    I hope you are doing good. This is Nina from ekonnect Media. We are interested in placing sponsored article’s as well as text links on the existing pages.

    Would you be open to letting us provide unique, relevant content for the website?
    this would be in form of an article written uniquely for you that I am sure your readers will like. Please reply even if you are not interested and will not attempt to contact you again.

    Thank you for your time!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nina Simone
    Partner Management

  2. Greetings,

    You have a mistake in one of your posts. You listed the qualities of Yang as contracting, and the qualities of Yin as expansive. I understand that it is the opposite of that. Yin is contracting, Yang is expanding.

    Secondly, I think peanut butter is also Yang, not yin.

    I hope that is helpful. Happy eating!

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