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September Musings

After 6 posts in August, I almost went through September with nothing!

It was not for lack of activity – September was jam packed with stuff. Here’s an incomplete run down:

Baby K turned 5 months (password protected post coming up with updates!).

K is growing so fast. He’s already sitting up and he is trying so hard to crawl. He’s more and more interactive every single day, and I love waking up to his sweet smiles.

B’s parents came to town for a full week.

They were here mid-month and it was so nice to see them. We usually only see each other for a few days but they were able to make time to come up for a whole week, during which we saw them I think every day. They stayed with us for the first few days over the weekend so we were all together and they got to spend some quality time with K. Highlights include going out to dinner in Jersey with my dad and babysitting for us for my birthday date.

100 Things

I saw a blog post the other day about “throwing away 100 things”. I’m gonna tie this back to the theme in my post about saying “no” more often. I think the post I saw was {this one}.

tops 100 Things

I prefer to “give or throw away 100 things”, as some of the things I don’t want anymore could certainly be used by someone else.

I have a whole room of stuff that I have been meaning to donate. I usually take pretty much everything to Housing Works except for books and linens.

Housing Works is a chain of NYC thrift shops whose proceeds go directly to helping people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; the organization also advocate for the homeless. Books go to The Book Cellar, a book store in the basement level of Webster Library on 78th Street and York Ave. Used linens (washed of course) go to the ASPCA on 92nd Street to be used as pet bedding for pets waiting to be adopted.

{Fun} Birthday Quiz & Perfect Weekend

I saw this survey on debbie’s blog a few days ago and I couldn’t resist. It was my birthday yesterday so I have been thinking about time, how things have changed, my hobbies and habits over the years, and just remembering fondly times of old. One thing I used to do back in high school – it must have been high school? – is fill out surveys like this. My friends and I all had Xanga’s and we would all take silly quizzes like this and post them and then comment on each other’s answers. There was also Xanga drama but that was because we were high schoolers and high schoolers looooove drama.

So here is a little quizzie-survey thing. Feel free to do it yourself!

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