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Weekend Link Love [January 5, 2014]

I’ve decided to break up these weekend link posts into a couple different sections. I will try to have posts in the following topics each time I do a WLL: Recipes, Yoga, Pregnancy/Parenting, and Health (general).


Bacon & Green Onion Zucchini Pancakes - I made these yesterday for breakfast. My changes were: 1) halved the recipe; 2) instead of bacon in the pancake, we had pork roll on the side (pork roll is a Jersey thing); 3) I used gluten free flour in place of coconut flour, which I don’t have; 4) skipped the green onions (didn’t have); 5) added ground black pepper. They were great.

Super Easy Crockpot Chili. I am 7 months pregnant and it is cold outside. “Super easy” + chili + everything that goes with it (cheese, sour cream, simple and flavorful brown rice) make me a happy camper. This version also happens to have butternut squash – how could you go wrong? It’s on my menu plan this week. Might have to sub out that butternut for kabocha though.

Macrobiotic Ratatouille. Need I say more… icon smile Weekend Link Love [January 5, 2014]

Carrot Scramble. Everything I’ve ever made from The Vegan Stoner has been pretty awesome and I would expect this to be the same.


A short history of yoga. If you have ten minutes and you want to know more about where the practice originated, this is a nice simple intro to yoga history. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Yoga originated ~5000 years ago, in India.
  • Five sections of yoga history:
    1. Vedic Yoga - the earliest yoga, a way of life, similar to a religion;
    2. Preclassical Yoga  – a continuation of Vedic, but this is when yoga really started to come into its own, with its own texts;
    3. Classical Yoga - aka lowercase a ashtanga yoga (8 limbed yoga), based on Patanjali’s yoga sutras (a book of 196 short statements yogis should live by);
    4. Postclassical Yoga  – everything else that came after Patanjali! much more focused on the body; and
    5. Modern Yoga  – 1893-; lots of “gurus” and the spread of yoga worldwide.

3 short yoga videos. Recommended by /r/yoga. I have not tried these yet but will do so this week in the morning.

Pregnancy & Parenting

10 books for the first year (boy, but likely gender-neutral). Great ideas.

Growing Up Unvaccinated. Great read (it’s pro vaccines).

Celebrating the Real Bodies of Mothers.

Men at Work for Women in Labor. An article about male doulas in the NYTimes.


GOOP’s Warming Winter Detox issue. From tips for staying warm (search for “Tips from Dr. Junger”) to Quinoa Stuffed Kabocha (this should probably go in recipes…), this whole issue is worth savoring! Can’t wait to add some of these tips to my winter way of life. First up? Taking a bath. Wearing warm socks sounds good too.

Hope you had a good weekend! Mine was full of organizing/cleaning (yesterday) and relaxing/yoga (today). I had to start a root canal on Friday (my first) so I was trying to stay low key to rest up afterwards.

100 Things

I saw a blog post the other day about “throwing away 100 things”. I’m gonna tie this back to the theme in my post about saying “no” more often. I think the post I saw was {this one}.

tops 100 Things

I prefer to “give or throw away 100 things”, as some of the things I don’t want anymore could certainly be used by someone else.

I have a whole room of stuff that I have been meaning to donate. I usually take pretty much everything to Housing Works except for books and linens.

Housing Works is a chain of NYC thrift shops whose proceeds go directly to helping people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; the organization also advocate for the homeless. Books go to The Book Cellar, a book store in the basement level of Webster Library on 78th Street and York Ave. Used linens (washed of course) go to the ASPCA on 92nd Street to be used as pet bedding for pets waiting to be adopted.

So far I have only made the Housing Works trek, but this is what I got rid of so far (86 items):

  • 1 tchotchke
  • 2 hair dryers
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 48 shirts (yes, 48! tanks, tees, tops)
  • 3 scarves
  • 2 hats
  • 4 sweaters
  • 1 nice pair of socks (never worn)
  • 2 bras (which HW will probably throw out; not sure they accept used bras even if they are barely used)
  • 1 belt
  • 10 pairs of pants
  • 2 aprons
  • 1 blanket (maybe this should have gone to the ASPCA; oops)
  • 3 oven mitts
  • 1 pair of sandals
  • 3 jackets
  • 1 bathing suit (pretty sure they don’t take bathing suits either, but oh well)

Still to be donated (The Book Cellar and the ASPCA; 23+ things):

  • 21 books (maybe more)
  • 2 old sets of sheets
  • Possibly some towels

I did actually throw out a few things that should not be donated (~10 things):

  • Falling apart wicker basket
  • Big bag of styrofoam packing from my dresser that I never threw away. Cannot believe this was sitting around for so long! (2 months)
  • Feminine products that I don’t like – ha. I’ve honestly had pads that I hate and never use since the beginning of college. No idea why I didn’t throw them away years ago.
  • Half used toiletries that I don’t use/like. Includes argan oil and crummy loofahs.
  • Pair of Steve Madden flats that wore out really quickly and turn my feet black. (Side note: I’ve been really disappointed with Steve Madden shoes lately. I have been a pretty regular customer for years but their quality has declined.)
  • Stained / stretched t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. Not fit for donating.

That is 96 items officially given/thrown away and 23 more to be donated this week.

Total: 119 items

I am glad to finally be rid of this stuff. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but something always comes up. My motivation this time was that I wanted to get it done last week before we went off to our college reunions. A friend stayed at our place to watch the cats and I wanted the whole apartment to be clean and neat for him.

Do you donate things you don’t use/want anymore?

I definitely have multiple purges during the year. I love throwing away, organizing, and getting rid of clutter icon biggrin 100 Things I will update you guys when I give away the rest of the stuff. By the way – if you itemize and value your items you can deduct them from your taxes. Always useful.

P.S. I’m signed up to run the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge tonight – it’s a 3.5 mile race in Central Park. Wish me luck! I haven’t trained much (a couple 3ish mile runs in my neighborhood), but I hope to come in at about 30-35 minutes.

P.P.S. It’s my hubby’s birthday!

maggie bobby guster 2 100 Things

love you hon! happy birthday to the best husband ever!

What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

I missed a few days of Blog Every Day in May – work, yoga, hanging out with friends (coworkers), my brother’s senior art show (he rocked it), spending time with family… all these things leave little time for blogging! I have been reading up a storm, too. This book I cannot put down (love Marian Keyes):

cracks in my foundation What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

Cracks in My Foundation

I’m also revisiting Naturally Thin, by Bethenny Frankel. When I first read it I was kind of critical of some of her tips, but I actually think she has some good advice, and it’s a fun read. It’s given me some good recipe ideas too.

naturally thin 198x300 What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

Anyway… onto today’s prompt:

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…)

This prompt has the potential to be sad but I’m going to keep it light hearted icon smile What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

I miss college. My 5-year college reunion is coming up in less than a month (I know I have mentioned this a few times already) and I have been thinking about those four years I spent at school making friends and learning many things about life and being on my own. I’m just being nostalgic and I’m sure as soon as the reunion passes I will stop missing my alma mater. Every time we all get together (so far mainly for weddings) we have so much fun.

Speaking of school, I also miss my yoga teacher training. I did my 200-hour certification back in the fall of 2011. I made a lot of friends, but we do not keep in touch that much. They will always be my guru-bais though (guru = teacher; bai = sibling –> gurubai is what we called our fellow classmates), so I know that if I ever needed them they would be there for me, and vice versa.

maggie yoga 400x263 What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

(teacher training with my gurubais)

What do you miss?

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