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Weekend Link Love [January 5, 2014]

I’ve decided to break up these weekend link posts into a couple different sections. I will try to have posts in the following topics each time I do a WLL: Recipes, Yoga, Pregnancy/Parenting, and Health (general).


Bacon & Green Onion Zucchini Pancakes – I made these yesterday for breakfast. My changes were: 1) halved the recipe; 2) instead of bacon in the pancake, we had pork roll on the side (pork roll is a Jersey thing); 3) I used gluten free flour in place of coconut flour, which I don’t have; 4) skipped the green onions (didn’t have); 5) added ground black pepper. They were great.

Super Easy Crockpot Chili. I am 7 months pregnant and it is cold outside. “Super easy” + chili + everything that goes with it (cheese, sour cream, simple and flavorful brown rice) make me a happy camper. This version also happens to have butternut squash – how could you go wrong? It’s on my menu plan this week. Might have to sub out that butternut for kabocha though.

100 Things

I saw a blog post the other day about “throwing away 100 things”. I’m gonna tie this back to the theme in my post about saying “no” more often. I think the post I saw was {this one}.

tops 100 Things

I prefer to “give or throw away 100 things”, as some of the things I don’t want anymore could certainly be used by someone else.

I have a whole room of stuff that I have been meaning to donate. I usually take pretty much everything to Housing Works except for books and linens.

Housing Works is a chain of NYC thrift shops whose proceeds go directly to helping people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; the organization also advocate for the homeless. Books go to The Book Cellar, a book store in the basement level of Webster Library on 78th Street and York Ave. Used linens (washed of course) go to the ASPCA on 92nd Street to be used as pet bedding for pets waiting to be adopted.

What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

I missed a few days of Blog Every Day in May – work, yoga, hanging out with friends (coworkers), my brother’s senior art show (he rocked it), spending time with family… all these things leave little time for blogging! I have been reading up a storm, too. This book I cannot put down (love Marian Keyes):

cracks in my foundation What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

Cracks in My Foundation

I’m also revisiting Naturally Thin, by Bethenny Frankel. When I first read it I was kind of critical of some of her tips, but I actually think she has some good advice, and it’s a fun read. It’s given me some good recipe ideas too.

naturally thin 198x300 What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

Anyway… onto today’s prompt:

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…)

This prompt has the potential to be sad but I’m going to keep it light hearted icon smile What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

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