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Super Simple French Toast {Recipe}

This morning I was really craving French toast.

french toast 500x500 Super Simple French Toast {Recipe}

I had some delicious bread from Eataly, some farmers’ market eggs to use up, and some leftover organic milk from when I made yogurt last week. (Note to self: must make yogurt again!)

I actually made this same recipe a few days ago, and it was so good that it merited a repeat.

The Simplest Easiest French Toast


  • Stale bread (or not stale, but this is great for using up stale bread)
  • 1/2 cup milk (I used 2%)
  • 3 eggs
  • Butter/ghee


Mix the milk and eggs together. Soak the bread in the mixture for at least 5 minutes on each side.

Heat the butter or ghee in a pan. With heat on low, cook the soaked bread (poor any extra mixture that didn’t soak in right on top of the slices).

Cook for 6-8 minutes per side. I like to keep a lid on the pan for the first half (3-4 minutes) of each side.

Enjoy with butter and syrup!

Note that you could add some cinnamon (either into the egg mixture or just sprinkled on as it’s cooking), but my husband hates cinnamon and I wanted him to eat this, so I left it out.

I can usually have a little more than a third of this recipe for breakfast – about 2.5 or 3 pieces. The next day when I only have 1 or 1.5 slices left (because Bobby also had a third or more), I will have it along with a yogurt.

What is your favorite breakfast?

I love French toast, waffles, pancakes. I won’t ever eat them in a restaurant because the restaurant can’t make them like my dad can. In a restaurant I will get an omelette or an egg platter – pretty hard to mess up eggs (though it has happened).

We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

If you read Coco’s blog you might have an idea of why I disappeared on y’all for a week. (*hint hint*)

Bobby and I took a very spontaneous road trip down to Williamsburg, VA over the weekend + Monday and Tuesday. We left Friday and made it down to DC by 11pm. We left NYC by 5:30pm, but it was bumper to bumper on FDR for a good 45 minutes or an hour. I worked from home Friday so I could stop working early and also monitor my illegally parked car (it was only illegally parked for about 1.5 hours – I still cannot believe I didn’t get a ticket). I also had to do a few loads of wash.

Once out of the city we ate dinner on the road. At a rest stop in NJ, I had a nice tuna sandwich on a hearty whole wheat roll and Bobby had… he probably doesn’t want me to say, but I will anyway – he had Popeye’s. By the time we reached DC we were exhausted so we just conked out at Coco’s house. We both (me and Bobby) did some yoga stretching before getting in bed.

maggie and coco 299x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

In the morning we did some more yoga stretches, had breakfast, and took a really nice long walk down a trail near Coco’s home. Then we were off on the 2nd leg of the trip. (Coco’s recap here.) *ETA: We got Whole Foods for lunch on our way out of Arlington. We were driving down 95 headed towards Richmond when we saw a sign for a winery. Of course we had to stop. It’s the Potomac Point Winery if you’re curious.

potomac point winery 400x177 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}


We ended up doing the “premier” tasting – a steal at $10 each. It included tastes of about 10 wines, and we got to take home our glasses. We also did a tour of the winery and saw where they keep their barrels.

potomac point winery bobby wine barrels 400x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

Drinking wine makes us hungry so we split an order of focaccia with an amazing olive oil on the side. We asked the kitchen for a small jar to take home and they happily obliged.

potomac point winery focaccia olive oil 400x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

We took funny pictures of each other looking pensive.

potomac point winery maggie cool 400x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

potomac point winery bobby cool 400x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 1}

After a lovely Saturday afternoon, we got back on the highway and continued our travels to Williamsburg, VA…

And I will post the rest of the trip another time, because we were there until Tuesday so that would be a post that is too long for a Thursday morning.

Another thing – I have also decided to start logging my workouts again. I used to do this, ages ago, and I got out of the habit. You can see my new and old logs {HERE}. You can also find it in the site navigation by hovering over “Workouts” and clicking “Workout Log“. This is partly because I have a college reunion coming up in June and I want to look my best. Logging workouts keeps me accountable. I took some before pics and if I have good results maybe I will post them in a month or two.

What was the last trip you took? Have you been to any college reunions?

{WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

What I Ate Wednesday

I had a nice day of eating Wednesday. This is happening more and more! I used to struggle a lot with how much I ate – I would eat too little, or too much, or overeat at night and feel sick – but lately I have been in a pretty good place with my eating habits. I still have days where I “feel fat” or feel the need to check myself in the mirror (to make sure I haven’t sprouted an extra head? who knows – how much can really change in a day) – but most of the time I am very much OK with myself as I am. I think it just comes with practice, like anything else.

Enough chit-chat, here is what I had:

  • Cinnamon walnut bread (from the CSA) toast with butter; 2 slices of salami (Costco, heh); coffee of course; a calcium chew (Adora dark chocolate)
  • Turkey and basil hummus wrap from Pret a Manger; a peanut butter cookie someone had at the office
  • 1 fun size of whoppers (I think there were like 3 in the package – I need to bring some healthy snacks to the office otherwise I resort to eating whatever they have at the front desk)
  • Dinner at Moustache on 103rd and Lexington - Bobby and I shared everything, and he had more of each than I did (he’d had a tiny lunch):
    • Spinach and chickpea salad
    • Lamb platter (lamb meat balls, with tomato sauce and rice)
    • Lamb “pitza” on whole wheat pita
    • Homemade yogurt with fruit, pistachios, and honey
  • Apple + 2 pieces of beef jerky (no preservatives, Costco) later that night

Here are the Moustache pics:

spinach chickpea salad 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

Spinach & Chickpea salad (had a lemon-y, onion-y, tomato-y dressing)

lamb platter 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

This was the lamb platter – lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, and a big thing of buttery white rice!

lamb pitza 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

This “pitza”, or pita bread pizza (whole wheat pita) was delicious. Simply a pita with ground lamb. Surprisingly light.

homemade yogurt fruit pistachio honey 400x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

Last but not least – the best part of the meal. Fresh homemade yogurt with 2 fruits – we think they were papaya and mango but we are not sure. Topped with bits of pistachio and honey. Definitely the star of the night.

Before dinner I took a class called “Center Sculpt” at Pure. It was fun (and hard). It was basically a yoga-inspired weights class. My arms were dying by the end. Surprisingly, yesterday (Thursday) my arms weren’t sore, but my legs were a little bit (odd because I didn’t feel like I exhausted them in class). Today (Friday) both arms and legs are killing me! I will definitely be back next time as long as I can get out of work early enough (it’s at 6:15).

I was going to post last night but I got absorbed by this book (Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes):

rachels holiday 251x400 {WIAW} What I Ate Wednesday @ Moustache

$0.48 at Strand! I read all 400 pages in about 2 days. The book is about Rachel, a drug addict who does not believe she is a drug addict. It’s about her experiences at a rehab center. As she is there, the story of her life unfolds seamlessly alongside what happens at the center. She’s a very likable protagonist even though she has done some bad things. Obviously I liked it – definitely recommend it. I love Marian Keyes and I’ve read a few of her books in the past.

What have you read lately? What did you eat Wednesday?

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