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8 Foods I Couldn’t Live Without

Ages ago, MDA did a post with almost the same title. ^^ (He did 10 foods.)

So, being the copycat that I am, here are my 8 foods! (They change all the time, but really, these ones are here to stay for good.)

1. Kabocha Squash (you knew that was coming)

 8 Foods I Couldnt Live Without

Kabocha, also known as Japanese Pumpkin, has been a favorite of mine for several years now. I even turned orange at one point because I was eating so much of it. It’s high in beta carotene and vitamins C, B1, and B2. For more on kabocha, read my kabocha FAQ.

2. Bacon

 8 Foods I Couldnt Live Without

Body Rockin’ & Chocolate Challenge

Body Rock Workout

Yesterday Melissa from The Delicate Place clued me into a site with a ton of at-home workouts – Holy moly. I just did this one: Amazing Fat Burn Workout. It took me 16:45 to complete and I was pooped at the end. I was actually feeling the burn about 2 minutes into it (the first 4 minutes are mad intense cardio intervals) but I just kept panting and grunting all the way through. Instead of a sandbag I just held 2 3-pound weights in my hand (so 6 pounds total).

 Body Rockin & Chocolate Challenge


sandbag Body Rockin & Chocolate Challenge


I don’t have a sandbag… who does?? I don’t know anyone that has this piece of equipment but they seem all the rage on the internets. I cannot imagine how nutso this workout would have been if I’d been holding 20 pounds of sand over my shoulder instead of these light weights. MDA has a tutorial to make your own so maybe I should try that.

A Better Breakfast? (+ Giveaway!)

What could be better than the breakfast I mentioned on Sunday? Well, let’s see… that was coffee and chocolate. (Psst – Heather and Sophia are fellow coffee + chocolate breakfasters.) What about… adding bacon?!

Yes, I think that’s better.

01 bacon chocolate coffee 500x332 A Better Breakfast? (+ Giveaway!)

Coffee, Bacon, Chocolate. (Honestly not as “bad” as it sounds.)

This wholesome breakfast includes no-sugar chocolate (it’s sweetened with maltitol because I’m watching my sugar intake – it’s really quite good; Trader Joe’s sells a version as well and that is my favorite – it’s called “Simply Lite” I believe), coffee with half & half plus stevia in the raw (I think I prefer NuNaturals in general but Stevia in the Raw is fine for coffee), and 2 slices of bacon. I do want to say something about eating bacon – if you are going to partake in bacon-y goodness, please avoid bacon with added nitrates and nitrites. I get mine without these nasty little additions at Trader Joe’s. One reason that bacon is generally viewed as unhealthy is due to these harmful preservatives and chemicals. (They’re probably in your jerky, hot dogs, salami, etc… as well.) I eat a fair amount of meat these days but I try to be mindful of other crazy ingredients that may come with it.

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