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{Inspired} Maple Tahini Cookies

The other day Heather posted about some tahini cookies and I wanted to try them. She was inspired by Cookies & Crafts.

Maple Tahini Cookies

tahini cookies 500x500 {Inspired} Maple Tahini Cookies

(They did taste better than they look.)


  • 1/4 cup tahini
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1.25 cup flour (I used buckwheat farinetta)
  • 1 T cornstarch
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


Mix everything together. Scoop onto a greased baking sheet (heaping soup spoon of batter for each cookie?). Try to put them farther apart than I did. I didn’t want to dirty two pans but I should have because they expanded. Bake at 350F for 8-9 minutes. Eat.

These were good. Next time I will make them with regular flour as buckwheat farinetta tends to have a bit of an odd flavor that not everyone likes. (I like it, but for example, Bobby does not.) I might add some coconut flakes too. Yum.

I have actually not been in the mood for sweets at all lately. These cookies are not overly sweet, but I ended up taking what I couldn’t eat in to work for my coworkers. I also made recently a delicious “muffin bread” that is gluten free and not that sweet either. I will share it later this week.

What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

I think mine is… really rich sugar cookies. Mmm. Almost like biscuits.

In other news, we started renovating our downstairs. My house is a disaster area because we had to bring all of our belongings up onto the first floor (we have a basement + first floor duplex) and everything is now piled and perched precariously in the living room and bedroom. I just finished going through some clothes that we dumped in our bedroom and I made a nice pile to give away or sell. My friend recommended so I might try using that. (ETA: I am now on Tradesy: {HERE}.)

Can’t believe that just ~10 months ago we were doing the same but to the upstairs! That was supposed to take 2 weeks and ended up being almost 2 months. I am expecting this project to take about a month. It should take <2 weeks and it’s a simpler job than the upstairs, but when renovating you always have to add in time for unexpected issues. Some of which we have already found icon smile {Inspired} Maple Tahini Cookies I will post before and afters at some point.

We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 2}

 And now for the rest of our Williamsburg trip recap…

Saturday night

  • We found a bed and breakfast using The Williamsburg Manor. The place was amazing. I would definitely recommend it and we will certainly be back. The owner, Laura, was  attentive and helpful. The innkeeper (the woman who cleaned and made our breakfasts), Stephanie, was also great. She gave us so many good recommendations for places to go and things to see.
  • After settling in, we went out to dinner at the Blue Talon Bistro. I got the Nicoise Salad, Bobby got the Hamburger, and we split a “side” of grilled cheese. The side was huge though – we couldn’t finish it together. I grabbed a gigantic cookie on the way out. It was some kind of chocolate-nut thing and it was incredible. Too buttery for Bobby, but not for me.

monster cookie 400x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 2}


  • Breakfast is served at 9 on Sundays, so we were up bright and early.
  • Before going down to VA, I looked up a Quaker meeting to go to Sunday morning. We went and it was a very small group of people (maybe 10?) but everyone was so nice. After meeting (1 hour) we ended up staying and chatting for nearly another hour.
  • After that we walked around Colonial Williamsburg for a couple hours, just looking at the old buildings and window shopping.
  • That night we took a ferry across some body of water and went out for seafood afterwards at Harpoon Larry’s. Killer seafood!


  • Breakfast is at 8:30 every other day but Sunday, so we were up even earlier.
  • A little while after eating, we got massages at Serenity Spa. Bobby’s was good but mine was not. My guy did not do any pressure even though I asked for it. Bobby’s woman was really into Qi Gong and recommended we check it out later.
  • After lunch at The Carrot Tree, we went to another touristy place – Historic Jamestown. We wandered the grounds of the very first settlement and spoke to a volunteer who gave us a great history lesson. We also watched some glass-blowing.
  • That evening we ended up at a local bar for dinner and they happened to be having Trivia Night, so we stayed for it. We almost won, too – even though our team was only 2 people. The winning team must have had about 15 people on it so we didn’t feel too bad.


  • We woke up and ate a delicious southern breakfast. It was a biscuit (no gravy! icon sad We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 2} ), a porridge of rice/grits/corn cooked in chicken broth with heavy cream, scrambled eggs, and fruit. I think I went back for more eggs but I do not remember. Coffee, on the side, of course.
  • Then we started on our 6+ hour drive home to NJ. Nothing too eventful happened on the drive up except for a stop at Chik-Fil-A (our favorite fast food joint, even though I don’t agree with their politics). At Chik-Fil-A I managed to spill an entire cup of carrot salad all over myself. icon smile We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 2}

southern breakfast 400x400 We Went to Williamsburg! {Part 2}

That is actually about it for the trip! I’m sure I’m forgetting bits and pieces but I think I remembered most of what we did. Now I’m off to work…

What is your favorite breakfast? Do you eat breakfast?

I just about always eat breakfast. Today I had some gluten free toast with butter on it, and coffee with cream. Other favorites in the rotation are oatmeal, grits, and yogurt with fruit.

Spring Flings

I am having a spring fling with my feet.

First I got new Birkenstocks on Zappos. I have not had a new pair in years, and my inner hippie always emerges in the spring.

birkenstocks arizona zappos 400x257 Spring Flings

Then, while waiting for the train to NJ last weekend, I somehow ended up at Banana Republic, who was conveniently having a 40% off sale on everything in the store, and I walked out with these Abby Ballet Flats.

abby ballet flat banana republic 400x244 Spring Flings

Whoops! How did that happen? Bobby was with me (we were headed to NJ for Easter weekend and missed the train we’d hoped to catch – so we had an hour to kill). And he didn’t even try to stop me.

So far I love both pairs of shoes. The Birks are insanely comfortable (obviously) and the flats are also quite comfortable, and really flattering to boot.

Another little spring fling I’ve been having is with coffee. Coffee is completely not macrobiotic, but coffee is also something that I cannot live without, so I think it would be unmacrobiotic of me to deny myself this elixir of the gods New Yorkers. (Obviously I am not actually that macrobiotic anyway, but coffee in particular is something macrobiotics advises against.)

macaron 400x400 Spring Flings

That is a peanut butter macaron that I got on free macaron day; usually Macaron‘s macarons are delicious but this one was actually stale (probably why they were giving it away for free) so I only ate half and pitched the rest.

What are your spring flings?

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