Eating for pleasure

It’s important to honor your body and honor your cravings, but it can be hard if you’re used to dieting. Going with the flow and being spontaneous can help you get in tune with yourself, but to do that you have to be able to stop planning, scheduling, and preparing. If plans change, it’s okay.

Yoga is one way to improve your relationship and communication with your body. Yoga is an hour (or however long) to think about absolutely nothing. It’s an hour to feel your muscles and be strong.¬†One of the major themes that I hear repeatedly in yoga classes is that it teaches you to appear and feel calm, even when under intense stress. ¬†Holding those poses gives you a stamina that translates into your daily life.

Which brings me to eating for pleasure. I’ve found that the meals that are the most satisfying are the meals that I’m craving at the moment.

For example, if you are craving a scone for breakfast, eat the scone. Round it out with a piece of fruit on the side. The combination of fats (butter) and carbs are filling and delicious. If the scone is what you really wanted, you’re better off eating that and not thinking about other foods after the meal rather than eating the oatmeal but wanting the scone all morning.

Take time today to listen to your body and give it what it needs, whether that’s a nap, a walk, or a nice piece of fine chocolate.

Stay tuned for more of the things that I’ve been enjoying recently, with pictures!

How will you honor your body today?