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College Reunions Recap

Bobby and I spent this weekend up in Ithaca, NY for our college reunion. We didn’t stay in the dorms and go to all the CU Reunion events; we stayed at the Super 8 next to Wegmans with our best friends and we went to a few events that sounded fun (wine tasting!).

It all started Wednesday night…

We left work a little early Wednesday so that we could get to NJ in time to see my dad’s softball game (they lost, unfortunately, but it was to the best team in the league). After the game we went to pick up my Grammie’s car that we borrowed for the trip.

On Thursday morning we woke up early because our friends were supposed to be getting into Philly at 10am and we were picking them up. After waking up and getting ready though, it turned out their flight was delayed by 4 hours (!). This ended up working out because we hung out with my mom all morning, chatting, picking strawberries and peas at her CSA, and then I ended up getting a manicure at the mall on the way to PHL.

We finally picked up our friends and drove, in pounding rain, up to Ithaca. The rain would continue all weekend until we left on Sunday.

That night we went to Simeon’s for dinner, a bistro/gastropub place. I got the wedge salad, which had iceburg, tomatoes, NO red onions, applewood smoked bacon, house bleu cheese, and a balsamic glaze. I ended up breaking my pescatarian streak on this trip. Not sure how I feel about that. The salad looked like this:

wedge salad College Reunions Recap


Of course we got drinks too. As DD I limited myself to 1 drink plus sips of other drinks. So long since I’ve had to drive and worry about stuff like that icon wink College Reunions Recap

Friday we took a leisurely walk around campus until it was raining too hard. We saw the old house we lived in senior year (it’s been painted) and got lunch in the cafeteria at the hotel I used to work at on campus (the Statler). After that (still raining) we went to Six Mile Creek Winery for a wine tasting. That was very enjoyable. We walked away with 6 bottles; 4 for us and 2 for my parents.

I think we ended up taking a nap after the wine tasting. Then we went for dinner at ZaZa’s, a fantastic Italian restaurant in downtown Ithaca that my old Italian teacher owns (or maybe it’s owned by her family, I forget). I got the gnocchi with meat sauce, yum yum yum. After dinner we went to Purity Ice Cream, where Bobby and I split a scoop of chocolate peanut butter, again yum yum yum. After dinner we hung out at our hotel.

Saturday was much fun, but still raining. We got lunch at Aladdin’s (I got the veggie chili with cheddar; Bobby had a falafel wrap) and then dropped off our friends on North Campus for bowling. B and I went to the Ithaca farmer’s market! I loved that place. We made a pit stop at the hotel before going back to campus for another (free this time) wine tasting. Wandered around, bought Cornell mugs (which I am drinking my coffee out of now).

dr seuss mug College Reunions Recap

After a lot of walking and running into people we hadn’t seen in years, we drove down to the Ithaca commons to walk some more. We bought some stuff (gourmet oils and vinegars, CTB bagels) and then went to the place we were meeting for dinner a bit early to get drinks. We ate at Bandwagon Brewpub, a gastropub right off the commons. I got the veggie burger on a bed of lettuce and one of their drink specials, the “summer refresher” (mint muddled with lemon juice and vodka, on the rocks). The burger looked pretty much like this:

bandwagon brewpub veggie burger College Reunions Recap


After dinner we went up to the Chapter House for more drinks, socializing, live reggae, and some pool. Overall, a great night. We got back to the hotel at around 1am and crashed into bed.

Sunday we got up early and were on the road by 9:30. We got our friends to Philly by about 2pm (with a couple rest stops) and then we were in NJ by 3pm. Hung out with my brother and his girlfriend, and my mom (who gave us fresh veggies for dinner), and then we got dropped off at the train station in time for the 5:14 train back to NYC.

At home we went for a short run (being stuck in a car for 5 hours will make you want to exercise your legs) and then made a fresh dinner from the veggies my mom gave us (Bok Choy, lettuce, snap peas, radishes). We had veggie sausage and Broccolette in the fridge so I used that too. And we had the bagels from CTB. And some wine that we needed to drink or it would go bad soon. Blurry pic:

photo e1370870904724 400x300 College Reunions Recap

So delicious. We both felt so healthy after having homecooked, organic food again. We watched the game (go Miami!) and fell asleep.

The end.

How was your weekend? Have you gone to any reunions yet? (College, high school?)

This was my 5-year college reunion. I went to my 5-year high school reunion back in 2009. College reunion was so much better.

A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day).

Sometime between 7:30 – 8:15am – Wake up.

Make and drink coffee, read, do some cleaning. Sometimes I blog in the morning (like today).

cardamom coffee 400x400 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

This coffee has ground cardamom in it, Columbian-style. I went to Juan Valdez cafe a couple weeks ago and discovered this delicious trick.

If I have time, maybe I make lunch or do some food prepping. This morning I was up around 6:30, which is earlier than normal. I was able to make 2 different soups based on recipes in the Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook (carrot soup and butternut squash soup).

butternut soup 400x400 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

^^ Roasted Butternut Squash Soup – had it for breakfast! ^^

carrot soup 400x400 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

^^ Blending the carrot soup ^^

(Recipes for both to come.)

9:00am – Wake up Bobby and give him his coffee (in bed! spoiled).

9:15am – Do makeup, straighten hair, and get dressed for work.

work outfit 400x400 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

9:25 – 9:40am – Leave for work. I walk to the subway (~10 mins) and take the train. It’s not a bad commute – on a good day it’s about 20 minutes and on a slow day it’s around 30. Sometimes I like to pick up a Kombucha on the way! (Need to get these in bulk; can’t keep spending $4 on each one.)

kombucha 180x400 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

9:50 – 10:10am – Arrive at work.

Check emails, make a to-do list for the day. I usually eat breakfast at my desk but sometimes I have time to eat at home before I go (though I am not usually hungry until after 10am). Start real work – code.

On MWF, I’ve been leading training sessions for our team in India, so at 11am and 3pm today, I will have hour-long training sessions.

Coding, check in on reporting, check in on dev team requests.

Sometime between 12:45 and 2pm – Grab lunch if I didn’t bring it. If I did bring it, I try to go outside for a short walk anyway.

Code more, do another training (3pm if it’s MWF), a few days a week sync up with coworkers to make sure deliverables for the day can be completed.

coding 400x383 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

^^ I look at stuff like this most of the day, only not the language shown (that’s CSS). I code in PHP and MySQL mostly. Coda is my favorite text editor. ^^

After 5pm I am very focused on whatever project it is that I’m trying to complete that day. I think this is my most productive time of the day.

Sometime between 6:30 – 8:00pm I leave the office.

I get to a yoga class after work about 2-3 times a week (I go to Pure Yoga on the UES). Today is Wednesday and I want to get to Tanya’s 7:30pm class. Bobby goes with me if he can get out of work in time.

Sometime between 8 – 9:45pm – Eat dinner (if I have time, I make dinner).

After dinner I read, futz around on the computer, clean, hang out with Bobby and the cats, maybe I blog. I usually shower or have a bath at night too. I’ve been meaning to play piano more but have not actually done it icon smile A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

cats 400x400 A Day in the Life {Blog Every Day in May}

Sometime between 11:30 – 12:30 – go to sleep!

What does your typical day look like?

This post is part of {Blog Every Day in May}.

What I Do {Blog Every Day in May}

I just found out (via Jenny) about a blogging “challenge” that actually has nothing to do with food. The challenge? To blog every day in May. To be honest, I have felt uninspired by food lately (hence the lack of posts for about 2.5 weeks). So I think I am going to try this challenge, even though I am late to it.

May200x200 zpsf8349f10 What I Do {Blog Every Day in May}

The only rule is… there are no rules.

Today’s assignment is:

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

I build things. Sometimes the things I build are physical in nature; other times they are more intangible. I analyze and optimize. I teach. I lead trainings. Some things I made today:

  • Scripts to get, parse, and store data
  • Dinner (a breakfast burrito)
  • My husband smile

Other things I did today:

  • My yoga practice
  • Led 2 training sessions for our offshore team at the office
  • Huggled with my cats
  • Listened to music

What else do I do? I read a lot and I organize when I am bored. I’m currently reading 2 books:

I hope this response makes sense given the prompt above. I’m cool with short answers. Feel free to join the challenge if you feel like it.

What are you reading?

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