What Is Enlightenment?

I was trying to explain what enlightenment means to my husband the other night. I liked this explanation.

“If there’s a Kripalu Yoga definition of enlightenment, it’s the ability to live in deep connection with self, life, and others. This is not to downplay the existence of exalted states. It is to suggest that a mature spiritual awakening is not so much gaining a glimpse of heaven as it is bringing heaven to earth and ultimately leaving behind such distinctions altogether. Each moment arises afresh. Do we react with fear and defensiveness, or respond with openness, curiosity and gratitude? More than a search for the holy grail of enlightenment, Kripalu Yoga seeks to marry the absolute and the relative in a deeply integrated life.”

From here.


Currently watching Enlighten Up! on Netflix. Need to find a copy of Ashtanga New York soon. Update – Ashtanga, NY is actually on Netflix streaming too 🙂