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July Shenanigans & Recipes…

This summer has been one of the best.

Bobby and I have been cooking up a storm…

moscow mule 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

^^A moscow mule (a drink my dad introduced me to).^^

This was mine, but I gave it to Bobby – after one sip I didn’t want anymore! It’s delicious but I wasn’t in a drinking mood. {HERE} is the recipe I posted 5 years ago when my dad first told me about it. It’s a mix of ginger beer, vodka, lime, and mint. Sometimes we do half seltzer / half ginger beer. Gingerale also works.

tempeh onion goop 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

^^Sweet and Savory Tempeh with Onions^^

I started off following Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe for Tempe Manis (Sweet Tempeh) but changed it… a lot. As you guys know, I’m not really into sweets that much, so I cut out just about all the sugar, and instead caramelized some onions to give it sweetness. I will hopefully remember what I did so I can post my version of the recipe later. So delicious.

Apartment Update, Bentos, and Yummy Champagne

Apartment update -

View from the bedroom – through the galley kitchen, and into the living room. Far away on the left side is the spiral staircase to the downstairs level. This was taken our first day in the new home as we were unpacking. Cous looks in at B as he snaps the pic.

apt Apartment Update, Bentos, and Yummy Champagne

We were 95% unpacked the first weekend, and I believe we are still at that level. We are currently using our extra room for storage until we figure out what to do with it. Our refrigerator came today while I was at work (thank you B for staying home to accept it and oversee its installation). We chose this one – Blomberg 1040 W – it’s white with stainless steel handles. I was inspired by this kitchen I saw on Pinterest.

blomberg Apartment Update, Bentos, and Yummy Champagne

Kitchen inspiration:

kitchen inspiration Apartment Update, Bentos, and Yummy Champagne

Spritzers & Language

Food & Wine seems to be the quintessential foodie combo. My husband likes to unwind at night with a nice glass of wine, or by sipping slowly on a cup of whiskey on the rocks. I am not a drinker; I haven’t been since the middle of college. But I’m starting to enjoy wine again. (Apparently you can even get your wine online.) I like making connections with people, and wine is something that many people are passionate about, so it makes for good conversation.

01 tjs wine Spritzers & Language

My favorite wine from Trader Joe’s

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