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Return to Normalcy, Superbowl Recap, & Link Love

Good morning! I hope your week is starting out well. Did you watch the superbowl? Who were you rooting for? I watched bits and pieces – my favorite part was of course the halftime show. Beyonce nailed it. I have been a Destiny’s Child fan for years and I really hope they do a tour this year – I’ve never seen them live but would love to. I think my favorite tweet of the night was from Star Jones:

star jones beyonce tweet 400x155 Return to Normalcy, Superbowl Recap, & Link Love

Bobby and I made a delicious superbowl dinner (actually – mostly Bobby! This man can cook nowadays). I will certainly post recipes and pictures soon, but here is the menu (everything is from scratch):

Healthy Superbowl Menu

  • Homemade tempura shrimp with homemade dipping sauce
  • Shrimp cocktail & homemade cocktail sauce (just horseradish + ketchup + lemon juice)

Documentary: Inside Job & Yoga Recs

“Why should a financial engineer be paid four times to a hundred times as much as a real engineer? A real engineer builds bridges. A financial engineer builds dreams. And when those dreams turn out to be nightmares, other people pay for it.” — Andrew Sheng, chief adviser, China Banking Regulatory Commission, in Inside Job.

InsideJobPoster 269x400 Documentary: Inside Job & Yoga Recs

I am continuing with my documentary obsession. Highly highly recommend this one (it’s not on Netflix streaming… yet). It won an Oscar for best documentary last week and Bobby has been bugging me to watch it.

Some little known facts about me that relate to this movie:

  • I interned the summer before my senior year of college at a high profile investment bank on the mortgage backed securities trading desk. I worked 6:15am to 7pm, 5 days a week. Traders did not have to work weekends.