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{Workout} Hurricane Sandy Workout

We are safe and sound in New York City this morning after a long and scary night. The flooding got close – just 1.5 city blocks away – but receded before it got to our apartment building. We are on the upper east side, close-ish to the East River. We have the basement and ground floor level, so we were very very nervous. So nervous that we brought most of our important belongings up from the basement:

basement stuff 400x400 {Workout} Hurricane Sandy Workout

I’m so happy and relieved that we weren’t hit too badly. Thinking of all those who were not so lucky.


Yesterday morning, before the storm got crazy, I did a quick workout at home, inspired by this Pinterest-inspired one.

Hurricane Sandy Workout (~20 minutes)

  • 60 seconds of jumping jacks
  • 10 pushups (on knees)
  • 15 squat jumps
  • 30 bicycle crunches (15 on each side)

{Weekend Link Love} A La Hurricane Sandy

I am stuck inside today, working from home, because the MTA has shut down public transportation in NYC.

So what better way to spend my time than sharing some link love for all of you who are also sitting at home, bored of watching/listening to the TV/radio broadcasts about this storm that hasn’t quite hit yet!

I have a lot of links because it’s been a while since I did one of these.

Recipe Link Love

  • Roasted Fruit – This sounds like a great recipe for those of us who have a lot of fruit sitting around (hello, seasonal apples and pears). Suggested use: oatmeal or dessert topping.
  • Argentinean Empanadas – Back in August, Bobby and I went down to visit Coco for her baby shower. (She has since had her beautiful daughter!) Coco made the most delicious Argentinean Empanadas, and promised me the recipe – so here it is. Can’t wait to make these.

Weekend Link Love – 05.01.2011

Yikes, I have not done a link love post in almost two months! So please be patient for one more paragraph of Magpie updates and then you will get your links I’m lovin’.

This weekend my husband Bobby and I had a special last-minute visitor so the past two days have flown by. We have eaten at great places, wandered Manhattan and Brooklyn (farmers’ and flea markets), and just enjoyed ourselves. I love New York. I have also been loving my walking and yoga routines – every year when spring finally comes ’round I get so happy because I’m able to walk more and move. In the winter I am cold and sluggish but when the sun starts shining and the temperatures rise I want to run around and roll in the grass like a little kid! You know you used to do that too.

On to links:

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