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Weekend Link Love – 05.01.2011

Yikes, I have not done a link love post in almost two months! So please be patient for one more paragraph of Magpie updates and then you will get your links I’m lovin’.

This weekend my husband Bobby and I had a special last-minute visitor so the past two days have flown by. We have eaten at great places, wandered Manhattan and Brooklyn (farmers’ and flea markets), and just enjoyed ourselves. I love New York. I have also been loving my walking and yoga routines – every year when spring finally comes ’round I get so happy because I’m able to walk more and move. In the winter I am cold and sluggish but when the sun starts shining and the temperatures rise I want to run around and roll in the grass like a little kid! You know you used to do that too.

On to links:

Healthy Monday Tip #4: Walk for Exercise!

healthy monday Healthy Monday Tip #4: Walk for Exercise!

Healthy Monday is a public health initiative founded in 2005 in association with Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, and Syracuse University. HM’s goal is to end chronic preventable disease in the U.S. by offering people and organizations a weekly prompt to start and sustain healthy behaviors, intentions, actions and initiatives. For most Americans, the week begins on Monday. Studies suggest we are more likely to maintain behaviors begun on Monday throughout the week. That makes Monday the perfect day to make a change for your health and the health of our planet.

I mentioned yesterday that I quit the gym and got tons of great responses. In keeping with the “quit the gym” and “fit for free” theme, today’s Healthy Monday Tip is…

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I’m not sure if I will have a long post for you today; I have a ton to do at work and later today a best friend is coming to stay with me. She’ll be here until Saturday. Tonight we are both going to concerts (I’m going to the Belle & Sebastian one in Williamsburg) and then we are going to have lots of fun tomorrow (facials!) and Saturday. Hoping to take her to my gym at least once.

Speaking of my gym, these are the classes I’ve taken since my last update:

  • Tuesday: Yoga. I love this class and I am going to try to take it once a week. I would take it more but I’m pretty sure he does the same flow for all classes in a set week, and I like to vary it a bit more.

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