NuNaturals Coupon & Thursday Wrapup!

I am so excited to announce that I’m working with NuNaturals to bring you a great discount and a giveaway (the giveaway will go up tomorrow)!

**Update: Giveaway is now over. Click here to see who won.**

15% off of your order (through the NuNaturals website) with my code: BLG930

(Enter code at checkout page; offer ends 9/30/2010)

Also, if you order $35 or more (after the discount), you get free shipping to the continental U.S.… So go get some! (Note – I don’t get any commissions or anything if you buy; I just like promoting cool companies like NuNaturals.)

Wrapup of this week…

Tomorrow will be the NuNaturals giveaway…

Have you tried NuNaturals? I finally got to try it at Coco’s this weekend, and I fell quickly in love. Can’t wait to start coming up with some recipes with the samples that are coming to me.

Did you do yoga today? Tell me about it @ 30 days of yoga. Gaby and Eden are already doing it with me 🙂

Balance & a Blogger Sweetheart: Clare

One blogger that makes me smile every time her posts pop up in my Google Reader is Clare. She always offers up nuggets of wisdom about yoga, food, and life in general. Recently I won a giveaway of hers and got some yummy protein packed cereal…

Which was perfect for a quick breakfast/snack before work this week.

Thanks, Clare! (And Kay’s Naturals!) I also forgot to mention that I won another one of Clare’s giveaways a while ago and I have been wearing these ever since I received them…

These earrings remind me to stay balanced. Here are my other favorite ways to keep balance in my life:

  • Listen to people that care about me
  • Practice yoga daily (even if it’s only 5 minutes)
  • Give Bobby hugs
  • 5 minutes (preferably more) of “me time” every day
  • Wake up early in the morning to get stuff done
  • Pet my cats
  • Eat salads (enough, but not too many or too few = balance)
  • Get enough sleep
  • Sometimes do absolutely nothing

What are your tricks for staying balanced?

A Giveaway and Hot Sauce Discount

A while ago Nature Made recognized me as an inspirational health blogger and I got to be a part of their Healing Hearts Club. They sent me a great goodie bag: a yoga mat, a water bottle, and 6-month supplies of fish oil, Cholestoff, and CoQ10.

I have been loving the package – especially the yoga mat, which came with a handy carrying case.

Now Nature Made wants to give away the same package to one of you! You can win all of this:

  • yoga mat and carrying bag
  • aluminum water bottle
  • 6-month supply of fish oil
  • 6-month supply of Cholestoff
  • 6-month supply of CoQ10

This giveaway is now closed.

And now I have something else – Jason from Hot Sauce Planet noticed that I like hot sauce (who doesn’t?) and he wants to give all of my readers a discount. It looks like Hot Sauce Planet has just about every hot sauce you could ever want… (Biz, I’m thinking of you!). They have other sauces too, like BBQ (yum).

You all have 15% off until October 6th, 2010 at Hot Sauce Planet. So if you need some yummy spice, check it out. Use code “maggie” at the checkout.