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2014 Plans & Goals

I already recapped my progress on 2013 goals {HERE}.

Here are my goals/hopes/intentions/plans for 2014…

1) Sleep.

I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t prioritize going to bed early (there’s always so much to do and I feel like I am missing out when I just go to bed). I realize that I will likely get even less sleep after the baby comes, but for now I’m going to try to hit this goal – in bed and dozing by 10:30pm, 3x per week.

If I need motivation, here are some articles on why sleep is so important:

2) Yoga.

Make time for me/yoga every week. Something that will definitely be hard come April, but it’s something that will keep me sane. I need to take time out each week for myself and do the things that keep me happy, like yoga. The goal – 1x yoga 60+ minutes and 2x yoga 20+ minutes per week. If I can’t make a 60+ minute class, I can sub 2 20-minute sessions.

3) Time management and prioritizing.

I am not as efficient with my time as I’d like to be. This ties in with #1 (sleep). I have a couple goals here – get in to work by 9:45 consistently (3-4x/week). (Don’t know what will happen with this after the baby – exact work schedule is TBD.) I also want to spend more time doing productive things and not fiddling around on the internet. Goal here is to spend 30 minutes/day (can be rolled over from other days) either reading or working on a side project that I am neglecting.

4) Food.

Eat less sugar. Maybe it’s due to pregnancy but I have been going back for dessert seconds way too often. And eating less sugar is good no matter what. Goal is to not have dessert 2-3x per week. (I usually have something sweet every night.)

5) Charity.

I want to donate things I am not using on a monthly basis rather than letting things collect in an unsightly pile. I also want to try volunteering more often, which I used to do but haven’t lately. Goal – volunteer 5x this year. That might sound like very little, but going from nothing I have no idea how it will turn out. I’m signed up with New York Cares which is a great organization and it makes signing up for individual volunteer events really easy.


That’s it for now! Maybe I’ll update them after the baby comes and I get a better idea of how the rest of my year will go.

Do you have goals for 2014?

New Years Intentions 2013

I meant to post this list a few weeks ago – but better late than never. Here is what I’m thinking for my 2013 resolutions/intentions/goals/whatevers! I don’t think I can do these all at once but I can definitely spread them out over the year.

2013 Goals – Go GO Goals!

1. Eat more cleanly. Fewer processed foods; more vegetables. Eat more intuitively. Eat less emotionally.

2. Go to sleep by 11pm more often. (2x a week to start… and increase)

3. Go to yoga 12x a month. Do Mysore regularly for 1 month. (Summer?)

4. Meditate 5 minutes per day (morning).

5. Get up earlier (this will come out of #2…).

6. Log my exercise (I used to do this). And use my Erin Condren planner.

7. Spend less money and save up to start my own business someday! I want to work for myself, not someone else. So I need Kapital.

8. Get the promotion that I want. ::fingers crossed::

9. Find at least one other source of income aside from my day job.

10. Simplify. Minimize. Give away clothes and things that I don’t use. Buy less. Have less. Stress less. KISS.

I’m keeping it at 10 – if I get them all I can always add more later. I am tempted to add a #11 though – get back to wedding weight? I’m ~10-15 pounds up, most of which happened in the last year (had some work-related stress and – see #1 – I am an emotional eater – I know I’m not the only one!!). I gotta start doing my ZWOWs again if I want to lean out though. Will discuss more later pending progress on #1.

What are your 2013 goals?

P.S. Like the new look? It’s part of #10 – Simplify. I’m keeping it simple and light. And no more ads. icon smile New Years Intentions 2013

Happy Four More Years! + November Update

If you’re an Obama fan, congrats on four more years! I ended up voting for Gary Johnson, and while Obama wasn’t my 2nd choice (Jill Stein was), at least we didn’t get Romney. If you’re a Romney fan… I’m sorry, I hope you are not offended.

It turns out that my India trip has been postponed until December (due to the hurricane, most offices were closed for a week we didn’t get all the paperwork in time), so this means that I can update my November goals and do more yoga.

 November Goals Update

  1. Go to 15 25 yoga classes this month. I am upping the ante – I want to do some doubles and I want to get in a lot of hot yoga. Unfortunately I have only gotten to 3 so far so I really have my work cut out for me here. I went to hot yoga this morning at 8:30am before work and I did 2 classes last week (Thursday and Friday).
  2. Floss once a day (night). –> So far so good.
  3. Try 3 new restaurants.
  4. Try 3 new dishes at restaurants I already go to. I know I have gotten at least one. I will have to go look at my account and see if I completed it yet. (Love Mint for keeping track of expenses.)
  5. Go to a yoga class on my business trip (to… India! More later.).
  6. Stay healthyduring holiday/family gatherings in November. This is the bread v. wine v. dessert choice. Unfortunately I have been very lax with my eating habits lately… I am looking forward to turning them around for the better for the rest of November. I think I’m going to go with Biz’s goal of only fruits and veggies after dinner.
  7. Test and then make a new recipe for Thanksgiving dinner (this year it’s sort of potluck-style). The pot-luck is postponed so this might be off the table.
  8. Read 2 books. I’m in the middle of New York, a novel by Edward Rutherfurd. It’s reallllly long! Almost 900 pages I think. Very good. When I finish I need to pick another one.

Another thing I can cross off my list is getting vaccinations. I have been meaning to get caught up on my shots for… oh, a good 10 years. Well, I finally got up the guts to do it because I had to get them done for India. I had 4 actual needle shots and 1 oral vaccine for typhoid. The shots didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I expected, but my arm is sore from the tetanus one. I think that is a common side effect.

Anyway… that’s what my November is looking like so far. Also wanted to share an inspirational picture/list that Bobby sent me today.

rule of 2 Happy Four More Years! + November Update


Do you follow this rule of 2? How are your November goals shaping up?

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