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Nutrition for Kids: Involve Your Kids in Their Healthy Diet

Today I have a guest post for you about nutrition for kids – something I’m not really thinking about (yet!), but something that I think is incredibly important. Also coming up soon is a review for CSN Stores… CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be wall art and decor, fitness equipment, or even cute cookware!

Without further ado, here is some great info on Kids & Nutrition…


Trying to eat well can be difficult for adults, and trying to get your kids to eat well can seem impossible. However, the benefits of a healthy diet not only help to nourish your child in the short term, the long term benefits are immeasurable. Focusing on eating habits and creating the expectation that meals involve whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins can help create lifelong healthy eating habits. There are three main areas of focus when discussing kids and nutrition:

Time out for Ways to Get in the Blogging Mood

Hi, Hollaback readers!

If you are a regular reader, pop on over to Hollaback Health for my guest post today featuring tips to get in the blogging mood. Whether you’re feeling uninspired, silly, or just plain BLAH, I have some ideas for you to try.

Go check it out icon smile Time out for Ways to Get in the Blogging Mood

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Eat Your Fats {Guest Post @ Kitchen Courage}

I’m taking a break from normal posting today because I wrote a guest post for Beth and because of my response last night! I’ve been reading Beth’s blog for ages and she is so insightful/inspirational/creative/fun/talented. She is at a hooping convention in San Francisco this weekend and she has lots of guests popping in at her blog; make sure to poke around. This post was inspired by Kim ages ago, who asked me about cooking oils in a comment.

My Guest Post: My Favorite Cooking Oils

If you didn’t see it already please read and comment on…

My 2 favorite responses so far are from Sophia and Caronae, who both put the responsibility back on the reader. We’re not stupid you know.

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