Thursday Recap – Intuitive Eating and Guest Posts

In case you are a new reader, or have been confused about all the guest posts you’ve been seeing recently, here is a recap of recent events:

  • Mid-July: lots of wedding prep
  • Late July: wedding + honeymoon in Maui (Kaanapali) – lots of guest posts
  • Early August: honeymoon in Maui – lots of guest posts
  • Now: exploration of Intuitive Eating

I had 3 posts this week on intuitive eating:

And if you missed them the first time around, here are all of my fabulous guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers (in order of posting):

Thanks again, girls. I do have a few more guest posts on the way (I had too many to post while I was gone) so expect about one per week for a little while.


Happy Thursday!