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I’m Still a Salad Loving Yogi

Thank you all for the encouragement after my announcement yesterday! I just wanted to stop back in and clarify something though – while I have decided to do a half-marathon, I am still going to be writing mostly about yoga and healthy yums that I create (or order in a restaurant, hehe). I still haven’t even decided if I’m actually going to run the half or walk it or do some combination of the two (probably a combo). So this half-marathon training experiment is really more of a way for me to get back into my walking routine, which I have sorely missed.

In September I began a huge undertaking – yoga teacher training. For 3 months I was in yoga classes 3-4 days a week (both taking and observing) and in training on the weekends (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday all day). Yoga was my life, basically. I stopped taking my long weekend walks and I started a new job further away – which meant that I couldn’t walk to or from work anymore either (at my old job I would occasionally walk home – it was probably about a mile). I know I need to write a looooong summary of my TT experiences – I know, I know! It’s just that there is so much to say and I never know where to start.

But anyway, back to the point. I love walking. I miss walking. And I’m using the half marathon as a way to explore the city like I used to.

As for yoga, I will still be teaching it, doing it, and sharing my thoughts and teacher resources with you all. I can’t not talk about yoga.

And for food – I will definitely need healthy nourishment during the training. And I’ve been getting back into cooking at home more – gosh, did I miss it. My new job has brought a lot of balance into my life that I didn’t have before. No more weird, crazy hours (unless I want them). A gym in my building. The opportunity to teach yoga to my colleagues. And great benefits. So because of this new job, I have the chance to go back to my roots and cook my own meals. There is something satisfying about creating exactly what you want, when you want it.

Enough with the seriousness though. This weekend my sister was in for a day and we got to go out for our favorite:

salad sisters 500x375 Im Still a Salad Loving Yogi

Salad sisters!

We both have reusable bowls from Just Salad and we love to make our own creations.

  • Maggie’s salad: tofu, avocado, and double butternut squash, double broccoli, and double beets. I topped it with a tahini dressing.
  • Julia’s salad: avocado, an egg, black beans, sun-dried tomatoes, corn, beets, and banana peppers. She also picked the tahini dressing.

I had a few bites of hers and definitely want to try it next time. It’s so good to branch out from my usual routine.

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What are some routines that you do? Are there any that you used to do and want to start up again?