Sisterly Love – A Sweet Night

My sister came into town last night. She has off today, so we are headed up to Providence to visit Brown (she is a senior in high school). We’re taking the Peter Pan bus (just $29.95 RT from NYC to Providence). I miss Julia! She was my maid of honor. She is also a vegetarian (going on 10 years probably – she hasn’t eaten meat since she was about 7).

I still love looking at my wedding photos. (Tarantino Photo -> Featured Events -> Maggie & Robert. If you want the password to my gallery just email me.)

Last night when she arrived it was pouring rain. We decided to have a simple dinner at the Whole Foods hot/cold bar and we followed it up with The Lite Choice. Always a favorite. When we got home we enjoyed some digestive tea (from Coco!) sweetened with NuNaturals stevia (Julia loved it – she will probably be buying it herself).

We got girly and painted our nails. I got a new Essie color: silver. I almost always paint my nails a dark shimmery brown/red so this was a big change.

There were grapes.

And we watched an episode of Taboo, a show on National Geographic about weird things in different cultures (on Netflix streaming).

And then Julia conked out. She’s been working like crazy – the (amazingly smart) girl is taking 5 AP classes, she works at an organic farm, she volunteers, she’s in clubs, and she has a very busy social life.

Do you have siblings? What do you do together?

The Perfect Slice – of UES Pizza

*If you didn’t see it already, check out my guest post over at A Nourishing Glimpse – it’s part of Danielle’s Plates From Around the World series. My post is on Asian food in the Bay Area. Thanks again, Danielle!*

I first went to Slice Perfect pizza back in May. It’s very vegetarian/vegan friendly and we adore the food. We actually liked it so much that we considered having them cater our wedding – but we ended up going with a local place because it was easier to coordinate. Last time I got a delicious salad and just had a few bites of pizza and bruschetta; this time I actually got a slice.

This (above) was my slice. It’s called the “Wizard” – it’s a bruschetta pizza on honey whole wheat crust. The crust is topped with all-natural marinara sauce and fresh bruchetta (tomatoes, red onions, basil, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & olive oil). It was delicious. Needed some cheese though! I love cheese. So I had some of this too:

This (above) was Bobby’s first slice, the “Expert” – it was an herb crust topped with all-natural marinara sauce, free-range sesame chicken, part-skim organic mozzarella, and fresh basil. Lots of cheese, lots of yum.

We also got the “Beginner” hummus pizza (below) – herb crust spread with lots of organic hummus, then topped with caramelized onions and kalamata olives. I ate the olives (and some of the slice); Bobby doesn’t like olives and always forgets to ask for them on the side.

You can’t have pizza without ice cream, though. We stopped at Tasti D-Lite on the way home, and when Bobby checked in on Foursquare he happened to get a BOGO coupon! So we each got a chocolate and vanilla swirl:

I had to help him. He was full. How can you be too full for Tasti D-Lite?

Exercise of the day: walking to and from work (2.8 miles total) + a video TBD (hopefully about 30 minutes of yoga/pilates/something similar)!

What’s your favorite pizza? Favorite ice cream?

Flexitarian Foodie Fun

Happy Birthday Dad! I’ll call you soon… Here are some of my dad’s recipes:

He also sent me these 2 recipes recently to try (haven’t gotten around to them yet):

He and my siblings picked the watercress at my [great] aunt’s house. I get my watercress in Chinatown. Small differences between living in rural New Jersey and Manhattan.

Onto today’s post… I’m not a vegetarian, but I enjoy experimenting with vegetarian food. There are many potential benefits to limiting meat in your diet, and the ones I care about are…

  • not killing animals cruelly (if you don’t eat them at all, you don’t have to worry about finding “organic” or “free-range” meat)
  • avoiding weird additives that are in non-organic meat (antibiotics, etc…)
  • smaller carbon footprint
  • it’s cheaper!
  • decreased risk of food poisoning
  • improved “regularity”

My brother and sister are both vegetarians and this weekend my brother came up for a night, so we were more veggieful than usual. Last night we went back to Sacred Chow down by NYU for dinner. I got the Tapa Salad again (with curry dressing), but this time with curried broccoli (source). I had some camera difficulties so the broccoli picture is not mine.

Rob and Bobby both got heroes – Rob got the Orange Barbecued Seitan Hero and Bobby got the Grilled Western Tofu Hero. Both came with coleslaw made of carrots… which was really boring. The sandwiches were both great though; I had a bite of each.

After dinner Rob and I got The Lite Choice (like Tasti D-lite, but better). Missy is the one who first introduced me to TLC! I won one of her giveaways and now I’m hooked. I got this, but Bobby stole some (“this is my last bite, I swear” – such a lie!). It was a dulche de leche and brownies swirl.

Do you like froyo?

Food Blog Faux Pas

I had food poisoning or something ūüôĀ So this was what helped me feel better:

That is McDonald’s ice cream (again). Cold things (to me) are soothing when I’m feeling ill, and although I don’t love the idea of putting dairy in my sensitive and upset stomach, this really did make me feel better.

I wasn’t really able to get anything done today (I was in bed most of the time) after I came home from work feeling sick around 1pm. As for exercise I did walk in the morning and got in about 4500 steps. Bobby got me an iPod last week and it has a pedometer built in. I am in love (with him and the iPod). It’s the Product (RED) version because I like being charitable, and red is one of my favorite colors (the other is purple).

I listened to a good podcast on my walk to work called Dishing Up Nutrition. They were a bit too focused on animal protein (5 times a day?) but aside from that I left with some good knowledge. I may try 2 things for my IBS stomach called Bifido bacteria and L-glutamine. Apparently they are good for the intestines and healing. We shall see.

What do you scrimp on? I used to be more frugal than I am now but I’m starting to loosen up a bit. I still feel gipped when I have to go to a movie ($15) and I honestly¬†don’t like to spend more than about $8 on a meal. New York made me increase that slightly.

How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Ice Cream

Saturday was the first day of spring. I’m visiting my family in New Jersey and my dad made waffles.¬†I had them with some of my sister’s Artisana macademia nut butter and my dad’s homemade syrup (he taps our trees every year and boils it down).

After breakfast we walked over to Rita’s for free water ice. Every year on the first day of spring, Rita’s opens and gives out free cups of their yummy flavors. I actually opted for sugar-free rootbeer. One of my food rules is that sugar is more evil than fake sugar. We all enjoyed our ices.

Back in the city, after dinner, I got ice cream at McDonald’s. That made my night. Another one of my food rules is that McDonald’s cones are okay occasionally.


Today my brother was in town (he actually came last night and brought our piano) so we took him to brunch at Quantum Leap (vegan place by NYU) as thanks. It was not very good! I ordered the macro plate because I was missing¬†Souen this weekend but QL’s was so disappointing.

After my brother left I made corned beef for dinner that I had picked up at Pennington Market back in NJ. (It was a special packet that included the seasonings.)

Corned beef recipe – cover beef with water (1 inch above), add spice packet (looks like a tea bag), bring to a boil (uncovered), cover and simmer for 3-4 hours. Add cabbage for the last hour (chopped up roughly).

Eat with kabocha and mustard. I pulled a Heather and had my second bowl with whipped cream cheese. Oh. My. Goodness. That was the best.

Dessert was another McD’s ice cream cone (2 nights in a row!) and exercise was a walk on the Upper West Side to look at a couch and arm chair from Craigslist (which I think we will get).

I am now officially over my rambling and I am off to bed. I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine. What did you do?