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Life Updates

What I’ve been up to lately…

1) Working. icon smile Life Updates (This is good!)

2) Exploring my new gym. I dropped my yoga studio membership (Pure Yoga) because I wanted access to more workout variety. I joined the 92Y which is actually closer to my apt. Thoughts on that:

  • I miss the Pure locker rooms. Their showers were sooooo nice. 92Y has a steam room and sauna (which Pure didn’t have) but I can’t use them until after I have the babe.
  • 92Y yoga is actually quite good for gym yoga. And definitely challenging enough for a pregnant lady. All the teachers but one (I will not name names but she teaches at 9am on Sundays) have been super accommodating and welcoming of my pregnant belly into their non-prenatal classes.
  • I miss a couple of my favorite Pure teachers, but I’ve found some really great teachers at the 92Y… namely the Thursday morning instructor for Power Strength! It’s a 45 minute class that starts at 7:15am; it’s perfect for me to hit up before I go to work.
  • Confession: One of the reasons I joined the 92Y was for the pool – I joined a month and a half ago and I still haven’t stepped foot in it.

3) Eating! Apparently. For the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy I didn’t gain a pound (despite eating more?!); in the next 9 (I’ll be 21 weeks tomorrow) I’ve put on about 10-12. Apparently I am having a big baby. He is tracking in the 90th percentile for “size” (whatever that means) as of last week’s ultrasound (unless the due date is off, which I’m pretty sure it is not). What I find weird is that I don’t think my eating habits have changed all that much from the first 12 weeks to the last 9. I wonder how much of it is water/fluid and how much of it is baby/uterus/whatever else.

First up – ice cream. I’m actually not eating a ton of sweets (oddly enough, I’ve craved sweets less since getting pregnant), but sometimes I do just need that chocolate-vanilla fix. B and I shared this a few weeks ago at Ootoya, a new restaurant down by Union Square.

ootoya ice cream 500x500 Life Updates

This was the omelette + potatoes + muffin we shared after finding out the sex last week (BOY! Did I say that??). They forgot to put the bacon in the omelette (it was mushroom, goat cheese, and bacon) so they gave it to us on the side. Even better. At Corner Cafe outside the ultrasound office.

celebration omelette 500x500 Life Updates

This is chicken dumpling soup at a new little cafe called DTUT (Downtown/Uptown). It’s a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night. Soup was decent.

chicken dumpling soup 500x500 Life Updates

And finally, here is gluten-free pizza I got for lunch with a friend last week. My stomach has reallllly been acting up lately and I’m trying to do less gluten. No gluten is too hard but less is manageable. This was from a place called Mozzarelli’s (they have regular pizza too). (By “stomach acting up” I mean digestion is even slower than normal; very annoying; very bloaty!)

gluten free pizza 500x500 Life Updates

4) Feeling kicks. I have been feeling pretty solid kicks for the last 2-3 weeks now. Before that it was very vague flutters. Makes me very happy. B can feel them very occasionally too.

5) Body changes. So far my arms and legs have not changed much, but boy has my middle changed! The belly is not so huge that it’s in the way that much, but I can’t lie on my back anymore (feels weird) and certain yoga poses are pretty much impossible…

20 weeks! (last week)

Screen Shot 2013 11 18 at 5.44.08 PM 500x374 Life Updates

The whole middle is just expanding and I feel like it’s not really a rounded bump yet. Maybe my abs need to relax a bit more so he can settle down and pop icon smile Life Updates (I need to do a pic of this week – 21 weeks; it’s already actually starting to pop more.)

6) Yoga changes! Which could also be due to the fact that I have been way more lax in my yoga practice so I don’t have the strength I had 5 months ago. My chaturangas are horrible and most are done on the knees. I am hoping carrying a baby around will improve my arm strength icon smile Life Updates Another example: no more koundinyasana! The belly is in the way and my body just doesn’t wanna do it.

koundinyasana Life Updates


I am actually still doing handstands against the wall (but only at home; not in class) simply because they feel awesome right now. It’s so nice to get the blood flowing in the opposite direction – out of my tired feet. I can’t do legs-up-the-wall because I can’t be on my back.

I’m not doing twists – twists are a no-no after about the 12th week.

(I’ll do a whole post at some point on yoga for pregnancy, but you get the gist – it’s totally different when you have a baby in your belly.)

So that is what is up with me lately. Keeping busy and very happy. Happy Monday!

Mid-week Updates – Cuckoo for Curtains!

Wanted to pop in again (3 times in 4 days – a recent record!) to give an update on…

1) The Cleanse: Here is What I Ate Wednesday:

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites + ground black sesame & black pepper.

Snack: orange.

Lunch: Mixed greens salad with a hard-boiled egg & 3/4 cup of chickpeas (yum! my stomach doesn’t like beans that much but the taste was worth it – delish) + 1T EVOO + 1T balsamic vinegar.

Snack: 1/2 cup artichoke hearts (these were in a bit of oil) + 2/3 cup Greek yogurt (yogurt not on the plan – but I was quite hungry at this point).

At this point we go off plan… who was I kidding – I have to make these things work with my lifestyle and my height (5’10″ – this plan must be about 800 calories and that is a third of what I eat in a day). icon wink Mid week Updates   Cuckoo for Curtains! But I did make it work for me – keep reading…

Dinner: Chinese food – I had a bowl of egg drop soup with chicken & corn in it + a bite of a pork bun (Bobby ate the rest) + chicken/shrimp/pork and veggies in very little white sauce (we always ask for very little sauce – I don’t know what it would be like with a normal amount because I feel like “very little” is too much most of the time). We had some pineapple, orange, and lychee at the end of the meal (complimentary) and I had a few sips of red wine.

Dessert: small bowl of lactaid ice cream with PB2 and a piece of Lily’s no sugar added coconut dark chocolate (it’s sweetened with stevia).

lactaid ice cream 400x400 Mid week Updates   Cuckoo for Curtains!

So overall – didn’t stick to the plan, but pretty close up until dinnertime. And I was able to avoid the rice and usual snack-tooth I have at night. I am definitely pleased with the way this is going. I will continue to eat (pretty) cleanly for as long as I can – I’m already feeling less bloaty.

I have to be honest, after looking at the cleanse plan again, it is really low in calories – I get that it’s only for four days but I did not realize how low-cal it was! It’s a good inspiration but it must be beefed up. I don’t like the idea of crash-dieting – crashing is usually followed by bingeing in my experience. But onto the next…

2) My curtains! I love them. I got the curtains on sale at West Elm and I also got the rods at West Elm (though not on sale).

curtains 400x400 Mid week Updates   Cuckoo for Curtains!

You can’t really see in this light (this is taken at night, and with Instagram no less) but the paint color on the walls is called Hazlewood by Benjamin Moore. I think it’s my favorite BM color.

benjamin moore colors Mid week Updates   Cuckoo for Curtains!


I think that is about it… Oh! I joined this DietBet via Roni’s Weigh. Feel free to join along if you are trying to lose a little bit of weight. You just put in $20 and if you have lost 4% of your body weight by the end (4 weeks) you get to split the pot with the other people who also lost 4%. I have to lose about 5.6 pounds to make the goal. I think that is reasonable and doable in a month – plus it is what I want to lose anyway! I was quite bloaty at my weighin so I am actually down 2 pounds already – hah. I believe today is the last day to join.

Happy Thursday! Almost the weekend!

P.S. I stayed up until 2am last night watching Downton Abbey. I love this show – I’m already ahead of where we are in the states – I found the rest of the episodes online. However, I feel like I am in college and now I have to go to an early morning class – except my class is from 10am to 7pm! Oops.

{WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

What did I eat yesterday? Let’s see…

Breakfast was a small bowl of brown rice with a fried egg on top, a baby persimmon, and a little tangerine. Also coffee of course.

Snack – my coworker brought me an apple from the farmers’ market! (Note – I don’t usually eat this much fruit because it makes me break out. It was kind of an accident. I’ve been getting up early since coming back from the trip and that means I get hungry earlier too, and fruit is a good go-to, quick snack for me… as long as I don’t have too much of it.)

Lunch – a big salad from Just Salad:

  • romaine and mesclun base (extra lettuce please)
  • a hard-boiled egg
  • roasted butternut squash and roasted beets
  • beans and corn
  • broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes
  • horseradish-chive dressing

And a macaron (from Japan) for lunch-dessert. I also had a little thing of seaweed on the side (a habit I picked up in Japan) called Mozuku:

mozuku fresh 326x400 {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)


It usually comes in a small plastic container like this:

mozuku container {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)


It’s watery and you just peel off the top and slurp/drink it all down. LOVE this. Mozuku is great at breakfast too.

For dinner I met up with Bobby at Buddha BBeeQ which is a little Korean/Asian/Fusion place really close to our apartment. We shared these scallion pancakes to start (each had 1.5). “3 palm-sized pancakes with scallions & zucchini. crispy crust & soft center” (My picture)

IMG 1201 buddha scallion pancakes 299x400 {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

I got 2 huge temaki rollsChicken Basil Roll - grilled chicken breast, tangy soy glaze, fresh thai basil pesto (peanuts), pickled asian beets, avocado, roasted red bell pepper & grilled zucchini. Really good! Ate them both. Bobby got the K BBeeQ plate with chicken – “a classic grilled korean dish. Our hearty, fruit infused soy based marinade addictive in its classic balance of sweet & savory“. It was just teriyaki chicken, white rice, and a salad. Very delicious as well.

Here is what mine looked like (source):

chicken basil roll bhudda bbeeq {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

Then we got a kids cup of ice cream (“Trick Oreo Treat”) at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins to share (yes we share a kiddie size), and then we went home. We both crashed into bed before the clock hit 9pm.

How was your Wednesday? What did YOU eat Wednesday?

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