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Meal of the Day #2

Quick and dirty post tonight.

meal of the day #2.1

yogurt banana 500x500 Meal of the Day #2

This was European yogurt from Trader Joe’s (chocolate flavor) with a banana. A very simple breakfast meal.

meal of the day #2.2

veggie pizza lombardis 500x500 Meal of the Day #2

And this was cheesy veggie pizza from Lombardi’s for dinner. Imagine this x2 icon smile Meal of the Day #2

What have you been having for breakfast this week? Do you like pizza?

February Goals + Meal of the Day #1

meal of the day #1 – february 6

healthy breakfast omelette bacon squash oats 500x500 February Goals + Meal of the Day #1

This was breakfast/brunch yesterday. I cooked up 4 eggs in bacon fat with onions and chopped Brussels sprouts (split between me and the hubs, I think he got about 2/3 of it), a cup of Irish oatmeal (he got more of this as well), nitrate/nitrite-free bacon (this is the “bits and pieces” from Trader Joe’s – it’s cheaper than the regular strips, but made of the same natural stuff – we split-ish, Bobby probably got a little more), and steamed kabocha squash (I took all the squash).


Back in January I laid out some goals for myself for this year. I decided to take them one at a time, a month at a time – seemed more reasonable than doing 12398438 goals at once. My initial goals for January were:

  1. Food – Cut the artificial sweeteners completely
  2. Life – Read a book for 30 minutes a day.

january goals – update

Now, I don’t think I completely succeeded at either one, but I did make good progress. I think I read 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week for all of January, so I will call that a win. Nice! I’m still not finished with the book I got for Christmas (Bill Bryson’s Made In America), but I’m almost done.  I think I want to add fiction novels to the mix in February because I tend to get distracted when I’m only reading non-fiction.

I went in and out on the artificial sweeteners one. One day I would be adamant about not having Diet Cherry Pepsi; other days I caved. I’m guessing this was a 50% fail rate. So it needs work. One thing I noticed was that I tended to use the excuse, “I’ll have this soda instead of that cookie my coworker brought in,” but then I would end up having the soda AND the cookie! So that is not valid, not valid at all.

I didn’t have a good way of tracking these goals – so I will do that for my February ones.

february goals – food and life

  1. Food #1 – ditch diet soda (continued).
  2. Food #2 – no snacks 2 hours before bedtime (eep hard for me).
  3. Life #1 – keep reading 30 minutes a day; add fiction books.
  4. Life #2 – go to sleep by 11:00pm 5 nights a week (eep this is also a killer).
  5. (*general – track these in Google Calendar or a Google Doc – tbd*)

There is another thing I’m going to do in February but I don’t want to include it as a goal, because I don’t want to have more than 4 goals hanging over my head. It is to post one meal a day (see above) for the rest of the month. February is a short month so I only have 24 meals to post, including today. I have been taking lots of meal photos because of that Eatery app I mentioned.

Do you have any February goals? How are your new year’s resolutions working out?

P.S. Woohoo Giants! Who were you rooting for? I brought this large plate of veggies and hummus to a super bowl party last night and they were a big hit. The favorites were baby carrots and the peppers.

healthy super bowl food veggies and hummus dip 500x500 February Goals + Meal of the Day #1