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Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates

Friends… wanted to share with you some updates of the past couple weeks. It’s been a good time.

The week of Thanksgiving my husband and I traveled down to Miami to visit my in-laws. We had a particularly beautiful week of weather punctuated by a few short rain showers (which were actually beautiful themselves).

We celebrated Thanksgiving with two lovely dinners. We also spend time with our friends (best man and bridesmaid at our wedding; same at theirs).

maggie txgiving 374x500 Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates

placecard2 Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates

(Wish I had a pic of me and B.)

On Saturday I ended up at a figure drawing class with Bobby’s dad and sketched for three hours. I have gotten severely out of practice with my drawing but perhaps I will pick it back up.

figure drawing Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates

Towards the end of the trip I ended up fighting a cold. I was able to hold it at bay until Wednesday when I ended up voiceless and exhausted by bedtime. The early Tuesday morning flight coupled with 2 long work days and a holiday party Wednesday night was just too much. I was home sick Thursday and probably should have stayed home Friday but had too much that needed to be done. I plan on resting up this weekend. My voice is still not recovered.

The holiday party was for Bobby’s company and it was at The Smith (on 3rd Ave and 11th St). We love The Smith so it was a great night. We usually go to the uptown location (on 2nd Ave and 51st St) because it’s a little less crowded, but the downtown party was fun nonetheless and it was held in a private room downstairs. Too many different appetizers, snacks, sides, and dessert dishes to list, but I got the salmon overtop of a parsnip and brussels sprout sauté as my main. Bobby got the steak and fries. Mine looked pretty much like this:

the smith salmon 500x357 Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates


I am hopeful that our basement renovations (which have stretched on for over three months; don’t even get me started) will be finished up this weekend. At this point I am tempted to threaten to do the rest myself, at nearly 24 weeks pregnant, in an effort to get my contractor to speed it up and finish strong. We used a different guy this time than we used for our upstairs but I will not use this one again. The reduction in cost (the reason we tried someone else – upstairs guy is amazing but you pay for it) is not worth the hassle and extended time these basement renos have taken. Luckily the work is solid, but the timing is horrendous. Fingers crossed we can move back into the work zone by Sunday night. If anyone is looking for contractor recommendations in NYC I have a glowing one for the guy who renovated our first floor. If you want a very slow (but good-hearted) contractor, I have someone for you as well.

Pregnancy is flying by. I was 23 weeks this past Tuesday. I’ve gained about 14-15 pounds at this point. I can still wear most of my pre-pregnancy pants as long as I put a hairtie through the button hole… but I don’t really want to; I’d much rather live in leggings. My pre-pregnancy shirts are mostly too short, but they were too short before I was pregnant too and now it’s just more noticeable (I’m tall). So I’m loving the pregnancy shirts. I’ve bought some clothes but I’ve also received some from friends as well. There is a wonderful pregnancy community that I never knew about.

Little guy is kicking up a storm. I feel him kicking throughout the day and I think sometimes he is what wakes me up in the mornings. He starts to get going around 7am and exercises for a while before settling back down. He’s also very excitable late at night when I’m trying to go to sleep. He is usually still during mealtimes, but 30 minutes later starts moving around. I like to feel the kicks and try to guess which body part it is. I have no idea. I can see the outside of my stomach move when he kicks which I think is so cool. Bobby likes to feel the kicks as well. (I call them kicks but I guess they could be punches, jabs, or even a head or butt – who knows.)

kicking Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates

Hoping to sign up for some prenatal yoga soon. I’ve pretty much given up going to regular classes because I have to modify so much and I feel kind of awkward about it. I know I shouldn’t but I do. I had a bad experience about 2 months ago: a yoga teacher at the 92Y kicked me out of her class and told me that pregnant women can’t do yoga because it’s abortive – her exact words. She was obviously crazy but it shook me up and made me uncomfortable asking teachers if they mind that I attend class. I’ve kept up a (shorter, gentler) practice at home though I could be better at doing it regularly.

Ah – and I finally started swimming. I know I had mentioned it in my last post, that I joined this new gym specifically for the pool and hadn’t been – well now I have. I do laps and I also tried Aqua Zumba. It was me and a bunch of old ladies on a Monday night and it was fun. I think I will try more aqua classes. Perfect for the pregnant lady.

Been eating out far too much in general, but I am cutting myself some slack. I made a fantastic Japanese dinner one night this week that you can check out on Instagram (who else loves Instagram and doesn’t use Facebook anymore?) and I took leftovers for lunch. That has to count for something.

One other thing to share – I got a humidifier. It’s this one on Amazon (in white). I’ve only had it a day so I don’t really know if it’s going to be helpful, but I bought it because NYC is so incredibly dry this time of year. With the heating systems and the dry air outside I feel like one of those unfortunate worms that gets stuck on the sidewalk and dried up by the sun.

humidifier Thanksgiving and Pregnancy Updates

That’s all for now… going to do some yoga and then enjoy this weekend. If renovations finish we’ll get our very first tree.

What are your weekend plans?

Random December List.

Random thoughts and things.

1) I got back from my trip to India on Sunday morning. Amazing trip. I was in Hyderabad for work for ~8 days (it’s a city in the south of India – in the state of Andhra Pradesh). JFK–>DEL the previous Saturday (after a 5 hour delay at JFK due to plane malfunctions – thanks Air India – a 14 hour flight total), did sightseeing on Sunday in Delhi, and then took a short 2 hour flight DEL–>HYD. Worked with an incredible team all week long, and then began the journey back to JFK this past Saturday. Two unexpected things about this trip to India: 1) I didn’t get to do any yoga aside from sun salutations in my hotel room and 2) there are way fewer vegetarians than I expected. I was just about full VEG for the whole trip. (I think I had a chicken sandwich in the airport on the first day.)

ACTION Random December List.

(A sign at Golconda Fort, in Hyderabad – ha! I thought it was funny.)

2) Home renovations are still in progress. I am still very excited about them, but at this point I am getting very anxious to get my kitchen and bathroom back. Showering at the gym is getting old, fast. It’s been over a month now! I think we started on 11/14.

3) More travel plans this week. Bobby and I are going to visit his family in Miami and we leave on Thursday. Construction will continue while we are gone – and hopefully be nearing completion by the time we return. ::Fingers crossed:: Cats are headed to New Jersey.

4) I have only gotten to 4 yoga classes this month so far. But then again, I have only been home for ~8 days of the month so far, so this is actually a good record: one class every other day. Hoping to get to one more before we go to Miami (Wednesday morning?), and 2 more after we return. Bobby has been going with me because he joined my same yoga studio. ::Happy dance::

5) After Miami, we are going to NJ the following weekend to visit my family. Hectic hectic month!

6) I am obsessed with candles. I recently bought this avocado mint candle and this frosted maple candle from Anthropologie (not only do they have beautiful clothes, but they have wonderfully aromatic candles). I also have 3 from this line (also at Anthro).

alexei frosted maple candle anthropologie Random December List.

(^^frosted maple^^)

avocado mint candle anthropologie 266x400 Random December List.

(^^avocado & mint^^)

whipped cream pear candle anthropologie Random December List.

(^^whipped cream & pear^^)

7) My favorite breakfast as of late has been a sugarless berry scone from Butterfield Bakery (unsweetened – not with fake sugar). These things are gigantic but somehow I manage to finish them. On the days I don’t get a scone I get either a fresh croissant (also from Butterfield) or a whole wheat bagel with butter from the deli around the corner.

butterfield sugarless scone Random December List.

8) My heart goes out to the families affected by the terrible school shooting in Connecticut.

I think that is all I have for now. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season so far. Wish I could spend more of it in New York – NYC at Christmastime is one of my favorite things.

Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five – 09.23.2011

I love doing Clare’s 5TF, and now I have a new one – Arlene’s Fantabulous Friday Five.

Five Things Friday:

  1. It’s Fall. Officially. My favorite season. I even got up early this morning to do a post icon smile Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five   09.23.2011
  2. My yoga teacher training starts tonight. So excited.
  3. Hopefully going out to dinner with my husband tonight.
  4. Can’t wait to spend time with friends this weekend (after my training).
  5. I’m loving on kabocha this week. Got a few perfectly ripe ones. Also introduced a friend to it and she loves it too icon smile Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five   09.23.2011

 Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five   09.23.2011

Fantabulous Friday Five comes in 3 parts…

Five things I want to buy

  1. … I’m gonna say nothing. I really don’t want anything right now! Hate clutter. Instead I will do…

Five things I want to get rid of

  1. Old clothes and shoes I never wear
  2. Too many books
  3. Canned / boxed foods in my kitchen that I will never eat
  4. Kitchen appliances I never use (juicer, I’m looking at you)
  5. Old cords that don’t seem to match up to anything

Five places I’ve visited

  1. Hawaii (honeymoon; my favorite vacation)
  2. France (this past summer; also when I was 7 in November of 1993)
  3. Italy (January 2008 – graduation gift to self)
  4. Miami (where my in-laws live)
  5. LA (Guster/John Mayer cruise)

dec302009006 thumb Five Things Friday & Fantabulous Friday Five   09.23.2011

(Key Largo, south of Miami)

Five jobs I’ve held

  1. Video store clerk (high school)
  2. Call center rep at ETS (one summer in college)
  3. Sales associate at Gap (I think I spent all my earnings at my place of work)
  4. Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve in SF
  5. Software Engineer! (current)

What are yours?

1 2