Five Things Friday – from France!

Bounjour again from Paris! We are here until Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. (We leave around 9ish France time which is 3am NYC time.) We’re having a lovely time and I will be sure to post more pictures soon. Today I wanted to share some things.

  1. Clare is giving away a t-shirt. It ends tomorrow (6/11) at midnight.
  2. I am in love with cutoff jean shorts. I just saw two today – on Little Tin Soldier AND on What Would a Nerd Wear. I cannot resist any longer. I will have to pick up a pair of thrift shop jeans when I get back to the states and hack away.
  3. On a friend’s recommendation I recently finished reading this book: The Philosopher and the Wolf. The book is memoir-ish and follows the lives of Rowlands (the author) and Brenin (the wolf). Rowlands, a “snarly misanthrope”, writes about what he has learned about the human animal by observing the wolf. I hesitate to say “his” wolf, as Brenin seems to have been just as much an owner of Rowlands. A wonderful book, with incredibly intelligent insights into the nature of us “apes”.Side note: The friend is Bobby’s best friend from middle school and high school – they were in school together from 6th or 7th grade all the way through the end of college. He was Bobby’s best man and Bobby will be his; his fiance was my bridesmaid and I’m going to be hers in November. She was my freshman roommate and then the next year we met Bobby and his friend. They started dating a year after we did 🙂
  4. Last week I saw Midnight in Paris (Minuit a Paris) with my cousin, and then saw it again last night with Bobby here… a Paris. It is possibly my favorite Woody Allen movie. Go see it.
  5. Catacombs were so cool. Over 6 million (six millione, en francais) sets of bones now lie underneath the streets of Paris in out of use limestone mines.

That’s it for my 5 things. What a fun way to share juicy little tidbits. What are your things, and what are you doing this weekend?

This weekend for us – tomorrow we are going to go museum hopping and then Sunday we are headed back to the states. And Monday it is back to work. This week has flown by.

Honeymoon Planning & Couples Massage

Today was a nice, relaxing Sunday. We ate in for breakfast – oatmeal and eggs (same meal for each of us… except I finished Bobby’s for him). Scottish style oats (1 cup, split between us) cooked in water (2 cups) with a dash of salt. Topped with a bit of sugar. 2 eggs (each separately; 1 egg each) cooked like a pancake in peanut oil.

This afternoon we headed across the street to Enliven Body Works for a Couple’s Massage. I just wrote a review of it on Yelp. This place is great. They seem very TCM-y and they gave me the deep (and almost painful, but amazing) massage that I wanted/needed. This was our second time there and we’ll definitely be back.

In wedding news, we booked our honeymoon today. We’ll be in Maui (Hawaii) for 11 days. Can’t wait. At the very last minute we were debating between Maui and Paris/Rome, and we decided to go for Maui since it’s more relaxing. I emailed Kirsten over at Newlyweds Next Door and she gave me a great (and fast) response and made me feel much better about our decision. I think she’s going to do a post about honeymoons soon so if you’re looking for advice, definitely check out her blog.

For dinner we ordered 2 medium pizzas from Domino’s. Now hear me out: Domino’s has the best thin crust pizza; we get it with “light cheese” (which apparently means no cheese? fine by me) and veggie toppings. So simple; so cheap. Just $5.99 for each pie. I can’t see how a thin crust pizza with tomato sauce and veggies is in any way unhealthy. I can eat more than half a pie before I even begin to feel full. This was mine – spinach and onions (imagine red sauce):


We are watching the basketball game now. I have no idea what is going on. I can’t follow basketball at all. Too fast and confusing. I prefer things like the amazing movie I watched today – Days and Clouds (Giorni e Nuvole). It’s Italian. I’m trying to brush up on my Italian. And French. Next up I need to learn Spanish (never took that one).

Do you watch sports? Can you follow them? The only sport I can keep up with is baseball… I get very distracted with other sports.

I <3 New York

I don’t have much in the way of foodie pictures from yesterday. Bobby and I got a quick lunch from a street vendor… Last time I lived in New York we called this “street meat”, but I don’t know if that’s a common nickname.

nov 28 2009 001

Street meat is actually really good. Yesterday I got a chicken kebab ($3) which came with some veggies on the kebab. Bobby got the chicken and rice dish ($5), which comes with some salad too. We both shared a little.

nov 28 2009 002

It’s probably not the best thing for you, but it’s not the worst. The meat is fresh and you watch the guy cook it right in front of you. Ours were not very oily and honestly – pretty yummy. I’d never gotten the kebab before; usually I go for a chicken gyro on a pita (lunch on Wednesday, actually). This is from the place next to Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street, but I’ve gone to the one outside of JPMorgan on 45th (ish?) and also one on the lower west side – maybe around 26th and 7th Ave?

Yesterday I discovered the amazing world of laundry delivery services. I called up Jeffrey’s Cleaners around 11:45am. He came and got my clothes in less than 15 minutes. After we spent the day walking around, we called him again around 6:15pm to inquire about our clothes (I didn’t really know the process) – again, he delivered them in about 15 minutes. They were perfectly pressed and smelled fresh and clean. They were folded better than I could ever fold them (and I worked at Gap!). And it was cheap! We tipped him but I’m not sure if people normally do; he seemed surprised when we said, “keep the change.”


Last night we went out to see The Blind Side, which was so so good. Usually, I hate movies. I fall asleep during them. I can’t follow the plot. I get distracted. This movie was completely different. It had Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, and Kathy Bates – all great. The story was  touching and captivating. I didn’t look at my watch once. What made it even better was the fact that it was based on a true story. Go see it!

Another thing I did yesterday was scope out grocery stores. Then I christened our apartment with 2 nice squash – a butternut and a kabocha.

nov 28 2009 003

Tonight is my high school reunion… I have to figure out what to wear. Any ideas?

Is there something unique or special about where you live? Or habits that people in your area all seem to have? (Like laundry service – which I now love – or a specialty food dish, or a way of dressing.)

OR – what was the last good movie you saw?