This past week I have been very much in my head. I am not sure how to describe the events of last Sunday. Crazy, absurd, senseless. We were actually in Vegas when it happened. On a brief vacation to meet up with friends and have a few days to ourselves (the boys stayed home with one of their favorite people in the world). And believe it or not, B and I were in the ER when victims came in because I’d cut my toe badly and needed stitches. What we saw… I don’t have much to say except that I am still a little bit anxious and have been all week. I am thinking about all the people affected and holding them in the light. And hugging the kids every minute I can.

The rest of our fall has actually been pretty great. We have been apple picking (at Terhune) and we plan on doing some pumpkin picking either there or somewhere else in the area before Halloween.

I found a really wonderful facialist where I got a “five element facial” (methods based on Traditional Chinese Medicine).

I’ve been taking ceramics class at the Arts Council of Princeton. It’s something I did for years back in high school, and have definitely been missing. I’ll share pictures of my pieces as I finish them. So far I have 4 bowls in progress and I have plans for some kind of bowl/plate that will have a leaf imprint in it.

K and C are both enjoying their schools. I am very lucky to have found people that I trust with my kiddos. C started a new school when we moved to Princeton; he’s not old enough for K’s school which doesn’t start until age 2.

B’s band (finally) put out their album and they have their launch concert next weekend (not this coming weekend but the following, so almost 2 weeks from now). I’m hoping to find a sitter so I can go to the show in Brooklyn. On that note, we might spend the weekend in the city and take K to see Cats (again). He saw it once with me, before he knew the music, and we want to take him one more time before its run ends since now he knows all the words. This is a remake of the original and it was pretty good (though I do find the show a bit strange!).

I’ll leave you with this pick of my little climber – K at a birthday party earlier today!


Stop SOPA and Another Yoga Playlist (#3)

I am posting today to draw attention to two dangerous bills that are currently going through the House of Representatives and the Senate. These bills are SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act).

It is worth a few minutes of your time to get familiar with these bills and understand how they may affect you (even if you’re not in the US):

Still there? I hope so, and I hope that this site and many others will be here, online, for your consumption, for many many days and years to come. Don’t let the government black out the internet.

My 3rd Flow Yoga Playlist

(Only a few new songs; many taken from the last 2 weeks because I had no time! But it’s actually my favorite so far because I was able to pick and choose exactly what worked and what didn’t work from earlier.)

  • Comptine D’Un Autre Ete – L’Apres Midi – Amelie Soundtrack
  • Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye
  • My Love – The Bird and The Bee
  • Viva La Vida – Coldplay
  • You Don’t Know Me – Ben Folds
  • Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap
  • Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  • What You Wish For – Guster
  • A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) – College
  • Heartbreak Warfare – John Mayer
  • You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
  • Remember When It Rained – Josh Groban
  • La Femme D’Argent – Air

My song of the week is “Somebody that I Used to Know” – I love it:

Any songs you are digging this week?

Have you read about SOPA/PIPA yet?

Yoga Flow Playlist #2 – Teacher Resource

My second flow yoga class was today during lunch. I think I may change the time though – it seems like it’s not ideal for many people. It’s currently set for 1:30pm on a Wednesday – I’m thinking after work might be better? What do you guys think? What time would you want to go to yoga if your office offered it?

Flow Yoga Playlist #2

  1. Comptine D’Un Autre Ete – L’Apres Midi – Amelie Soundtrack
  2. The Office – Soundtrack
  3. A Real Hero (feat. Electric Youth) – College
  4. Viva La Vida – Coldplay
  5. Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap
  6. Half Of My Heart – John Mayer
  7. Set Fire To The Rain – Adele
  8. Grey Street – Dave Matthews Band
  9. Love Save The Empty – Erin McCarley
  10. Quiet Times – Dido
  11. Brass Bed – Josh Gracin
  12. Remember When It Rained – Josh Groban
  13. Finally Moving – Pretty Lights
  14. La Femme D’Argent – Air

Click here for all my yoga playlists. (Note that the last couple songs on this playlist are the same as last time; last time we got started late and didn’t get through all the songs but I didn’t want them to go to waste.)

I’d love to hear any song suggestions you may have. I really think music is key to a yoga class. In fact, I get a little annoyed when I don’t like the music. That’s something I have to work on letting go of.

Yoga Flow Playlist #1 – Teacher Resource

I say Playlist #1 in the title because I hope this is the first of many to come. I had my first yoga class today (teaching) and I think it went well. Especially well when you consider it was my first full, true class. I taught at my company’s gym during one of the lunch slots. This was my playlist:

Flow Yoga Playlist #1

  1. The Cave – Mumford & Sons
  2. Heartbreak Warfare – John Mayer
  3. What You Wish For – Guster
  4. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
  5. Viva La Vida – Coldplay
  6. Comptine d’un autre été: L’après-midi – Amelie soundtrack
  7. Used To Be – Beach House
  8. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
  9. Someone Like You – Adele
  10. Island In The Sun – Weezer
  11. Love Song – Sara Bareilles
  12. Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band
  13. Finally Moving – Pretty Lights
  14. La Femme D’Argent – Air
  15. Zenith – from a Planet Yoga CD

Actually didn’t make it to the last three songs because we started late, but it worked out perfectly – Crash Into Me is a great Savasana song.

What are some of your favorite songs to do yoga to?

Viva La Yoga & Fun NJ Weekend

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I did have a very nice day. I was surprised mid-afternoon Thursday by an ice cream cake:

Apparently my coworkers asked Bobby what kind of cake to get, and he said, “if it’s chocolate, dark chocolate; she doesn’t like normal cake, ice cream is better; something with whipped cream.” It is almost scary how well my husband knows me 😉 And my coworkers are the best.


I’m not going to keep being cryptic so here is my big news – I’m starting yoga teacher training this coming weekend and it’s going to go for the next 12 weeks (I have 2 weekends off). I’m not quitting my day job or anything, but I have been wanting to do this for a while and I’m so glad I’m getting the chance to now. (Back in California I did 2 weekend sessions of teacher training but did not complete the 200 hour training.) I can’t wait to share my yoga journey here for the next three months.


Since I’m going to be incredibly busy for the rest of the year, Bobby and I came down to NJ this weekend to spend time with my family and high school friends. We had an awesome time. Bobby and I helped out at the Quaker flea market yesterday (Saturday) by cooking hot dogs and hamburgers and taking down a bridge. I got a few goodies as well – some $.50 cent pillow shams, a dish, some fudge, handmade soap, an adorable laundry basket (whites and darks! but I will use it as his and hers because I don’t separate my colors – do you?), a lazy susan, some cool trays for food, and a bath set (lotions,etc…) … all for under $20 I believe.


I actually have a bunch of weekend link love links for you but I’ll post them tomorrow. In the meantime, I want to share three songs I am loving. For the first – I don’t usually like Diddy all the much, but I really like this song (mainly because of Skylar Grey’s voice – she’s not either of the girls in the video though).

Here is a Skylar Grey song:

And here is an Adele song that Bobby got me hooked on a few days ago. This girl is majorly talented, and her voice is like pure honey.