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5 Tips for Healthy Teeth

Good afternoon and happy Friday! This weekend I have absolutely NOTHING planned for the first time in months and I could not be happier. My renovations are (almost) over (still no countertops but at this point I do not care), I do not have any parties or social gatherings (I do enjoy these, but I have had so many lately – and now that I mention it I do remember that I have a family dinner on Sunday but that will be fun and I’m looking forward to it), there are no pressing errands (of course there are errands, but none must be done this weekend), and there is no coop work either (I am treasurer of our coop building).

So what am I going to do? Yoga of course! And probably cleaning, brunching, walking (if it’s not so freezing out), and watching Downton Abbey on Sunday night (I just caught up on this season). I might also try to learn some music for a choir concert that’s coming up in a few months.

Weekend Link Love – 07.17.2011

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buddha Weekend Link Love   07.17.2011


What I Did This Weekend

  • Sacred Chow (Saturday lunch)
  • Chelsea Market (Chelsea Thai for dinner)
  • Ping Pong @ Fat Cats
  • Looooots of walking (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Apartment hunting (Sunday)
  • Aroma Espresso Bar (Sunday lunch)
  • Family-style dinner @ a friend’s (smoked ribs, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes; cream puffs and fruit for dessert!)
Sacred Chow brunch pictures… (from this time and this time)
30 sacred chow tofu scramble Weekend Link Love   07.17.2011
04 sacred chow biscuit breakfast sandwich scramble 450x298 Weekend Link Love   07.17.2011
^Breakfast Sandwich^
02 sacred chow salad 450x298 Weekend Link Love   07.17.2011
^Big Beautiful Salad^

How was your weekend?

Complex Versus Simple Carbohydrates

I got this question at work the other day (we’re a fairly healthy-minded bunch):

What are complex carbs vs simple carbs?

This question seems complex, but the answer is quite simple. Simple carbs and complex carbs end up in the same place of the nutrition facts label, but they are most certainly different.

Are all carbs bad?

Clearly not all carbohydrates are bad. We need carbs to live – glucose (what carbs break down to in your body) is what your body uses for energy. That’s why when you eat a candy bar you get hyper for a little while – your body just got a big dose of easy-to-use energy because the carbs were partially processed before they got to your stomach. Simple carbs and complex carbs both turn into sugar in the body; the process just happens faster for simple carbs.

vanilla cone 400x400 Complex Versus Simple Carbohydrates

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