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More Sandwiches Please! [Peanut Butter & Banana]

I think I forgot to mention that I got a bread machine the weekend before last. It was on sale at Williams Sonoma and Bobby and I couldn’t resist. Since then I made a couple kinds of bread from Williams Sonoma mixes – Honey Wheat and Italian Herb. I have been making a lot of these:

peanut butter banana sandwich More Sandwiches Please! [Peanut Butter & Banana]

The one pictured is with homemade Italian Herb bread, sunflower seed butter (Maranatha), and bananas. It’s good with honey drizzled on it too, but sometimes I am just too lazy. I actually had 2 of these for dinner tonight. I had planned on making stuffed acorn squash but instead decided to be a sandwich bum.

I also saw one of the cutest graffiti ever:

cat graffiti More Sandwiches Please! [Peanut Butter & Banana]

Cat! Too bad it’s not fatter. That would have been the cutest.


Is there graffiti in the town where you live?

Here in NYC it is all over.

A Girly Breakfast – Yogurt and Fruit

You know, I really enjoy my manly breakfasts, but sometimes all a girl wants is some sweet cherries, creamy yogurt, and peanut butter. Loooots of peanut butter.

07 cherry yogurt pb2 breakfast A Girly Breakfast   Yogurt and Fruit

In this case, loooots of PB2. Yep, I still order PB2 – I try not to use it too often as it’s expensive, but I pull it out at least a few times a week. I’m still plugging away at the shipment I got over a year ago (16 jars, I think).

08 cherry yogurt pb2 breakfast 500x430 A Girly Breakfast   Yogurt and Fruit

This breakfast bowl consists of:

  • Fage 2% Greek yogurt (almost a cup?)
  • ~1/2 cup of chopped cherries (I keep typing “cheeries“)
  • 2 tablespoons of PB2, mixed with 1 tablespoon water
  • a few drops of vanilla stevia

I’ve had it every morning this week for breakfast! I wonder when I will get tired of it.


In other news, I have slooooowly been going back through my old posts and editing them. This is because I am a perfectionist. Anyway, I have found some great old recipes if you want to check them out! It’s really interesting to me to see how my taste has evolved (but in some cases not evolved at all) over the years.

Blueberry Muffins (no picture – first post)

dip1 A Girly Breakfast   Yogurt and Fruit

Vegan Tofu Fruit Dip (great with apples)

brussels2 A Girly Breakfast   Yogurt and Fruit

Apples and Brussels Sprouts

whole wheat oatmeal bread A Girly Breakfast   Yogurt and Fruit

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread

These were all baked in a very old, decrepit kitchen in Collegetown in Ithaca, NY. They were tried by roommates and friends. I think I remember the oatmeal bread being a favorite – I’m pretty sure I made it several times.


What is your favorite thing to make for people? What is your favorite breakfast? Do you like fruit and yogurt as much as I do?

Weekend Link Love – 05.30.2011

Confession of the night: I am sitting here eating some peanut butter for dessert because I am too lazy to go out and buy more chocolate. (There are only a few tablespoons left in the jar so I won’t accidentally eat too much.) As a kid I loooooved spoonfuls of peanut butter. It had to be Jiffy of course (at my Grandma’s) – my mom didn’t buy sweetened peanut butter. I used to think “natural” peanut butter tasted like ass. I like it okay now though.

Here are your links icon biggrin Weekend Link Love   05.30.2011

Weekend Link Love

(Inspired by MDA)

So… how was your Memorial Day weekend?

Mine was great. (I am done with my peanut butter now.) I actually was in Jersey (from Saturday early morning to this – Monday – afternoon) because Bobby was off at a music festival (Sasquatch) and I didn’t want to be lonely. Which is why I got to do yoga with my friend and why I was so busy that I had no time for blogging. I love New York but I also love being in the country. It’s really nice to smell things that don’t smell like garbage. Like trees! And the Delaware River! And fresh air! I even brought back my softball glove because I’m going to play on a rec team (affiliated with my college) this summer. I’m excited for that. I played softball for several years back in high school and middle school. Anyway it was a great weekend. Right now I miss my cats though (and Bobby still) icon sad Weekend Link Love   05.30.2011 Because we’re going on a trip (thank you thank you for your recommendations by the way), my mom is watching them for the next 2 weeks so I am all by my lonesome. To be honest I actually can’t remember the last time I had a night alone (no cats + no Bobby). This is what happens:

17 organizing tea 500x332 Weekend Link Love   05.30.2011

Organizing! (Tea, in this case.)

Do you have a lot of completely alone time? Do you have any? What do you do?

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