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It’s June!

It’s June! This is one of my favorite months. Bobby and my dad have June birthdays. It’s the true start of summer. Farmers’ markets start to open in NYC (the one near my apartment is coming on June 23rd). What else… Blueberry season starts. The longest day of the year happens in June. Lots of things!

May was a good month too. I participated in the Blog Every Day in May challenge, which helped me blog more than I otherwise would have (even though I didn’t actually Blog Every Day). I was very busy at work. I got better at handstands. I hung out with friends. I rediscovered my love of wine. Actually, that started in April. My brother graduated from college.

In June I think more good things will happen. I have a couple specific things I want to accomplish in June:

  • Participate in the Zen Habits June challenge, “Simplify Your Life”. The goal is to say “no” to something every day (commitments that aren’t important, tasks that don’t matter, stuff like that).
  • Take 15+ yoga classes. (I’ve been averaging 10-15 a month.)
  • Write more, whether it is on the blog or in my journal. And write more poetry.
  • Try going without sugar for a week. Eep. I’ve been eating a lot of (really good) ice cream lately.
  • Continue being pescatarian. (I’ve been pretty much pescy since March, which a few exceptions – like going on vacation in early April.)
  • Try out some new recipes like coconut bacon (what?!).
  • Post a couple recipes that I haven’t posted yet. (Gluten free vegan pancakes, butternut squash soup, carrot soup, vegan pesto, and more.)

the good wife 400x400 Its June!

{^^Pesto Preview^^}

So, re: the Zen Habits challenge, I think I already did my “NO” for the day. I was about to sign up for 2 more magazines I probably wouldn’t ever read, but instead I said “no”, and threw the signup postcards in the recycling pile. I currently subscribe to a couple magazines, but I realized recently that they recycle their stories and send me the same content month after month. Here’s a stunning example. These are the April covers of Good Housekeeping from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

gh oz 2011 Its June!


 gh oz 2012 Its June!


gh oz 2013 Its June!


Notice any similarities? icon wink Its June!

Some other things I might say “no” to…

  • Keeping my yoga studio membership. I might go back to doing podcasts on my own and springing for workshops every now and then that I really want to go to. My contract isn’t up until the end of July though so I still have 2 months to decide. An argument for keeping it is that Bobby also has a membership and we can go to class together.
  • Doing choir next year. It’s only once a week, but I feel like it’s always conflicting with something else I want to do.

What are you excited about for June? Do you wish you said ‘no’ more often?

Keri’s 8 Foods Cleanse [The New You (and improved!) Diet]

A few weeks ago I received a copy of Keri Glassman’s new book, The New You and Improved Diet: 8 Rules to Lose Weight and Change Your Life Forever (it’s on the the Kindle too).

new you and improved diet 266x400 Keris 8 Foods Cleanse [The New You (and improved!) Diet]

I was very excited for this book because Keri’s 3 taglines for this book are:

  • Eat more, not less!
  • Catch some zzz’s!
  • And have more sex (you heard me!)

Sounds like a plan anyone in their right mind would want to follow and enjoy following – nothing like the typical restrictive diet.

Keri catapults you right into her plan. She intros a quickstart “Eight Foods Cleanse” early on – page 27 to be exact. I figured if I am going to give this book a proper review (to come…) I should at least try out the cleanse. To be honest, I haven’t ever really followed a proper “diet” plan. I generally just try to eat less/move more. I’m really interested to see if I feel any different at the end of this “cleanse”. In the past I’ve tried doing the “raw/juicing” thing, “macrobiotic“, etc… – but I always end up cheating, ha.

Cleanse… yes, that word with bad connotations. Keri’s 8 Foods Cleanse is not really a cleanse in the usual sense of the word – no long days of sipping juices with your stomach rumbling – this cleanse is simply eating a few simple, wholesome foods for just 4 short days.

I am jumping right in today, though I did make a few mods based on what I had in my kitchen this morning (yes this was a last minute decision). I’ll go shopping tonight for the proper ingredients! Here’s what my day will look like:

  • Breakfast is 1 egg and 2 egg whites with black pepper and ground black sesame (those spices are my own touch on this). I’m also having a cup of organic coffee with unsweetened almond milk and this chocolate stevia (Thanks Ron!). (Keri’s plan doesn’t include coffee… I am easing my way into this, so I’m gonna have it for now.)
  • No morning snack – I have breakfast ~10am so there is no time for a snack before lunch.
  • Lunch – a salad of romaine, seaweed, tomato, apple (leftovers) + 1/2 cup chickpeas + 1 hard boiled egg + 2 teaspoons EVOO. (Yum!)
  • Snack: 1 Ronnybrook plain whole milk yogurt with cinnamon. (This is what I have in the fridge – this is off plan.)
  • Dinner: TBD – Salmon & greens I believe, and I need to go get an avocado.

Maybe I’ll add a night snack since I don’t do the morning snack thing. Though as you all may know, one of my ongoing goals is to eat less late at night.

I have more dental work tomorrow so we’ll have to see what I’m up for eating then… icon wink Keris 8 Foods Cleanse [The New You (and improved!) Diet] (Cannot wait for that to be over btw. Only a few more appointments. Oy – take care of your teeth people and don’t put it off!)

This cleanse may be a little low in calories, but it’s only 4 days – and after a few months of indulging (during renovations we didn’t have a kitchen – and even if you’re careful, eating out for every single meal can get really old really fast). I think I can follow it for 4 days and then start adding in more of Keri’s favorite Empowering Foods.

I’ll be back later with my take on the rest of Keri’s Diet Rules – one of them is “Clean Out Your Closet” – so you know I am gonna love it. I am a decluttering queen.

How was your weekend?

Mine was awesome – I snagged some beautiful curtains at West Elm on sale for my bedroom. Also got a new sheet set (West Elm was having 20% off and I need to give away some of  my old linens), walked over 3 miles with Bobby yesterday, cooked a nice dinner in (yesterday). Saturday I hung out with a good friend (went to West Elm together). The home is really coming together and I am so pleased with the way renovations came out. The place is really pulling together.

Fun Food Friday

Time for some Friday Fun Foods!

Here is a vegetarian breakfast:

03 breakfast pita avocado tomato cheese 400x265 Fun Food Friday

04 breakfast pita avocado tomato cheese 400x265 Fun Food Friday

  • pita + tomato + avocado + cheese (grilled)

A vegetarian lunch:

01 lunch french toast spinach 400x265 Fun Food Friday

02 lunch french toast spinach 400x265 Fun Food Friday

  • pita French toast (whole eggs + almond milk + cinnamon), honey, cream cheese
  • spinach sauteed in butter + cream cheese

And a pescatarian shrimpalicious dinner:

05 dinner sweet potato shrimp spinach 400x265 Fun Food Friday

06 dinner sweet potato shrimp spinach 400x265 Fun Food Friday

  • 2 sweet potatoes cut into fries with coconut oil and ketchup
  • shrimp and spinach cooked in butter and peanut dressing

Sometimes I think my blog should be called “Better With Butter”. Do you have funny blog-name ideas? (For your blog or for mine.)

I am off for some R&R. And Burn Notice.

Happy Friday! (I have a bunch of great Saturday Links for tomorrow, so come back in a day.)

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