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beets for brains [wiaw - what i ate wednesday]

to continue the meal of the day theme, i’m doing my first what i ate wednesday.

breakfast was oatmeal + fruit (melon and grapefruit) + cinnamon from my work cafeteria. i’d say it’s a good 1 cup of oatmeal (cooked) and another cup of fruit. i get this most mornings if i don’t have yogurt + fruit.

oatmeal grapefruit melon cinnamon 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

for lunch i brought yogurt + banana, and baby carrots + halal dip (the dip that comes with street meat – if you’ve never had it, oh my gosh you are missing out – the best one is on 53rd and 6th ave).

lunch 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

i planned on supplementing this with some kind of snack, and this is what i got…

veggie pizza 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

we have a “snack shack” that opens after the cafeteria closes for lunch and they sell (at a discount) stuff that didn’t go during lunchtime. so this slice of veggie whole wheat pizza (i think vegan? with mushrooms and sauteed kale) was just $1.09. it was big, filling, and i think healthy enough. it was also quite delicious.

for dinner i was craving veggies, so i just cooked up beet greens in butter, steamed a large beet, and topped them together with about 2T brewers yeast (after seeing HEAB eat it often). i also roasted an entire kabocha squash – 450F for about 25 minutes.

beets and greens brewers yeast 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

roasted kabocha 400x400 beets for brains [wiaw   what i ate wednesday]

to be honest, i usually eat more than this! but i’m very happy with my eats today. everything was exactly what i was craving. and i was accidentally vegetarian.

what did YOU eat today?

p.s. why beets for brains? because i’m currently exercising my brain by taking stanford’s free online machine learning course. if you’re into programming i highly recommend it.

Meal of the Day #2

Quick and dirty post tonight.

meal of the day #2.1

yogurt banana 500x500 Meal of the Day #2

This was European yogurt from Trader Joe’s (chocolate flavor) with a banana. A very simple breakfast meal.

meal of the day #2.2

veggie pizza lombardis 500x500 Meal of the Day #2

And this was cheesy veggie pizza from Lombardi’s for dinner. Imagine this x2 icon smile Meal of the Day #2

What have you been having for breakfast this week? Do you like pizza?

The Perfect Slice – of UES Pizza

*If you didn’t see it already, check out my guest post over at A Nourishing Glimpse – it’s part of Danielle’s Plates From Around the World series. My post is on Asian food in the Bay Area. Thanks again, Danielle!*

I first went to Slice Perfect pizza back in May. It’s very vegetarian/vegan friendly and we adore the food. We actually liked it so much that we considered having them cater our wedding – but we ended up going with a local place because it was easier to coordinate. Last time I got a delicious salad and just had a few bites of pizza and bruschetta; this time I actually got a slice.

25 slice bruschetta wizard The Perfect Slice   of UES Pizza

This (above) was my slice. It’s called the “Wizard” – it’s a bruschetta pizza on honey whole wheat crust. The crust is topped with all-natural marinara sauce and fresh bruchetta (tomatoes, red onions, basil, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & olive oil). It was delicious. Needed some cheese though! I love cheese. So I had some of this too:

24 slice chicken expert The Perfect Slice   of UES Pizza

This (above) was Bobby’s first slice, the “Expert” – it was an herb crust topped with all-natural marinara sauce, free-range sesame chicken, part-skim organic mozzarella, and fresh basil. Lots of cheese, lots of yum.

We also got the “Beginner” hummus pizza (below) – herb crust spread with lots of organic hummus, then topped with caramelized onions and kalamata olives. I ate the olives (and some of the slice); Bobby doesn’t like olives and always forgets to ask for them on the side.

23 slice hummus beginner The Perfect Slice   of UES Pizza

You can’t have pizza without ice cream, though. We stopped at Tasti D-Lite on the way home, and when Bobby checked in on Foursquare he happened to get a BOGO coupon! So we each got a chocolate and vanilla swirl:

26 tasti delite The Perfect Slice   of UES Pizza

I had to help him. He was full. How can you be too full for Tasti D-Lite?

Exercise of the day: walking to and from work (2.8 miles total) + a video TBD (hopefully about 30 minutes of yoga/pilates/something similar)!

What’s your favorite pizza? Favorite ice cream?

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