Food Blog Faux Pas

I had food poisoning or something ­čÖü So this was what helped me feel better:

That is McDonald’s ice cream (again). Cold things (to me) are soothing when I’m feeling ill, and although I don’t love the idea of putting dairy in my sensitive and upset stomach, this really did make me feel better.

I wasn’t really able to get anything done today (I was in bed most of the time) after I came home from work feeling sick around 1pm. As for exercise I did walk in the morning and got in about 4500 steps. Bobby got me an iPod last week and it has a pedometer built in. I am in love (with him and the iPod). It’s the Product (RED) version because I like being charitable, and red is one of my favorite colors (the other is purple).

I listened to a good podcast on my walk to work called Dishing Up Nutrition. They were a bit too focused on animal protein (5 times a day?) but aside from that I left with some good knowledge. I may try 2 things for my IBS stomach called Bifido bacteria and L-glutamine. Apparently they are good for the intestines and healing. We shall see.

What do you scrimp on? I used to be more frugal than I am now but I’m starting to loosen up a bit. I still feel gipped when I have to go to a movie ($15) and I honestly┬ádon’t like to spend more than about $8 on a meal. New York made me increase that slightly.