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What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

I missed a few days of Blog Every Day in May – work, yoga, hanging out with friends (coworkers), my brother’s senior art show (he rocked it), spending time with family… all these things leave little time for blogging! I have been reading up a storm, too. This book I cannot put down (love Marian Keyes):

cracks in my foundation What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

Cracks in My Foundation

I’m also revisiting Naturally Thin, by Bethenny Frankel. When I first read it I was kind of critical of some of her tips, but I actually think she has some good advice, and it’s a fun read. It’s given me some good recipe ideas too.

naturally thin 198x300 What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

Anyway… onto today’s prompt:

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…)

This prompt has the potential to be sad but I’m going to keep it light hearted icon smile What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

I miss college. My 5-year college reunion is coming up in less than a month (I know I have mentioned this a few times already) and I have been thinking about those four years I spent at school making friends and learning many things about life and being on my own. I’m just being nostalgic and I’m sure as soon as the reunion passes I will stop missing my alma mater. Every time we all get together (so far mainly for weddings) we have so much fun.

Speaking of school, I also miss my yoga teacher training. I did my 200-hour certification back in the fall of 2011. I made a lot of friends, but we do not keep in touch that much. They will always be my guru-bais though (guru = teacher; bai = sibling –> gurubai is what we called our fellow classmates), so I know that if I ever needed them they would be there for me, and vice versa.

maggie yoga 400x263 What Do I Miss {Blog Every Day in May}

(teacher training with my gurubais)

What do you miss?

What I Do {Blog Every Day in May}

I just found out (via Jenny) about a blogging “challenge” that actually has nothing to do with food. The challenge? To blog every day in May. To be honest, I have felt uninspired by food lately (hence the lack of posts for about 2.5 weeks). So I think I am going to try this challenge, even though I am late to it.

May200x200 zpsf8349f10 What I Do {Blog Every Day in May}

The only rule is… there are no rules.

Today’s assignment is:

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

I build things. Sometimes the things I build are physical in nature; other times they are more intangible. I analyze and optimize. I teach. I lead trainings. Some things I made today:

  • Scripts to get, parse, and store data
  • Dinner (a breakfast burrito)
  • My husband smile

Other things I did today:

  • My yoga practice
  • Led 2 training sessions for our offshore team at the office
  • Huggled with my cats
  • Listened to music

What else do I do? I read a lot and I organize when I am bored. I’m currently reading 2 books:

I hope this response makes sense given the prompt above. I’m cool with short answers. Feel free to join the challenge if you feel like it.

What are you reading?

Whirlwind of a(n Almost Spring) Weekend

Instead of another macrobiotics post, I thought I might share what I was up to this weekend. I am so glad springtime is finally around the corner.

Friday night I was able to leave work by 6pm. I meandered home and cooked up some sweet potato gnocchi (Trader Joe’s) for myself. Bobby ended up having to work late so I was on my own. I just played around with a couple of website ideas I’ve been thinking of… overall a relaxing evening. I also read The Help (my current book). It’s really great; I definitely recommend it. I have not seen the movie yet but I will when I finish the novel.

the help book Whirlwind of a(n Almost Spring) Weekend

The Help was really popular back in the summer of 2010. I remember being on our honeymoon in Maui and it seemed like everyone around the pool was reading it as they basked in the sun. At the time I think I was going through some Michael Crichton books and the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series and forgot to put The Help on my list. I found the hardcover copy at the thrift shop last week for $4 and picked it up and I’ve been reading it every spare moment since.

Saturday… we got up early and I cooked us brunch. I made myself an omelette. I happened to bust out the brewer’s yeast and my hubby discovered that it’s his new favorite food. So since then he has been putting it on every meal.

brewers yeast Whirlwind of a(n Almost Spring) Weekend

This is the brewer’s yeast that I have. Apparently it is made from beets so it is not bitter like normal brewer’s yeast. It has about 40 different vitamins and minerals; if you want to see the whole list (nutrition facts), click {HERE}.

On Saturday afternoon I got a bunch of house stuff done. I put up a shelf that has been sitting on our counter on the end of our cabinets (it was out of stock and came in after renovations were done, so I had to install it myself). I put up some wall shelves to use as a spice rack. I painted the trim of the doorframe in the bathroom. I think we also had a late lunch at some point (random leftovers).

By the time I finished all that, it was nearly 5pm, and Bobby and I headed off to Pure for a yoga class. I was expecting a gentle flow, but the class was killer! Bobby is sore today; I’m not, but I was exhausted after class last night (Saturday).

After yoga we had a friend over and cooked in (tofu scramble, rice, and massaged kale salad; Ben and Jerry’s for dessert). We also started to watch Girls. Have you guys seen this show? What do you think? I’ve only seen two episodes and I think I like it so far. I like the fact that the characters look like real people and not perfect Hollywood people.

Today we were supposed to go to Staten Island (brunch with a friend) but we ended up rescheduling. After brunch at home (leftover tofu scramble, omelette), Bobby worked more while I did more house stuff (fixing up my paint job from yesterday, cleaning). Around 2pm we took a Zipcar up to Westchester just for fun. We ended up in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. Got lunch at this place: Sweetgrass Grill.

sweetgrass grits 299x400 Whirlwind of a(n Almost Spring) Weekend

(Grits pic source – New Forker)

mushroom soup 400x400 Whirlwind of a(n Almost Spring) Weekend

(Thank you Foodspotting for the soup picture. I forgot to snap pics before digging in.)

I got the mushroom soup (with a few crispy kale chips on top) and Bobby got the Grits with poached eggs and goat cheese. The grits also had mushrooms, spinach, and essence of tomato which is just some kind of tomato-y juice. We shared with each other. Both dishes were incredible! Bobby got a beer as well (I drove, ha).

After wandering around Tarrytown more (we got coffee {HERE}), we headed home, but stopped at Trader Joe’s for a major haul on the way back. When you are a New Yorker and you have a car you can bring home groceries in, you don’t hold back.

We cooked in again (using the TJ’s stuff we just got) and then (as if we didn’t do enough this weekend), we headed off to Terminal 5 for a concert. We saw Alt-J. They recently won the Mercury Prize. I thought they were great! Bobby was not as happy as I was with the show but I think he enjoyed it overall.

I think that is all of it. Finally, finally, we are home (though we stopped for a slice – Bobby – and some garlic knots – both of us – on the way back). And now I think it is sleepy time! There is a slight chance I will be up early enough tomorrow to go to yoga before work. A very very slight chance. Anyway, here are some questions of the day…

What was the last concert you saw? What were you up to this weekend? Do you like brewer’s yeast?

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