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Life Updates

What I’ve been up to lately…

1) Working. icon smile Life Updates (This is good!)

2) Exploring my new gym. I dropped my yoga studio membership (Pure Yoga) because I wanted access to more workout variety. I joined the 92Y which is actually closer to my apt. Thoughts on that:

  • I miss the Pure locker rooms. Their showers were sooooo nice. 92Y has a steam room and sauna (which Pure didn’t have) but I can’t use them until after I have the babe.
  • 92Y yoga is actually quite good for gym yoga. And definitely challenging enough for a pregnant lady. All the teachers but one (I will not name names but she teaches at 9am on Sundays) have been super accommodating and welcoming of my pregnant belly into their non-prenatal classes.

40 Percent + Restaurants I Want to Try

What is 16/40?

40% done.

I hit 16 weeks pregnant yesterday!

11.5 weeks 187x500 40 Percent + Restaurants I Want to Try 16 weeks 243x500 40 Percent + Restaurants I Want to Try


The top one is at 11.5 weeks (mid-Sept – on my birthday actually). The second was this weekend at almost 16 weeks. I can’t believe how much it popped! I wish the 2nd pic was better quality but what can you do. icon wink 40 Percent + Restaurants I Want to Try

Due date: April 1, 2014.

Sex: unknown.

Current symptoms: I am hungry, tired, and very happy.

More details to come.

Soooo given that news, I have a lot to do before April 1st!

Here are some restaurants I want to try in the next few months…

Blue Hill @ Stone Barn - a farm-to-table restaurant with no set menus. It’s not too far from the city and would be a perfect weekend outing.

What I Ate Wednesday

I had to keep track of what I ate for a day for something, so I figured – why not take pictures and post a What I Ate Wednesday?


breakfast 500x500 What I Ate Wednesday

This is 1 scrambled egg with some swiss (Jarlsberg) and sauteed onions. I also had a slice of whole grain toast with butter, a pear (some of it is unpictured – I was snacking as I prepped the plate), some sliced tomato (from Maria’s garden in NJ – Maria is my Grammie’s caretaker), sauteed onions, and sauerkraut (homemade by Maria).

It was really delicious. I have been eating a lot of sauerkraut lately because Maria gave me a big container of it.

I also had an unpictured 1/2 cup of coffee with coconut creamer.


lunch 500x500 What I Ate Wednesday

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