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July Shenanigans & Recipes…

This summer has been one of the best.

Bobby and I have been cooking up a storm…

moscow mule 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

^^A moscow mule (a drink my dad introduced me to).^^

This was mine, but I gave it to Bobby – after one sip I didn’t want anymore! It’s delicious but I wasn’t in a drinking mood. {HERE} is the recipe I posted 5 years ago when my dad first told me about it. It’s a mix of ginger beer, vodka, lime, and mint. Sometimes we do half seltzer / half ginger beer. Gingerale also works.

tempeh onion goop 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

^^Sweet and Savory Tempeh with Onions^^

I started off following Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipe for Tempe Manis (Sweet Tempeh) but changed it… a lot. As you guys know, I’m not really into sweets that much, so I cut out just about all the sugar, and instead caramelized some onions to give it sweetness. I will hopefully remember what I did so I can post my version of the recipe later. So delicious.

kale mustard green salad seaweed avocado goop 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

^^Kale & Seaweed Salad with Avocado – Except with Mustard Greens because I mistakenly grabbed the wrong bunch of greens!^^

Another Gwyneth Paltrow recipe. Which she actually got from Cafe Gratitude (in LA I think?). {HERE} is her recipe. I changed it a bit – I only used one avocado, I didn’t add the cucumbers (all of a sudden I am hating cucumbers, weird!), and I accidentally bought mustard greens instead of kale. I’ve remade it with kale and I actually prefer it with mustard greens. They don’t come out bitter.

dinner veggies kabocha rice beans cucumber mushrooms 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

^^Random plate^^

This plate has a veggie stir-fry that was *amazing* – it has fake chicken from Trader Joe’s, but aside from that I don’t know what’s in it because Bobby (a budding cook, apparently) made it. I’ve also been *loving* white rice. Having it almost daily, in large amounts. My appetite has been interesting the last month or so. In this pic there is also kabocha (simply steamed, though I have another kabocha recipe I’ve been meaning to share), Rachel Ray’s sesame green beans, a cucumber salad (before I started hating cucumbers), and roasted mushrooms – I think these were oyster mushrooms.


natto 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...


This is a fermented soybean product that is eaten a lot in Japan. It has an interesting (funky) smell and it’s slimy/stringy like okra (only more so). It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I have learned to love it. In fact, Bobby made a batch of homemade natto this week, which is aging in the fridge right now. It should be ready this weekend.

Aside from lots of good eats, other wonderful things have happened recently.

I got to meet my close friend’s baby:

maggie and eden e1375272429983 375x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

She is so sweet. So cuddly and adorable.

And Bo the cat is a weirdo icon wink July Shenanigans & Recipes...

bo weirdo 500x500 July Shenanigans & Recipes...

I can’t believe I caught that picture! I was reorganizing the area next to my washer/dryer and was taking these shelves downstairs, but Bo decided to hang out in the shelf and I got him mid-yawn.

What have you been up to the past couple of weeks?

Tarafu Ku Manma Hijiki – Hijiki and Roe {Macrobiotics}

Today I want to spotlight on one of my favorite styles of eating – macrobiotics. (Remember Macrobiotic March?)

When Bobby and I were in Japan, Bobby’s mom bought us this package of hijiki and roe:

 Tarafu Ku Manma Hijiki   Hijiki and Roe {Macrobiotics}

(I think you can buy it online, {HERE}.)

If I am not mistaken (I could very well be), it is called “tarafu ku manma hijiki”, but it might also be called “otyashizuoka komochihijiki”, or たらふくまんま. (Yeah, I really don’t know if I’m right on this – any Japanese speakers care to help me out?)

It comes in a sealed plastic bag inside of a pretty paper one.

hijiki roe japanese food Tarafu Ku Manma Hijiki   Hijiki and Roe {Macrobiotics}

(You may also be able to buy it {HERE}.)

Here are various flavors of tarafu ku:

tarafuku flavors 500x234 Tarafu Ku Manma Hijiki   Hijiki and Roe {Macrobiotics}


By the way, {THIS} is the google search I used to find more about tarafu ku manma hijiki.

And here it is at our house:

tarafu ku manma hijiki roe 500x375 Tarafu Ku Manma Hijiki   Hijiki and Roe {Macrobiotics}

After we got back from Japan (this was back in October), we got into the habit of eating a Japanese breakfast every morning. We had this side dish simply, just over white rice. It lasted a few days because we wanted to spread it out – it was delicious!

This dish is certainly macrobiotic. It combines seaweed (hijiki), which is a macrobiotic superfood, along with roe, which counts as seafood, and thus is an “occasional” food by the macrobiotic style of eating. Occasional is defined by you – that could mean a few times a week or a few times a month. Tarafu ku manma hijiki is slightly sweet though I am not sure what the sweetener is. In general, those following a macrobiotic diet shy away from anything sweet, so ideally you could make this yourself at home and use a macrobiotic-approved sweetener (brown rice syrup) or omit it entirely.

Have you ever seen this dish? Would you try it?

I have not been able to find this in any stores here in NYC. I suppose I need to keep looking, or attempt to make my own! (If I do I will share the recipe.)

Early Valentine’s Day Present

After yoga last night Bobby turned to me with a sheepish grin and started to open his backback. “I have something for you… Might as well give it to you now.” He is too cute sometimes. I had already guessed he was getting me this, but it was a nice surprise to get it a week early.

ipad 400x400 Early Valentines Day Present

An iPad Mini! (We have a regular iPad, but it’s technically Bobby’s. We’re a Mac family.)

It has a sweet (and funny) inscription on the back. I was up until 12:30am last night playing around with it. I think Flipboard has got to be my favorite iPad app. It’s an app for reading news, and you can put all of your “feeds” in there as well – I have my Google Reader, various health news feeds, Facebook, Twitter, style feeds, home & decorating feeds… If I am ever bored I just start browsing Flipboard (and it’s free too).

In other news…

Yoga last night was pretty good: I tried a new class with Tiffany Cruikshank at Pure. She now has a regular Tuesday evening class. Her practice is amazing. She has killer inversions and I would love to get to her level in the next few years. Based on her class last night (HARD), she works hard to get her handstanding skillz. I will definitely be back, even though I got my ass kicked (in a good way). Usually yoga is easy-peasy for me, so when I’m feeling uncomfortable and start pushing myself in a class I know that I need to go back. We can’t always take the easy road, eh?

After yoga (B took a different class at the same time), we tried a new Indian place for dinner last night – Dakshin - it was decent. Ever since I went to India I’m pretty picky about my Indian food. The vegetable biryani was just OK; the saag paneer was pretty good (and not too oily – always a plus). The vegetable samosas were great. I would go back just for the samosas. In India my boss and I would have samosas delivered daily to our office as a “morning” snack (“morning” for us was 7pm – we were working the night shift – AKA the US day shift).

Here is a picture of some Indian food we had in Delhi – 2 curries (saag paneer and another red paneer dish – I forget the name), butter naan, and rice – our standard daily fare actually. We ended up getting pretty much the same thing everywhere we went, and it was always slightly different. But always delicious.

indian food india 400x298 Early Valentines Day Present

So I have gotten used to homemade, fresh, real paneer (those are the chunks of cheese) – and now when I have anything less I am not impressed. Last night’s dinner at Dakshin did not have the best paneer unfortunately. But dang those samosas were fantastic.

And in other other news…

I took some pictures of my renovations – find them on Instagram (Instagram now has user feeds online right on their website – you don’t have to be on your phone to use their site!). I will certainly post them here soon (and possibly take more of better quality) but for those of you who can’t wait (hi Mom) they are available here for your viewing pleasure. (And follow me on Instagram – I don’t use it much for browsing, but I use it all the time as an easy way to keep track of my photos.)

I think that is enough rambling for this morning.

Happy Wednesday! How’s your week shaping up? What’s your favorite Indian dish?

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