JP Morgan Corporate Challenge: Race Recap

On Wednesday night I ran in JP Morgan’s Corporate Challenge. It’s a 3.5 mile race in Central Park.


Wednesday night was also Bobby’s birthday and his band (The Balls) had a show in Brooklyn.

The race started at the 72nd Street Transverse, wound up above and around the reservoir to about 104th street, and then came down on the east side. I finished the race in 35:51.


I have to be honest, when other people write “race recaps” I usually end up skimming them. So I will not be offended if you skim this.

In the beginning there were a lot of people and we were getting shuffled around (7pm). I was in the blue group, which was the slowest of the faster groups (the first waves to go). We had all submitted time estimates in advance, which is how we got grouped – red was the fastest, then yellow, then green, then blue. Orange and white (white is walking) were separate from us and started once red/yellow/green/blue had all gone.


We shuffled towards the starting line for almost 15 minutes after the 7pm starting time passed, and when I passed the starting line I began to jog (around 7:14pm). The first mile was my fastest. I think I kept about an 8.5-minute pace. There were only a few uphills and a couple of fortuitous downhills. At the water station after mile 1 I drank a cup and poured some water on my head.

Mile two was a little slower, probably a 9.5-minute mile. This mile started getting hilly and I realized that my training runs had been slower than I was running now. I didn’t stop though, and ran past the 2-mile mark.

Mile 3. There was no water in sight after the mile 2 mark and my chest was begging me for a break, so I started walking. I didn’t walk for long, maybe 30 seconds, but it was enough for me to get some energy back and continue. I took a slow jog up to the next water station, and drank some more. After that I felt great but then we hit some hills. I had to walk I think 2 more times and my time probably ended up being over 12 minutes for this mile.

Last half mile. I was jogging slowly at this point, but I knew I was close so I kept going. I walked once for about 15 seconds. When I got close to the finish line I picked up the pace, saw Bobby on the sideline, and ran past him for a high five. I sprinted after that, maybe 100 yards, and crossed the finish! I felt like I was going to puke but I didn’t. 😀

Lessons learned:

  1. I love racing! There is something so exciting and fun about running in such a large group of people.
  2. I am slower than I thought, but I think I can improve. I didn’t train for this except for a couple 2-3 mile runs over the last two months. On those runs I didn’t check my time and I did not run on hills.
  3. Running can be really fun. It’s also challenging.
  4. Water stations are great.

After the race I met up with Bobby and we booked it to Brooklyn for his show. He was supposed to go on at 8:45 and we made it just before 8:40 with just enough time to set up his keys. After the show we had a fantastic dinner at this place: The Anchored Inn. There are so many good cheap places to eat in Brooklyn. Sometimes it makes me wonder why I still live in Manhattan and pay $15 for a salad…

I got a delicious large $9 salad: radish, cucumber, avocado, queso fresco, pumpkin seed, pickled onion, chile vinaigrette. Bobby got the bacon wrapped hot dog. We split roasted Brussels sprouts: brussels with pickled apple, serrano, horsey sauce.

Yesterday I was a bit sore but nothing terrible. Last night I ended up going out with coworkers + Bobby and didn’t sleep well afterwards so I was up early today. This morning I went for a nice slow walk over to Central Park where I saw this weird pink fluffy tree (what is it?):


Have you ever raced before?

Weekend Link Love – 08.28.2011

It’s been a while since I did one of these… But first an update: NYC is recovering from the hurricane (Irene) that passed through last night. To be honest, not much happened in Manhattan. I think the major damage occurred in the outer boroughs (poor Staten Island) and New Jersey (my mom is without power and water). Our power didn’t even flicker. On the plus side, I did have a mini Reese’s cup yesterday that I got at the hardware store. I love these things.

Our weekend went well. We mostly hung out with our neighbors (friends) and ate good food together. A few of us like to cook and all of us like to eat. This morning I went for a run (a little over 3 miles) after not having run for ages (at least 1.5 years?). It felt great. The subways are still not running so we can only get to places on foot (…or taxi). They probably won’t be running for the morning commute tomorrow so I plan on walking.

After my run this morning (err, afternoon) I did some yoga stretching and took a nice shower. Then we ate brunch together (6 of us) – bacon, eggs with homegrown jalapeno, homemade bread, and some various pastries. (If I didn’t mention it already, we moved into a building where our friends live – so we hang out a lot. Just like college, and it’s great.)

Weekend Link Love – Health & Food

Totally Random Link Love

How was your weekend? I hope anyone who was in Irene’s path is okay!

Intensely Healthy Dessert

I’m watching Biggest Loser as I write this. One contestant just lost 10 pounds in 4 days to get immunity. Every time I watch this show I’m continually amazed by the intensity of these contestants. It makes me wonder how they got to where they were at the start of the show in the first place.

Last night I channeled my inner Elise (and apparently Coco recently too) for a short run. But today I was back to my walking ways. I did 2 miles to work and then a little over a mile at lunch. Wish I could have done more, but I had a lot to do.




Dessert tonight was more mushed avocado (a whole one) with sugar (not a lot). I wish I had honey; I need to go to the store. If you haven’t tried this combo, do so immediately!

What’s your favorite weird dessert? What are you intense about?

Walking & Running

I recently started watching a show called Lie to Me*. It’s a FOX show, but Netflix has the whole first season available for (free) streaming. We have an Xbox hooked up to the television so we can watch our streaming shows right on tv… instead of the computer. Anyway, I’m rather addicted to this show.

It’s formulaic, like CSI or House (two of my favorites). Cal Lightman owns a firm that specializes in analyzing whether or not people are lying. There are a few cases per episode – Cal’s firm helps solve kidnappings, military cases, sports mysteries, etc… It’s very captivating. Tim Roth plays Cal and his accent is endearing. I love British accents. In high school I planned to move to England when I grew up because I wanted to have cute little babies with British accents and a sexy British hubby. That didn’t happen, but I’m quite happy with the way things turned out anyway. Bobby is much cuter and more amazing than any guy in the world.

Before I watched more Lie to Me*, I went on a short run. I walked home (2 miles) and then I put some veggies in the oven to roast while I went out for a jog (1.9 miles). When I got back I took the veggies out and they were perfect. Good timing on my part 😉

The jog was really nice. I don’t usually exercise at night, but I realized it usually puts me in a really good mood (if I can get myself to actually get out and do it).


Dessert – avocado with some (white) sugar. The dessert was fabulous. I just mushed the avocado around in its shell with some sugar (would have used a better sweetener but I don’t have any).

Do you like to run?