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simple stirfry, siggi’s breakfast, & resolutions update

i made this stir-fry for lunch yesterday (tuesday, 1/24):

05 stirfry lunch 500x332 simple stirfry, siggis breakfast, & resolutions update

i decided to bring my lunch to work this week. i work at a big bank and we do have a cafeteria, but to be honest – it’s not that healthy, and after 3 months of the same old slop, i needed a change! this stirfry is made up of:

  • broccoli + broccoli stalk (don’t throw that part out – it’s great if you saute it)
  • red pepper
  • can of tuna
  • frozen corn
  • fresh cilantro
  • garlic + chili powder
  • cooked in bacon fat (i save this each time i make bacon)

i had a sesame bagel alongside the stirfry. i’m really into bagels this week.

i also vowed to bring breakfast. i don’t usually like to drink my calories, but i have found several drinks to be quite delicious as of late, in particular:

04 siggis plain probiotic drinkable non fat yogurt 332x500 simple stirfry, siggis breakfast, & resolutions update

this is siggi’s probiotic drinkable non-fat yogurt in plain. i also bought the strawberry but i haven’t tried that yet. i don’t like siggi’s greek yogurt (insanely thick) but i did find this drinkable yogurt to have a good consistency (not too thick, not too thin) and flavor. i added some cinnamon to mine before drinking up. only 45 calories in this bottle which leaves plenty of room for other breakfast goodies like no-sugar scones.

resolutions update: i’m going in and out with the diet soda thing. i figure, if drinking a diet soda will keep me from snacking on something sugary – probably better to go with the soda. but it depends on the day. as for reading, i’m still plugging along on my book. it’s a slow read, not because it’s boring, but because i really want to absorb every detail. but i have been reading every day. it’s almost february so i need to figure out what my february resolutions will be. i have some ideas.

what do you put in stirfrys? do you drink your calories or save them for chewing?

Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

Hi everyone! I am still doing blog maintenance and stuff, so you get to hear from one of the sweetest ladies in blogland. And she totally understands my chopstick obsession. Take it away, Katie!

(And HI to reader Lauren who I met last night!! Thanks for saying hi.)


Hi chocolate chips!

My name is Katie, and I write a blog called Chocolate-Covered Katie.

The recipes on my blog are for “healthy” (yet still delicious) versions of traditionally “bad-for-you” foods.

mshell thumb 400x328 Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

Such as the above healthy choco-Banana sundae

Basically, I eat in accordance with the Chocolate-Covered Diet philosophy, and I’ve never been happier icon smile Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie .

But today, I’m not going to talk about chocolate. (*Gasp*) Nope, the lovely Maggie (Isn’t she gorgeous?!) has asked me to talk about something else: chopsticks! She and I share an interest in eating with chopsticks, because we both have a connection to Japan (mine being that I lived there for four years, and hers being that Bobby is half Japanese). I actually learned to eat with chopsticks before a fork. So even though I now can use a fork, I still prefer chopsticks, not only for conventional Asian dishes, but also for…

bp3 thumb 400x314 Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

Decadent high-protein chocolate cake

bp1 thumb 309x400 Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

Slurpy mushroom spaghetti

bp thumb 400x335 Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

Bluebberry Breakfast Pizzert in a bowl

And even…

cdd3 thumb 400x300 Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

The breakfast feast: Chocolate chip cookie dough oatmeal

Ok, scratch that last one.

Some things are better eaten with a spoon!

In honor of Maggie and Bobby, I challenge you—this week—to try eating something unconventional with chopsticks!

Be creative and have fun! Are you up  for it?? I know these guys are. icon smile Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

And remember:

Life is better when it’s chocolate-covered!


Thanks again Katie icon smile Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie And happy early birthday! September is the best birthday month (mine is September too – maybe we are the same age!). I hope you enjoy some cake with chopsticks (healthy cake of course). I definitely will.

Do you know how to eat with chopsticks? What is your favorite thing to eat with them?

I think my favorite thing is… a stir-fry. Predictable, but delicious. (Here’s another.)

P.S. If you are ever interested in doing a guest post for Say Yes to Salad, please contact me and let me know your idea! I am always accepting submissions icon smile Katie says: Chopstick Covered Katie

Vegetarians Beware. Yummy Thai Food.

I mentioned yesterday that my very cool boss bought us lunch, but I neglected to tell you what we ordered! We ended up ordering delivery from Spice over on 8th Avenue. Spice is a very yummy Thai restaurant. I have been to the location at Union Square and I really liked it.

I ordered the Hawaiian Ginger and Pineapple Stir-fry (with onions, carrots, and mushrooms) and I ordered it with beef. Would I have preferred this to be organic beef? Of course. Did that fact that it wasn’t (I assume) stop me? Absolutely not. It was yummy and exactly what I was craving.

beef stir fry Vegetarians Beware. Yummy Thai Food.

I also ordered the spring rolls (fried). I had one of them and gave the other to Bobby. They came with a very good sweet sauce. I have no idea what was in it.

spring rolls Vegetarians Beware. Yummy Thai Food.

Last night I used the leftover beef to make a stirfry with some veggies.

06 veggies beef butter Vegetarians Beware. Yummy Thai Food.

I have been using frozen veggies because they make cooking prep so so so much faster. I don’t have that much time to cook, and time will deter me from cooking (I’ve been doing takeout a lot). I cooked these in some butter and spices. Yum!

Are there any tricks you do to make cooking easier? Chopping veggies in advance? Making big batches and eating leftovers?

P.S. I had another acupuncture appointment today and I will definitely update about that soon. I need to sleep now!

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