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2014 Plans & Goals

I already recapped my progress on 2013 goals {HERE}.

Here are my goals/hopes/intentions/plans for 2014…

1) Sleep.

I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t prioritize going to bed early (there’s always so much to do and I feel like I am missing out when I just go to bed). I realize that I will likely get even less sleep after the baby comes, but for now I’m going to try to hit this goal – in bed and dozing by 10:30pm, 3x per week.

If I need motivation, here are some articles on why sleep is so important:

2) Yoga.

Make time for me/yoga every week. Something that will definitely be hard come April, but it’s something that will keep me sane. I need to take time out each week for myself and do the things that keep me happy, like yoga. The goal – 1x yoga 60+ minutes and 2x yoga 20+ minutes per week. If I can’t make a 60+ minute class, I can sub 2 20-minute sessions.

3) Time management and prioritizing.

I am not as efficient with my time as I’d like to be. This ties in with #1 (sleep). I have a couple goals here – get in to work by 9:45 consistently (3-4x/week). (Don’t know what will happen with this after the baby – exact work schedule is TBD.) I also want to spend more time doing productive things and not fiddling around on the internet. Goal here is to spend 30 minutes/day (can be rolled over from other days) either reading or working on a side project that I am neglecting.

4) Food.

Eat less sugar. Maybe it’s due to pregnancy but I have been going back for dessert seconds way too often. And eating less sugar is good no matter what. Goal is to not have dessert 2-3x per week. (I usually have something sweet every night.)

5) Charity.

I want to donate things I am not using on a monthly basis rather than letting things collect in an unsightly pile. I also want to try volunteering more often, which I used to do but haven’t lately. Goal – volunteer 5x this year. That might sound like very little, but going from nothing I have no idea how it will turn out. I’m signed up with New York Cares which is a great organization and it makes signing up for individual volunteer events really easy.


That’s it for now! Maybe I’ll update them after the baby comes and I get a better idea of how the rest of my year will go.

Do you have goals for 2014?

Week-End Link Love… [July 18 2013]

I was going through my draft posts and came across a link love that I never put up. Thought I would share now, because though these articles may be a year old, they are still interesting and relevant. Since we are at the end of the week it’s kind of still “week end” link love.


The Case Against Kids. About a year ago (when I compiled these links) was around the time when I fully changed my mind about having kids (to YES, definitely). If you’d asked me a few years before, I was very much anti-kid (at least for me). Now – I hope to have one or two soon. Still a good read.

Why do zoo apes get heart disease? It could be diet, lifestyle, or stress. Interesting read.

Is Sugar Toxic? Probably, yes! Did you know the average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar per year? This is an interview between Sanjay Gupta (a doctor who is a public health advocate) and Robert Lustig (an anti-sugar doctor who is famous with the paleo/primal/low-carb crowd).

Ova Ova. A really innovative (woman-founded) start-up that helps you (women) track your ovulation and fertility naturally (temperature, etc) via something called the Fertility Awareness Method. FAM can be used to get pregnant or to not get pregnant, ha.

Learning to Walk: How America Can Start Walking Again. Re: the lack of walking / public transportation here in the states.

Recipe: Paleo Singapore Street Noodles. Looks delish!

Homemade Deodorant. A simple recipe: baking soda, cornstarch or arrowroot, coconut oil, Tea Tree Oil (optional). I currently use Soapwalla’s deodorant (which recently raised in price from $12 to $14! and I thought it was expensive before). Love Soapwalla, but it’s very pricey. I may try this next time I run out (very soon).


That’s all I have! Have you read anything good online lately?

It’s June!

It’s June! This is one of my favorite months. Bobby and my dad have June birthdays. It’s the true start of summer. Farmers’ markets start to open in NYC (the one near my apartment is coming on June 23rd). What else… Blueberry season starts. The longest day of the year happens in June. Lots of things!

May was a good month too. I participated in the Blog Every Day in May challenge, which helped me blog more than I otherwise would have (even though I didn’t actually Blog Every Day). I was very busy at work. I got better at handstands. I hung out with friends. I rediscovered my love of wine. Actually, that started in April. My brother graduated from college.

In June I think more good things will happen. I have a couple specific things I want to accomplish in June:

  • Participate in the Zen Habits June challenge, “Simplify Your Life”. The goal is to say “no” to something every day (commitments that aren’t important, tasks that don’t matter, stuff like that).
  • Take 15+ yoga classes. (I’ve been averaging 10-15 a month.)
  • Write more, whether it is on the blog or in my journal. And write more poetry.
  • Try going without sugar for a week. Eep. I’ve been eating a lot of (really good) ice cream lately.
  • Continue being pescatarian. (I’ve been pretty much pescy since March, which a few exceptions – like going on vacation in early April.)
  • Try out some new recipes like coconut bacon (what?!).
  • Post a couple recipes that I haven’t posted yet. (Gluten free vegan pancakes, butternut squash soup, carrot soup, vegan pesto, and more.)

the good wife 400x400 Its June!

{^^Pesto Preview^^}

So, re: the Zen Habits challenge, I think I already did my “NO” for the day. I was about to sign up for 2 more magazines I probably wouldn’t ever read, but instead I said “no”, and threw the signup postcards in the recycling pile. I currently subscribe to a couple magazines, but I realized recently that they recycle their stories and send me the same content month after month. Here’s a stunning example. These are the April covers of Good Housekeeping from 2011, 2012, and 2013.

gh oz 2011 Its June!


 gh oz 2012 Its June!


gh oz 2013 Its June!


Notice any similarities? icon wink Its June!

Some other things I might say “no” to…

  • Keeping my yoga studio membership. I might go back to doing podcasts on my own and springing for workshops every now and then that I really want to go to. My contract isn’t up until the end of July though so I still have 2 months to decide. An argument for keeping it is that Bobby also has a membership and we can go to class together.
  • Doing choir next year. It’s only once a week, but I feel like it’s always conflicting with something else I want to do.

What are you excited about for June? Do you wish you said ‘no’ more often?

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