the great 108 {yoga, spiritual, mathematical}

yesterday (wednesday june 20th), was the longest day of the year (in terms of sunlight), which is also known as the summer solstice. the solstice almost always happens on june 21st, but since today was a leap year, it came a day early.

in yoga tradition, we welcome in each season with 108 sun salutations. a sun salutation, or surya namaskar, is a sequence of movements performed in a flow linking breath and movement. sun A is a simple one and sun B adds a few extra postures. different styles of yoga have different variations on the sun salutations.

in ashtanga yoga, which is what my practice is rooted in, surya namaskar A looks something like:

  • begin standing, mountain pose (tadasana)
  • inhale, raise arms up (urdhva hastasana)
  • exhale, forward fold (uttanasana)
  • inhale, raise chest
  • exhale, jump back and lower through a pushup (chaturanga)
  • inhale, upward facing dog (urdhva mukha svanasana)
  • exhale, downward facing dog (adho mukha svanasana)
  • 5 breaths in adho mukha svanasana; on empty hop forward
  • inhale, raise chest
  • exhale, uttanasana
  • inhale, urdhva hastasana
  • exhale, tadasana

and surya namaskar B is sun A but with these differences:

  • replace urdhva hastasana with chair pose (utkatasana) at the beginning and end
  • before taking 5 breaths in down dog:
    1. step right foot forward at the end of the exhale
    2. inhale, rise to warrior 1 (virabhadrasana 1)
    3. exhale, chaturanga
    4. inhale, urdhva mukha
    5. exhale, adho mukha
    6. do the left
    7. then hold down dog for 5 breaths

easy peasy, no? here is a further breakdown of sun A.

why 108? 108 is an interesting number. it is divisible by a lot of other numbers and has other fun mathy qualities.

  • 108/12 = 9 (9 dozen)
  • 108/9 = 12
  • 108/6 = 18 (18 is a lucky number in judaism)
  • etc… all of the divisors of 108 are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 27, 36, 54, 108
  • 108 is also an achilles number, which means it is powerful (for every prime divisor or factor p of np2 is also a divisor – ex: 3 is prime and both 3 and 32=9 is also a divisor) but not a perfect power (a positive integer that can be expressed as an integer power of another positive integer)
  • it’s also the hyperfactorial of 3, meaning 108 = 11 x 22 x 33

in hinduism and other religions, 108 has more special meanings.

  • 1, 0, and 8 represent “one thing”, “nothing” and “everything” (infinity).
  • hindu deities have 108 names.
  • because of the significance of 108, malas have 108 beads (malas are the hindu equivalent of a catholic rosary… sort of – and the rosary, i believe, also has 108 beads).
  • the distance from the earth to the sun, divided by diameter of the sun ~= 108.
  • the distance from the moon to the earth, divided by the diameter of the moon ~= 108.
  • stonehenge is ~108 feet in diameter.
  • there are 108 yoga sutras.

more on 108 (the number) here.

i am hoping to do 108 sun salutations this week. i wanted to do them all in one day (yesterday) but instead my practice yesterday was a class i took with bobby at pure yoga on 86th street. i will be back there again tonight for an inversions workshop. i wish i had been counting my sun salutes this week – i could have figured out how many more i needed to do to get to 108. i will try to find a way to fit them all in before june is over (can you believe it’s june 21st already?).

how did you celebrate the solstice?

Inhale, Exhale… 1. Inhale, Exhale… 2. [Yoga Teacher Training – Sun Sals]

Teaching Beginner Sun Salutation:

Inhale, raise your prayer, see your thumbs.

Exhale, fold forward.

Inhale, raise chest, shoulders back.

Exhale, step or jump back, chaturanga.

Inhale, upward facing dog, urdhva mukha svanasana.

Exhale, downward facing dog, adho mukha svanasana.

Inhale, exhale… 1.

Inhale, sits bones shine towards the ceiling, exhale, press heels to earth, 2.

Inhaleexhale… 3.

Inhaleexhale… 4.

Inhale, raise your heels, exhale, bend knees, look forward.

Inhale, jump forward, flat back.

Exhale, fold, long neck.

Inhale, raise your prayer, see your thumbs.

Exhale, tadasana.



This sequence has been running through my head all day. In the shower (inhale-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4…), on the subway (inhale-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4…), on the way to the studio after work (inhale-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4…). I am so very into breathing. That was my intention today at practice – breathing. Did you know that if you breathe with the teacher, yoga becomes more intense? I don’t think I’ve ever breathed so thoroughly in my life. There are other benefits to breathing as well, especially if you breathe properly (into your diaphragm). For example – regularity and detoxing. I swear it works. Just breathe. I feel refreshed and ready for the week.


If it wasn’t clear, I’m learning how to teach sun salutations. 😉 We must have done 108 this weekend.

108 Sun Salutations, Burpees, and Pain au Chocolat… Manger Bouger?

Last night Bobby and I went to NJ for my sister’s high school graduation. It was great! I’m so proud of her. Afterwards we went out to Uno’s where I wolfed down a Cobb Salad. My dad came back with us to the city because he has a super-fun pension conference here today.

This morning’s workout:

  • 46 BodyRock Take Me Burpees
  • 15 sun salutations

Some yogis like to do 108 sun salutations at each change of the season (spring to summer, summer to fall, etc…). There are many answers to the question, “Why 108?” and one of them is that there are supposedly 108 names for Buddha. HuffPo has some more.

I’ll share another French moment. This IS a food blog after all. (I got the best comment ever yesterday.)

  • Coca-cola. (Bobby’s. Real sugar coke! I still don’t like it.)
  • Pain au chocolat. (To share.)
  • From La Mie Câline in Saumur.

Since I am generally a healthy eater I have no qualms about indulging in buttery, chocolatey, French baked goods when I’m on vacation. They’re not as sweet as they are in here in the states, and they are tiny. The “gargantuan” croissants were the size of our regular ones. Even the bottles of Coke are smaller.

In France, most food ads come with this message (or a similar memo) at the bottom:

Pour votre santé, évitez de manger trop gras, trop sucré, trop salé.

It means, “For your health, avoid eating food that is too fatty, too sweet, too salty.” Manger-bouger means, “eat, move.” I certainly didn’t see many overweight people in France – though I am not sure it’s because of this campaign. I did see a lot of smokers and wine and coffee drinkers. So while they may have a good thing going in terms of food and portion control, I think they are a little bit behind the times when it comes to other areas of health. (No, coffee and wine are not bad, in moderation. There is never an excuse for smoking.)

Do you think we should have mandatory messages on food ads and packaging? What would the messages say?