Reviews Galore

I have gotten lots of swag recently and I have been neglecting to post about it all. All of the products I’m listing here I got for free and the companies did not pay me to review them.

First up… Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins for Adults. Slice of Life sent me 3 flavors to try – omega 3-6-9 fish free, coq10, and vitamin C. These vitamins technically have different flavors, but they all tasted the same (yummy) to me. Bobby is a big fan because this means that he can have gummy candy that is actually healthy. I’d definitely recommend these for kids as well as adults. Yum yum.

Then… Fruit Not Fat aka Galaxy Granola. I have to admit, I am not really a granola person. BUT. This granola is different. It’s light and not too sweet and it’s the perfect crunchy addition to oatmeal or yogurt or even as a topping for baked goods. Galaxy sent me 3 flavors to try…

They sent me Not Sweet Vanilla, Vanilla Almond, and Cranberry Orange. My favorite was Vanilla Almond because of the nuts, but the others were very good too.

I have always disliked that granolas are actually an unhealthy fatty/sugary food that happen to have a name that connotates health. Galaxy is changing the game now. Check out the Fruit Not Fat blog for great ideas and recipes.

My sister is visiting me this weekend. She got in on Friday after work and we have been running around the city and hanging out. I don’t have many pictures, but I’ll do what I can to post a foodie recap tomorrow morning. We’ve been to some old favorites (Souen) and some new finds.

What did you do this weekend?

Nature Made Award!

A while back Nature Made contacted me to be part of the Healing Hearts Club which they started to promote heart health. Nature Made nominated me along with 4 others (Roni, Brett, Elise, and Melissa – all lovely ladies; go check out their blogs) and asked us each to pass on the award to another blogger. I chose my good friend (online and in real life) Coco.

When I got the Healing Hearts package I was very impressed. Nature Made sent me (for free) a six month supply of CholestOff, CoQ10 and Fish Oil supplements as well as an aluminum water bottle, yoga mat and carrying bag.

I have been using the water bottle constantly. I even brought almond milk (for coffee and tea) to work in it. My one coworker and I really like almond milk. We always chat about organic stuff and health food and we like to go to Whole Foods together on our lunch breaks. I used the yoga mat once, and while it can’t measure up to my favorite Gaiam mat, it was still very nice. I will probably let Bobby use it or I might give it to my sister or brother. I love the carrying bag so I’ll keep that.

A little bit about heart healthy supplements…

Fish Oil. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have “cardio-protective” benefits and improve hearth health in general. Nature Made doesn’t mention this next nugget of knowledge – EPA and DHA (the omega 3’s) are also really good for your brain. They can help prevent depression and they also help with brain function in general. Pretty cool, right? I learned that from Dishing Up Nutrition, my latest obsession. So I take the fish oil for my brain in addition to my heart.

CoQ10. This is actually Coenzyme Q10. It’s kind of like a vitamin and it helps with energy production. It’s also an antioxidant. It’s good for metabolism. I’m a metabolism fiend so I am definitely a fan.

Cholestoff. I don’t really know how this works, and I am pretty sure I don’t have high cholesterol, so I think I am going to give this to my parents or older relatives. I’m sure it’s awesome because Nature Made seems like a solid company.

Thanks, Nature Made and congrats to my nominee, Coco! And congrats to the other Heart Healthy Club members too. I hope we can spread the word and encourage people to think of their hearts. Nutrition is the basis of good health… I’m so glad people are starting to realize that.

I have a few other product reviews and mentions that I have been putting off out of pure laziness but they will be up this week. In case it wasn’t obvious, Nature Made sent me the goodies in this package for free and I am not receiving any kind of payment from them for the review (which wasn’t really a review, it was more of a thank you for thinking of me).

Do you take supplements? Which ones? I started up with calcium again this week – calcium and I have an on-again, of-again affair that is only ever off because I run out and keep forgetting to buy more. I used to take a multivitamin but I don’t think they actually do anything. Sometimes I take L-Glutamine and probiotics (bifido bacteria in particular).