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{WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

What did I eat yesterday? Let’s see…

Breakfast was a small bowl of brown rice with a fried egg on top, a baby persimmon, and a little tangerine. Also coffee of course.

Snack – my coworker brought me an apple from the farmers’ market! (Note – I don’t usually eat this much fruit because it makes me break out. It was kind of an accident. I’ve been getting up early since coming back from the trip and that means I get hungry earlier too, and fruit is a good go-to, quick snack for me… as long as I don’t have too much of it.)

Lunch – a big salad from Just Salad:

  • romaine and mesclun base (extra lettuce please)
  • a hard-boiled egg
  • roasted butternut squash and roasted beets
  • beans and corn
  • broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes
  • horseradish-chive dressing

And a macaron (from Japan) for lunch-dessert. I also had a little thing of seaweed on the side (a habit I picked up in Japan) called Mozuku:

mozuku fresh 326x400 {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)


It usually comes in a small plastic container like this:

mozuku container {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)


It’s watery and you just peel off the top and slurp/drink it all down. LOVE this. Mozuku is great at breakfast too.

For dinner I met up with Bobby at Buddha BBeeQ which is a little Korean/Asian/Fusion place really close to our apartment. We shared these scallion pancakes to start (each had 1.5). “3 palm-sized pancakes with scallions & zucchini. crispy crust & soft center” (My picture)

IMG 1201 buddha scallion pancakes 299x400 {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

I got 2 huge temaki rollsChicken Basil Roll - grilled chicken breast, tangy soy glaze, fresh thai basil pesto (peanuts), pickled asian beets, avocado, roasted red bell pepper & grilled zucchini. Really good! Ate them both. Bobby got the K BBeeQ plate with chicken – “a classic grilled korean dish. Our hearty, fruit infused soy based marinade addictive in its classic balance of sweet & savory“. It was just teriyaki chicken, white rice, and a salad. Very delicious as well.

Here is what mine looked like (source):

chicken basil roll bhudda bbeeq {WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

Then we got a kids cup of ice cream (“Trick Oreo Treat”) at Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins to share (yes we share a kiddie size), and then we went home. We both crashed into bed before the clock hit 9pm.

How was your Wednesday? What did YOU eat Wednesday?

{food} Japanese Lunch @ Sakagura & Deep Thoughts on Seaweed!

A few weeks ago Bobby’s mom was in here in NYC for a few hours on a layover. We took the opportunity to take her to lunch at her favorite New York restaurant, Sakagura. (Erm, actually she took us to lunch – thank you so much! We loved it.) Sakagura has lunch specials, so we each got a different one.

I think I got this: “Jewel” Oke Bento ($20.00) - Assorted Appetizers , Fried Tidbits , 5 kinds of Seasonal Sashimi , Grilled Tidbits , Mini Rice Balls and Miso Soup. Yes, I think that was it — look below — there were fried intertwined veggies; a hijiki seaweed salad (the black and orange stuff in the dark brown bowl); rice balls (looks like rice sushi in the middle but really was all rice); the white ball with yellow on top (top left) is satoimo, a Japanese sweet potato; fresh sashimi (tuna, scallop – my favorite, squid, salmon, and one other that I don’t remember – mackerel?), and finally on the bottom was eel with eel sauce, a piece of pork, a piece of potato, and some scrambled egg.

maggie lunch sakagura 400x400 {food} Japanese Lunch @ Sakagura & Deep Thoughts on Seaweed!

My favorite part? I think everything except for the fried and intertwined veggies! I loved it all.

Bobby got a soba box – it must have been this one: Kaisen Don ($21.00) – Assorted Variety of sliced Fresh Sashimi Served atop of Sushi Rice, with Soba Noodles ( Hot or Cold ). You can see the bowl of rice and sashimi (top), soba sauce (top left), soba (front and center), and a few edamame.

bobby lunch sakagura 400x400 {food} Japanese Lunch @ Sakagura & Deep Thoughts on Seaweed!

He also enjoyed his very much. I let him try a few bites of mine as well – and I donated my fried veggie things to his plate after a few bites.

Bobby’s mom also ordered a soba set – I think it was set C – Yakizakana Gozen ($20.00) – Seasonal Grilled Fish, Seasonal Appetizers, A Bowl of Rice, Homemade Soba Noodles (Hot or Cold). It looks like the fish was salmon (front slightly right); there was steamed spinach (middle right); some seaweed, potato, and pork (bottom left); soba (back left) and soba sauce (top middle); and something in the middle there that I can’t quite make out.

bobby mom lunch sakagura e1346291788445 400x400 {food} Japanese Lunch @ Sakagura & Deep Thoughts on Seaweed!

We all shared a bowl of black sesame ice cream for dessert. No pic! It looked too good and I forgot to take one before diving in.

Sakagura is always a hit. We have been there a few times before, but I don’t think I have blogged about it.

What is your favorite Japanese dish?

I think mine is… anything with hijiki seaweed. I even had some tonight – I had some “Japanese fried rice” from Trader Joe’s that had hijiki in it; then I added 2 scrambled eggs – perfection. When we lived in California I used to LOVE going to a place called Delica. They have a fantastic salad – the “Hijiki and Soybean Salad“. My attempt at recreating it is here. (It’s pretty close.)

Hijiki is also a staple in macro plates. Here are my favorite macro plates.

As I was looking for those hijiki recipes I was going back through blog entries from 2009, 2008… my how life has changed in some ways – and not at all in others. Though I’ve moved across the country and changed jobs, I really am still the same Maggie. I just do more yoga icon wink {food} Japanese Lunch @ Sakagura & Deep Thoughts on Seaweed!

Veggie Sushi and Resolutions 2012

I wanted to pop in and share part of a delicious lunch I had on Saturday at Whole Foods. My husband is bored of eating at WF; we probably grab dinner there at least twice a week and sometimes visit on the weekends too. But I have yet to tire of their prepared foods bar. I am tired of it being $8.99/pound, but not of the scrumptious salads and innovative hearty dishes. I also discovered recently that they have rice-less sushi, which is what I’m about to show you.

whole foods veggie sushi 500x345 Veggie Sushi and Resolutions 2012

There. That is seaweed swaddling shredded carrot, avocado, soft tofu, cucumber, and roasted red pepper*. Dip it in soy sauce and wasabi. Not enough for a meal on its own, but certainly a healthy and yummy component. The rest of my meal was a seaweed salad and chunky chicken salad (from the prepared foods bar). Filling, and a perfect reward after a Yin Yang yoga class taught by Tanya B herself. Wait, you’re not supposed to reward yourself with food? Oops.

*This sushi reminded me of my “fushi” – nearly raw, riceless sushi.

Some words on new year’s resolutions.

One resolution that I think everyone should have, not just at the start of the year, but always, is to take care of herself. This could mean (in my case) going to the dentist even though you really hate it (and haven’t been in far too long). And then listening to your dentist when she tells you that yes, you really do need to floss and brush after you eat anything (!). If you are snacking often out of boredom and not hunger, that’s not good for you or for your teeth.

And in regards to my other resolutions – diet soda and reading. I went a week and 2 days until I caved and had a soda (today). I was debating between chocolate going on my uber-clean teeth and a diet soda and I ended up going with the soda. I’m wondering if maybe it would be better to just cut down on diet soda (say, limit of 3 a week or something) rather than going cold turkey. As for reading, I’m doing great – reading at least 30 minutes a day. I’m also trying to do a crossword puzzle to wind down at night (I would love to go to bed earlier and this helps).

A new resolution for the rest of January and beyond – more flossing! (At least once a day.)

I have many questions for you today:

  1. Do you do crosswords?
  2. Do you like to read (and if so what are you reading)?
  3. When was the last time you went to the dentist?
  4. Do you drink diet soda?

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