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September Musings

After 6 posts in August, I almost went through September with nothing!

It was not for lack of activity – September was jam packed with stuff. Here’s an incomplete run down:

Baby K turned 5 months (password protected post coming up with updates!).

K is growing so fast. He’s already sitting up and he is trying so hard to crawl. He’s more and more interactive every single day, and I love waking up to his sweet smiles.

B’s parents came to town for a full week.

They were here mid-month and it was so nice to see them. We usually only see each other for a few days but they were able to make time to come up for a whole week, during which we saw them I think every day. They stayed with us for the first few days over the weekend so we were all together and they got to spend some quality time with K. Highlights include going out to dinner in Jersey with my dad and babysitting for us for my birthday date.

{WIAW} Back in the States! (What I Ate Wednesday)

What did I eat yesterday? Let’s see…

Breakfast was a small bowl of brown rice with a fried egg on top, a baby persimmon, and a little tangerine. Also coffee of course.

Snack – my coworker brought me an apple from the farmers’ market! (Note – I don’t usually eat this much fruit because it makes me break out. It was kind of an accident. I’ve been getting up early since coming back from the trip and that means I get hungry earlier too, and fruit is a good go-to, quick snack for me… as long as I don’t have too much of it.)

Lunch – a big salad from Just Salad:

  • romaine and mesclun base (extra lettuce please)
  • a hard-boiled egg
  • roasted butternut squash and roasted beets
  • beans and corn
  • broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes
  • horseradish-chive dressing

{food} Japanese Lunch @ Sakagura & Deep Thoughts on Seaweed!

A few weeks ago Bobby’s mom was in here in NYC for a few hours on a layover. We took the opportunity to take her to lunch at her favorite New York restaurant, Sakagura. (Erm, actually she took us to lunch – thank you so much! We loved it.) Sakagura has lunch specials, so we each got a different one.

I think I got this: “Jewel” Oke Bento ($20.00) – Assorted Appetizers , Fried Tidbits , 5 kinds of Seasonal Sashimi , Grilled Tidbits , Mini Rice Balls and Miso Soup. Yes, I think that was it — look below — there were fried intertwined veggies; a hijiki seaweed salad (the black and orange stuff in the dark brown bowl); rice balls (looks like rice sushi in the middle but really was all rice); the white ball with yellow on top (top left) is satoimo, a Japanese sweet potato; fresh sashimi (tuna, scallop – my favorite, squid, salmon, and one other that I don’t remember – mackerel?), and finally on the bottom was eel with eel sauce, a piece of pork, a piece of potato, and some scrambled egg.

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