Sisterly Love – A Sweet Night

My sister came into town last night. She has off today, so we are headed up to Providence to visit Brown (she is a senior in high school). We’re taking the Peter Pan bus (just $29.95 RT from NYC to Providence). I miss Julia! She was my maid of honor. She is also a vegetarian (going on 10 years probably – she hasn’t eaten meat since she was about 7).

I still love looking at my wedding photos. (Tarantino Photo -> Featured Events -> Maggie & Robert. If you want the password to my gallery just email me.)

Last night when she arrived it was pouring rain. We decided to have a simple dinner at the Whole Foods hot/cold bar and we followed it up with The Lite Choice. Always a favorite. When we got home we enjoyed some digestive tea (from Coco!) sweetened with NuNaturals stevia (Julia loved it – she will probably be buying it herself).

We got girly and painted our nails. I got a new Essie color: silver. I almost always paint my nails a dark shimmery brown/red so this was a big change.

There were grapes.

And we watched an episode of Taboo, a show on National Geographic about weird things in different cultures (on Netflix streaming).

And then Julia conked out. She’s been working like crazy – the (amazingly smart) girl is taking 5 AP classes, she works at an organic farm, she volunteers, she’s in clubs, and she has a very busy social life.

Do you have siblings? What do you do together?

New Jersey: Trail Making & Wedding Planning

I mentioned on Sunday that we had adventures in New Jersey over the weekend. I happened to wake up around 7:45 on Saturday morning and I caught up with my dad before he left to go work on a nature trail by my parents’ house. He had to be there by 8:30 so I quickly convinced Bobby to get out of bed and come with us (this took a ton of some effort) and we arrived almost on time.

We worked on the Rockhopper Trail (so named because of the many rocks by and on the trail) all morning. Here are some pictures that the organizer, a very nice guy named Alan, took.

That last picture features Morel Mushrooms that one of the volunteers (Ben) found.

We split up into groups for the trail work. I worked on clearing out some invasive Multiflora Rose (an evil plant that scratched my legs), Bobby got to work on a drainage ditch, and my dad made some really impressive stone steps on a few parts of the trail. We even met another Cornellian – Bobby worked with him on the drainage project and they got to reminisce together.

After the trail work we went with my mom and sister to Whole Foods… for wedding planning. Yes, I think I am going to have Whole Foods cater my wedding. I want something seasonal, reasonable, and Maggie-approved – and Whole Foods fits the bill. I may keep some of my planning secret from now on though. I know that a lot of people that are coming read the blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the big day.

I’m off to watch some Bones – my new Netflix streaming addiction. It’s yet another one of those formulaic crime dramas that I love so much.

What do you do after work during the week?

Walking & Running

I recently started watching a show called Lie to Me*. It’s a FOX show, but Netflix has the whole first season available for (free) streaming. We have an Xbox hooked up to the television so we can watch our streaming shows right on tv… instead of the computer. Anyway, I’m rather addicted to this show.

It’s formulaic, like CSI or House (two of my favorites). Cal Lightman owns a firm that specializes in analyzing whether or not people are lying. There are a few cases per episode – Cal’s firm helps solve kidnappings, military cases, sports mysteries, etc… It’s very captivating. Tim Roth plays Cal and his accent is endearing. I love British accents. In high school I planned to move to England when I grew up because I wanted to have cute little babies with British accents and a sexy British hubby. That didn’t happen, but I’m quite happy with the way things turned out anyway. Bobby is much cuter and more amazing than any guy in the world.

Before I watched more Lie to Me*, I went on a short run. I walked home (2 miles) and then I put some veggies in the oven to roast while I went out for a jog (1.9 miles). When I got back I took the veggies out and they were perfect. Good timing on my part 😉

The jog was really nice. I don’t usually exercise at night, but I realized it usually puts me in a really good mood (if I can get myself to actually get out and do it).


Dessert – avocado with some (white) sugar. The dessert was fabulous. I just mushed the avocado around in its shell with some sugar (would have used a better sweetener but I don’t have any).

Do you like to run?