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Weekend Link Love (aka What’s Up Sunday)

I skipped last week’s weekend link love so there are lots this week. Moving right along, then…

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How to Get Out of a Funk

**If you missed, it, I announced the winner of the CSN giveaway here.**

I am in kind of a funk today. I know why, but I can’t seem to shake it. I get in funks for two main reasons – being annoyed at someone (or someone being annoyed at me) and my stomach. I used to get in funks over bad meals (being disappointed in what I got) but I don’t really care about food enough anymore to let it ruin my day. Here are my semi-unconventional tips to get out of a funk.

How to Get Out of a Funk

Drink some coffee. I don’t believe that coffee is bad for you (in moderation). I have about one cup a day and I’m perfectly fine. It also tastes good, so that cheers me up. And it gives me energy so that I want to do something. Something like…

3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

Taking a break today from regular food / fitness / life posting to chat about blog marketing. I don’t really actively market my blog; it’s more of a fun hobby, but there are three things that I did recently that I had meant to do for ages to brand my blog. In the order I did them:

  1. Got an avatar (picture) to appear next to all my comments.
  2. Created a Facebook page for Say Yes to Salad.
  3. Got a custom URL (vanity URL) for my Facebook page.

“Blog branding” is basically making your name and your blog more recognizable. It’s getting your name out there. One way to brand your blog is by having a memorable design (not ostentatious!). Another is to put a face to your name – like a picture by all your comments. It’s also nice to have a social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). And guest posting never hurts. This post is about the two blog branding things I mentioned above – an avatar, and a Facebook page.

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