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Weekend Link Love (aka What’s Up Sunday)

I skipped last week’s weekend link love so there are lots this week. Moving right along, then…

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I have been kind of slacking lately on blogging. I have things to say, but no time to say them. Work is busy (in a great way) so blogging may be less frequent, and commenting has already fallen by the wayside. (I am still reading, just silently.)

How was your weekend?

Mine was busy – Friday night I hung out with friends. Yesterday we walked a lot, shopped, and got dinner with family (at a fabulous French restaurant – Yo In Yo Out). Today I am meeting up with more friends for a baking party. And I also have some work I want to get done. My life has been go-go-go but I’m loving it. Lots of good eats, but these days I am not all that focused on the food icon wink Weekend Link Love (aka Whats Up Sunday) I eat it and forget about it. As it should be.

How to Get Out of a Funk

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I am in kind of a funk today. I know why, but I can’t seem to shake it. I get in funks for two main reasons – being annoyed at someone (or someone being annoyed at me) and my stomach. I used to get in funks over bad meals (being disappointed in what I got) but I don’t really care about food enough anymore to let it ruin my day. Here are my semi-unconventional tips to get out of a funk.

How to Get Out of a Funk

Drink some coffee. I don’t believe that coffee is bad for you (in moderation). I have about one cup a day and I’m perfectly fine. It also tastes good, so that cheers me up. And it gives me energy so that I want to do something. Something like…

Clean your house. Cleaning is a great distraction. If I am pissed at you, just point me towards a messy or dirty area of my apartment and I will probably come back 15 minutes later having forgotten why I was feeling funky in the first place. If I need to clean the house quickly I will try to get mad at something so that I want to clean. I kid, I kid. But I’m not kidding when I say that cleaning is therapeutic for funky moods.

cleaning How to Get Out of a Funk


Organize. This is like the cleaning thing. Organizing is very soothing (if you like it). Humans like order – did you know that the reason that some things sound pretty to us (think Mozart) is because of the organization of the sounds? If you want to get scientific, the physics behind a major chord is much more organized than the physics behind, say, nails on a chalkboard. So organizing = happiness = getting out of a funk.

music 400x287 How to Get Out of a Funk


Throw crap away. This is also related to the cleaning and organizing thing icon biggrin How to Get Out of a Funk When you throw away old papers that will never be of use, throw away your funk too. Throwing sh*t out gets things off your mind. When you have less to think about, you’re probably less stressed, and thus… feeling less funky.

Get a manicure. Pampering is always a good way to get in a better mood!

Blog. Even if you don’t publish what you write, just write it all out. It can be really freeing to get all the crap out of you head and onto paper. This could be yet another way of “organizing” because you are organizing what’s going on in your head. You don’t even have to write about why you are pissy, just write something random. Maybe you can write a story about two fat cats that like to drool on your nice couch.

All of these things are basically saying…

Distract yourself, forget about it, throw away the funk, and organize something because organizing makes people happy.

I actually did all of these things this morning, in that order, except for the manicure part… because I already got a manicure on Tuesday. It’s still going strong. And now I am mostly out of my funk. Especially now that I have blogged about it.

How do YOU get out of a funk?

3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

Taking a break today from regular food / fitness / life posting to chat about blog marketing. I don’t really actively market my blog; it’s more of a fun hobby, but there are three things that I did recently that I had meant to do for ages to brand my blog. In the order I did them:

  1. Got an avatar (picture) to appear next to all my comments.
  2. Created a Facebook page for Say Yes to Salad.
  3. Got a custom URL (vanity URL) for my Facebook page.

“Blog branding” is basically making your name and your blog more recognizable. It’s getting your name out there. One way to brand your blog is by having a memorable design (not ostentatious!). Another is to put a face to your name – like a picture by all your comments. It’s also nice to have a social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc…). And guest posting never hurts. This post is about the two blog branding things I mentioned above – an avatar, and a Facebook page.

How to Get a Comment Avatar (Put Your Picture Next to Your Blog Comments)

gravatar 3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

  1. Sign up with Gravatar.
  2. Confirm your account.
  3. Add an image to your Gravatar account (once you’re signed in). I used a wedding picture that I was particularly fond of.
  4. You’re done! Now when you comment you will see the picture you chose next to your name, as long as you use the same email for commenting that you put in Gravatar. You can add more email accounts to Gravatar as well, so you don’t have to create new accounts for different email addresses.
  5. The cool thing is that it appears for all the comments you’ve made in the past, not just the ones you make from now on.

That was easy. Have you made your Gravatar yet?

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog

Facebook likes to make things difficult and user-unfriendly. To make a page for your blog (or anything)…

  1. On the bottom of your Facebook homepage click on the link that says “Advertising”.
  2. Click “manage your existing ads”.
  3. On the left there is a link that says, “Pages”. Click that.
  4. pages 3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

  5. Click “Create page”.
  6. Select the option under “Official Page” that says, “Brand, product, or organization”, and then select “Website” in the drop-down list. Type out your blog name, check the checkbox, and click “Create Official Page”. You’ll have to click another button that says “Create Page”.
  7. Add any info you want; add pictures; post to your wall.
  8. Invite people to “like” you with the “Suggest to Friends” link.
  9. page suggest 3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

  10. Add the “Like Box” to your blog. Click here to get a like box. You will need to put in the URL of your page and make other customizations. Mine is up on the left, see it? I added it as a widget using my WordPress dashboard. (You may have to tweak the code a little bit to get it to look the way you want – it’s not hard, I promise, and feel free to comment with any questions.)
  11. saladfacebook 3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

How to Get a Custom Facebook Page URL (Vanity URL)

After you get 25 fans you can change your page URL from the default URL (which is not pretty and usually has ID numbers in it) to something more user-friendly like – sometimes called a custom URL or a vanity URL. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Facebook username page.
  2. Pick a URL for your page (you can do it for your profile too – for example, my profile is
  3. Click “Check availability” of the URL you want, confirm it, and say “Okay”.

You’re done!


Hope you enjoyed these three quick (and hopefully easy) tips. Let me know if you have questions and also feel free to ask me unrelated technical questions as well. I blog / Facebook / code for a living so I may have answers if you are looking for them.

What’s your weekend looking like?

We have Bobby’s parents coming in to stay with us, so we are going to hang out with them a lot icon smile 3 Essential Blog Branding Tips

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